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Blazekiller Written by Year 5, St.Vincents Primary School.

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1 Blazekiller Written by Year 5, St.Vincents Primary School

2 Chapter one Thousands of years ago there was a humungous war between humans and dragons. The humans were pushed to the brink of extinction until the fire dragons came and helped the humans win. However the alpha female had layed an egg, thousands of years later the egg hatched. The egg hatched with a feeble roar and crack by crack a dragon emerged. After the egg hatched a dragon appeared and he was to cause chaos and continue his parents legacy. Quickly the heavens opened after and announced that the dragon was called the blazekiller.

3 A shadowy abomination pushed out of the crusty and crumbly shell. It stared with its blood red eyes and observed his surroundings. He wa s in a gloomy cave with worn out rocks and dead bodies and worst of all no food. The beasts stomach began to rumble, it had been starved over a long period of time, he needed blood and lots of it. He took off into the skies to find food...

4 A long scaly beast emerged from behind the clouds. Its blood shot eyes lit up like forty rubies underneath the pale moon light. The beast landed by a beautiful mountain and he started to make a plan. He brainstormed different ideas on how to quench his hunger. On the stroke of midnight, he finally thought of an excellent plan to destroy villages and cities around the world. He jumped and danced around the now moonlight mountain as he celebrated his wonderful and brutal idea.

5 Chapter two As the dragon was so excited he struggled to fall asleep. Once he fell into a deep slumber he breathed fire out of his nostrils and killed a flock of mountain goats. As the golden bright morning sun arrived his eyes opened and his golden eyes glistened with desire. The dragon gazed upon the dead goats and an earthquake started to erupt in his stomach. The dragon looked out over the distance and spotted a little town yet again and an evil grin slipped across his face. The town was in terrible danger and all the people lives were in jeopardy without them knowing. The dragon decided to save his plan for another day and cooked some pigs that he stole from a local farm.

6 A small boy who was watching his sheep spotted the dragon sleeping. Quickly he notified the villagers and they sent out their strongest warrior to tame the beast. The warrior spoke with the dragon and tried to persuade him to leave the area.

7 Chapter three Blazekiller got suspicious and thought the man had been lying, then just at that moment the man took and tried to kill the dragon. As soon as the dragon saw this, he bent down and ate the shortest lasting hero in a fairytale. Unfortunately this now meant that the village hero would be gone and they would not have anyone to protect them from danger! The dragon had now became fierce with rage and decided to implement his plan and burn down the city ! He decided to strike them when they would least expect it and the next day would be when he would strike.

8 The following day was the day for the dragon to attack the city. As he approached the city, he did not realise a watch guard was watching him. The guard alerted the castle and immediately the soldiers readied themselves and launched an attack! The dragon was startled and he blew fire spheres at the city! He realised the city was launching an attack, so he started to burn down the city ! As his ferocious rampage was burning down the city, something caught his eye... he gazed upon the princess of the city. He thought if he captured her they would have to bargain with him.

9 Suddenly he swooped down and grabbed the princess with his talons. He carried the princess back to his gloomy, dark cave on the edge of the mountain. Blazekiller decided to lock the princess in a cage because he was going to eat her for desert on Christmas day. Before that he could use her as a negotiation tool with the townspeople to give him food everyday.

10 Chapter four The towns people employed a dragon whisper called Amy, who came from a distant country filled with dragons. Amy spent many hours talking to the dragon, trying desperately to sort out his problems. After several long tiring hours, Amy managed to calm him down... Unbeknown to Amy an angry mob charged forcefully to the dragons den brandishing pitch forks and torches of fire shouting Get rid of this dragon!!! Blazekiller released the biggest, most ferocious burst of fire from his gigantic mouth and killed them one by one. Amy calmed the dragon down and started to describe where she came from to the dragon. Blazekiller liked the sound of this place and wanted to go and visit for himself. However Amy insisted that blazekiller release the princess and to leave the town, forever.

11 Now that Blazekiller had flown to his new home, the townspeople were now saved from disaster. Everybody thanked Amy that the dragon had left them and not destroyed their city. They celebrated with a large party and a statue of the dragon in the centre of the town. Amy was rewarded by the King of the town and she left to find other dragons that she could talk to. The townspeople made a national day for Amy which they held annually on December the 29 th.

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