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Steve Walker Head of Offshore Division, UK Health & Safety Executive

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1 Steve Walker Head of Offshore Division, UK Health & Safety Executive
UK response to Macondo & Montara incidents IOPRO Summit, Perth, Australia, August 2011 Steve Walker Head of Offshore Division, UK Health & Safety Executive

2 Initial reactions in UK – media, public attention and politicians
Montara – little notice apart from specialist press Macondo - first few days, interest in UK was relatively narrow, BUT….. Media attention quickly developed because of : Focus on BP as a “British” company in USA Appreciation of financial and economic aspects - > moved to the financial pages! Initially quiet on political front (new Government, Parliament in recess), but then: Succession of Parliamentary Questions Ministerial interest Set up a Parliamentary Select Committee regarding deep water drilling in UK

3 Initial response from Regulators
Two key offshore regulators in UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) - safety integrity Dept. of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) - environmental protection/response, plus exploration licensing and drilling consent Quick review of safety regulatory regimes

4 Quick review Compare and contrast with U.S.
UK multiple layers of safety regulatory protection Established Safety Case regime for MODUs Wells notification to HSE Independent wells examiner Independent verification of safety critical elements (e.g. BOPs) Duty Holder focused intervention by HSE wells specialists and other offshore HSE inspectors Weekly drilling operations reports to HSE Mature, goal setting safety regime – from Piper Alpha Safety culture/work force involvement in North Sea

5 Initial response No “knee jerk” reaction – robust but no complacency!!
Sensible reinforcement of our rigorous approach: Checks that existing systems were working (we were doing what we said we were doing!) Increased well control assessment during MODU offshore inspections Increased number of MODU environmental inspections by DECC inspectors (requiring additional resources) Increase in HSE/DECC joint inspections of MODUs Increased scrutiny of all E&A wells and in particular deepwater wells (>300 metres) at consent stage HSE Deepwater Horizon Internal Review Group Commenced a formal independent review of UK’s offshore regulatory regime once clear lessons emerged from GoM

6 Initial response - Industry
Key area was the quick creation of OSPRAG, the Oil Spill Prevention & Response Advisory Group. UK offshore industry’s focal point for the review of its offshore practises in the light of both Macondo and Montara Strong support/involvement from regulators and the Trades Unions Taking forward: Technical Review (containment and well control issues) Oil Spill & Emergency Response Insurance and Indemnity Issues Task & finish, but legacy of Wells Life Cycle Practices Forum and the Oil Spill & Emergency Response Review Group Well control issues

7 UK Parliamentary Select Committee
Reported January 2011 No moratorium of drilling Confirmation of regime Now taking forward recommendations

8 Wider International aspects – European Commission
Deepwater Horizon initiated significant ramping up of European Commission interest in offshore matters Key areas being Relative comfort in North Sea regulation, but concern about Mediterranean and Black Sea Liability issues Adequacy of cross-Europe oil spill response Transparency /openness issues European Commission communication in October 2010 set out their views on way forward Working with the European Commission as it develops proposals for strengthening offshore oil & gas regulatory regimes set out in European law, and in particular who the law in applied in practice.

9 Wider international aspects - others
Lots of activity and influencers! G20 OGP US investigations NSOAF IRF US and Australian Ministerial Forums UK working with colleagues across these fora …but real need to bring all this together!

10 Three pillars for acceptable global offshore safety and environmental standards
The legislative and standards framework Those who create the risk must manage them Strong and competent regulator Constructively, and robustly challenges the risk creators Targeted, proportionate, consistent and transparent approach A committed industry Understands and buys into the regulatory framework Delivers obligations effectively and consistent Creates a safety culture Engages with those exposed to risk – the workforce

11 Current status in UK Legacy of OSPRAG for UK Capping device
Wells Life Cycle Practises Forum – five sub-teams BOP Issues Relief Well Planning Requirements Well Life Cycle Integrity Guidelines Competency/Behaviours/human Factors Well examination/verification Oil Spill & Emergency Response Review Group Increasing international activity on Standards and “best practise” – e.g BOPs, cementing design etc? Still a lot more to come out of the USA investigations – continue watching!

12 Current status - continued
Legislative changes from Europe: North Sea/UK safety legislation = benchmark Pressures on Financial liability More sophisticated cross- Europe legislation Continuing environmental pressures Draft proposals from Commission emerging Regulatory changes More transparency (via EU) More consistency across national boundaries (via NSOAF & IRF) – hopefully not via the Commission Review of HSE/DECC system in 2011

13 We must all learn the lessons from Macondo and Montara
Multiple barriers breached = change any feelings of invulnerability -> chronic unease “Most of the mistakes and oversights at Macondo can be traced back to a single overarching failure – a failure of management.” Concentrate on all three “pillars” together: Framework of legislation and standards Strong, competent, effective regulators Commitment of industry and its workforce. Lessons for operators, contractors and regulators Multiple barriers broached – any one of which could have prevented the blowout

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