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LEGENDA o SKARBNIKU The legend about the Treasurer.

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1 LEGENDA o SKARBNIKU The legend about the Treasurer

2 In Silesia there are many coal mines. Treasurer - the ghost lives there and he governs the underground world.

3 Treasurer is an old man with a long, grey beard. He appears in mines and helps the miners in hard situations.

4 Someday two coalminers were working very hard under ground. The work was over their power. The third coalminer (ghost) appeared during the hard work. He was helping them for all month.

5 The coalminers shared food with him and when the pay day came, they shared fairly their payment.

6 The third coalminer told them that they are good people and thats why there will be someday a reward for them. He disappeared. Janets page

7 The coalminers guessed that the third man was a Treasurer - the mysterious ghost. After a few days there was an accident: the tunnel collapsed and thanks to the Treasurer nothing bad happened with the coalminers. Janets page

8 Another accident happens a week later.During the nighty shift one miner worked at the chamber in which there was dynamite. Tired with hard work, he sat down on the box with the explosives. Suddenly a bearded guy appeared and wanted him to leave the chamber.

9 The miner was very tired so he walked very slowly. The treasurer bustled him and finally took him on his back and went with him in a save place.

10 When the miner was outside the chamber, the chest blew up and the chamber fell in ruine.

11 The coalminers are very brave, honest and cheerful people they like to meet with family and friends. Then they tell stories about treasurer and his help to good people.

12 Collaborative legend, Written in Czerwionka, Poland. Decorated in all countries, two pages each, as a proof of our wonderful collaboration and friendship. Written by Poland. Decorated by: Page 1,2 –Poland Page 3,4- Finland Page 5,6- England Page 7,8- Bulgaria Page 9,10-Spain

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