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ONLINE SERVICES. An online service is a person or company offering help or a product via the internet. DEFINITION.

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2 An online service is a person or company offering help or a product via the internet. DEFINITION

3 Commerce is online money related services that either sell products, buy products or assist with financial issues. The example I have chosen is the royal bank of Scotland. The royal bank of Scotland (RBS) is a nationally spread bank and like most modern banks they offer online services personal to you. They offer personal, private and business banking all accessible from mobile internet. This is a great beneficial factor to people that are consistly on the move and need small things such as bank balances without going out of their way to use atms. The dangers are now mobile theft as with increased power from mobiles money could easily be stolen or accidently transferred to the wrong people. COMMERCE

4 Now even our oldest relic; the government, is online and offering help and support via the internet. Their website, direct Gov. offer a chance to do online tax returns, voting, application for services, grant and revenue collection. This is beneficial as people no longer need to travel out to government facilities or over post to conduct simple tasks in time and money consuming ways. GOVERNMENT

5 Download services Now there is virtually nothing you can't download and with this new revolution comes new download services. The most popular downloads are music, the major service provider for music download, is apples' “ITunes”. Is one of the biggest and best service provider for this. with over 25 billion customers worldwide. The second biggest download is TV and film there lots of different service provides and these include Netflix, love film and bbc iplayer. They all offer a chance to stream, watch and download from the internet, but there is a growing problem as now people choses cheaper or free download services which can give viruses and privacy invasion. Furthermore my chosen example is bbc iplayer; BBC iPlayer, commonly shortened to iPlayer, is an internet television and radio service and software application, developed by the BBC to extend its former RealPlayer- based and other streamed video clip content to include whole TV shows.

6 Educational is a vital part of life and now it can be done online for things like revision, learning and understanding. The most common used service among schools is my maths. My maths in obviously a virtual mathematics aid it offers a chance for teachers to set homework and also revise covered topics or maybe even get ahead, as you can choose other topics. But now that we live in a technology era parents are desperately trying to get kids away from gadgets and get outside but if now even their home work has to be done online this will only fuel the tech fire.

7 business

8 There are dozens of online entertainment services like ; love film, Netflix and bbc player. I chose Netflix; it’s a multi national movie streaming service and is one of the most popular service providers and has over 1 million subscribers. It allows people to instantly download watch and stream film via the internet. Its also mobile which is a great convince for moving people. But now many people use illegal movie services killing the movie industry, these are becoming more availed and because there free people are inching away from paying for things like netflixs.

9 Social media is taking over and is one of the best ways to communicate for free along with visual communication like Skype and face time. I have chosen Facebook Simply because it’s the Most Popular form of Communication Its used by Millions and Has many Features Like; calls Messages And group chats.

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