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Mfg. Operations Standards Need to Converge into a Manufacturing Application Integration Framework Charlie Gifford Director Lean Production Management.

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1 Mfg. Operations Standards Need to Converge into a Manufacturing Application Integration Framework Charlie Gifford Director Lean Production Management

2 Agenda What are the tough implementation problems (infrastructure, standards) that must be solved to make smart assembly a reality? State of 21 st Century Plant and Production Mgt. Technology 2.Challenges for B2M and B2B 3.Interoperability Maturity Model 4.Significant Events in Mfg Operations Standards 5.What is Business-to-Manufacturing Integration? 6.A View into an Evolving Manufacturing Application Framework 5 minutes of Discussion

3 GEs Standards Liaison for Manufacturing Operations Charlie Gifford, Director of Lean Production Management –Chairman, ISA95 Best Practices Working Group –Chairman, ISA95 Part 4 Quality Test Ops Mgt Working Group –Voting Member, ISA88 & ISA95 Committee –ISA95 Representative, ISA95/SCOR Alignment Working Group –Information Member: ISA99 –GE Representative, Mfg Interoperability Guideline Working Group –GE Representative, MESA Technical Committee –Director, ISA Computer Technology Division –GE Representative, SCOR MAKE Committee –Chairman, Editorial Board, Industrial Computing Magazine –Published over 35 papers on Industrial Computing –Standards Work: ISA84, 88, 95, MESA, SCOR, Many DOD Standards

4 20 th Century Manufacturing Flow Aligning Mfg. Capabilities to 21 st Century Challenges Mandates Change… Customers Manufacturers Dist Supplier Exchanges Customer Exchanges Logistics Exchanges Suppliers CMs Retailers Virtual Mfg. Logistics Providers AMR Research: All rights reserved.

5 Business Evolves into Configurable Demand-Driven Supply Chains DC Customer DC – Dist. Channel Need: Production Capability Supplier Plant AMR Research: All rights reserved.

6 Evaluate: Customer Value + OTD + Configured Production Capability = Profit Margin AMR Research: All rights reserved. 21 st Century Manufacturing Enablers: Flexibility & Real-Time Visibility

7 Challenges of B2M and B2B Communication and Processes Many different applications across the enterprise doing the same function No enterprise wide application and information architecture Several versions of enterprise- objects or language for Product, Customer, Order, etc.

8 Business Logistics Manufacturing Operations Challenges of B2M and M2M Integration Effective and Flexible Mfg. Operations …..HARD TO DO! Various Forms of the MES / ERP solution: Industry-specific production types Mixture of work order types across plant Speed and Volume of Throughput Standardization of work flow best practices Must Allow Change in Production Processes Without requiring change in logistics system Provide a clear demarcation of MES / ERP responsibilities and functions

9 Technology S Curve: Challenge Explained MES / PM HMI / SCADA / PLC Also Applies to Methods Development: Delivery, Training, User, Support and Change disciplines ERP SCM

10 2006 Top Strategic Platform Investments Focus on Mfg Operations! 5% 3% 15% 21% 9% 11% 39% 4% 12% 22% 10% 14% 34 % 3% Customer Management Product Lifecycle Management Sourcing and Procurement Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Operations Desktop software Most Important (n=442)Largest Dollar (n=439) Source: AMR Research 2006 IT Spend Survey ERP

11 Interoperability Maturity Models Applied to Logistics and Operations Systems Level of Information System Interoperability (LISI) –Framework scopes connectivity level for technical interoperability –Does not account for system response required for mfg. workflows Dept. of Defense

12 Efforts Now on How to Model Systems to Business Process Before Going Live Levels of Conceptual Interoperability Model (LCIM) provides a framework for planning your data before modeling your application Virginia Modeling, Analysis & Simulation Center Old Dominion University

13 Build Single Schema to Accelerate Lean Manufacturing Transformation Road Map

14 Standardization Effect of Mfg. Application Framework Standardization Effect S =Standardization I = Improvement Key elements behind standardization are: Takt time scheduling Standard Work towards single schema & process Route & Recipe verification process Change mgt. process Effect of ISA95 together with Lean process and 6 Sigma production improvements

15 Lots of Standards Convergence Activity: 10+ Years of Work Moves toward Product

16 OMAC-ISA Activity

17 OAGIS, SCOR Level 3: Manufacturing Operations Level 4+: Enterprise Level 5+: Inter-Enterprise Levels 2, 1, 0: Machine / Plant Work OPC: DA, HDA, A&E OMAC Discrete Process OAGIS, SCOR MIMOSA ISA-99 OPC UA ISA-95 ISA-88 B2MMLOAGIS An Integration Evolution: MIG WG Manufacturing Domain Mapping Hybrid Data Modeling: Real-Time Data Aggregation vs. Business Process Transactions

18 Business Planning & Logistics Plant Production Scheduling, Operational Management, etc Manufacturing Operations Management Dispatching Production, Detailed Production Scheduling, Reliability Assurance,... Batch Control Discrete Control Continuous Control 1 - Sensing of production work process, manipulate the production work process 2 - Work unit (operation): Monitor, supervisory control and automated control of the production work process 3 - Work Unit and Flow Defined. Work flow / recipe control produces desired end products. Analyzes Work Data, Maintains records and optimizes the production process. Time Frame Days, Shifts, hours, minutes, seconds 4 - Establishes the basic plant schedule - production, material use, delivery, and shipping. Determines inventory levels. Time Frame Months, weeks, days 0 - The actual production work process ISA-95 & Purdue Hierarchy Model Defines MOM and ERP+ Domains for Information Exchanges ISA 95.01,.02, &.05 Standards ISA 95.03,.04 &.06 Standards

19 Manufacturing Application Framework and Transformation Methodology From ANSI/ISA Copyright ISA Used with permission. Company Production Canonical Schema Information Data Model, Objects and Definitions Domain Definitions Metrics Construction Categories for Information Analytics Functional Segregation & Metrics by Scenarios and Domain Functions & Data Flows of Interest Supply Chain & Mfg. Scenario & Metrics Manufacturing Use Case Metrics Use Cases and Transaction Set Construction QA Service R&D Inbound Logistics - Mfg. Ops. Production Package Inputs (Supplier) Conversion (Mfg.) DistributionConsumer Material Prep Out- bound Logistics Mkting & Sales Assembly

20 ISA-95 Functional Enterprise-Control Model Procurement (5.0) Production Scheduling (2.0) Material and Energy Control (4.0) Product Inventory Control(7.0) Product Cost Accounting (8.0) Quality Assurance (6.0) Product Shipping Admin (9.0) Order Processing (1.0) Production Control (3.0) Maintenance Management (10.0) Research Development & Engineering Marketing & Sales ISA S95 Part 1&2 From ISA-95 Copyright ISA Used with permission.

21 ISA 95: 4x4 Object Model Defines Production Work for B2M Data Exchanges People Materials Equipment Resources Segments Structure / View Production Schedule Production Performance Production Product Time Production Capability Capability Product Definition Product 4 Resource Categories 4 Information Categories From ISA-95 Copyright ISA Used with permission.

22 First, Lets Understand Primary Drivers for MOM / ERP+ Segregation Requirements Work Flow Complexity Matrix Production Types Discrete Manufacturing Batch Processing Continuous Processing Work Order Types Engineer-to-Order(ETO) Make-to-Order(MTO) Make-to-Stock(MTS) 9 Mfg. Scenarios (with hybrids) of Production and WO Types Each have a specific set of business processes and rules Contributors: Legacy, Speed, Volume, Size, Compliance, SKU Count Packaging & Assembly Production Mtl. Prep Complexity

23 Interoperability Interface Depends on Production Environment, Industry, Products… Production Resource Mgt. Production Performance Analysis Production Data Collection Production Execution Production Dispatching Production tracking Detailed Production Scheduling Level 2 Process Control/ Plant Work Product Definition Mgt. Production Capability Production Performance Production Schedule Product Definition P-MTS B-MTO D/B-ETO B/P-MTO From ISA-95 Copyright ISA Used with permission.

24 System Function Segregation & Interoperability Determines Lean Performance B2M Level 2: Plant Work MaintenanceProductionQuality TestInventory U Production data collection Production execution Production resource management Production dispatching Production tracking Production Performance Detailed production scheduling Production Schedule Product definition management Production performance analysis Production Capability Product Definition Maintenance resource management Maintenance Response Detailed maintenance scheduling Maintenance Request Maintenance definition management Maintenance Capability Maintenance analysis Maintenance Definitions Maintenance data collection Maintenance execution Maintenance dispatching Maintenance tracking Inventory resource management Inventory Response Detailed inventory scheduling Inventory Request Inventory definition management Inventory analysis Inventory Capability Inventory Definitions Inventory data collection Inventory execution Inventory dispatching Inventory tracking Quality analysis Quality test resource management Quality Test Response Detailed quality test scheduling Quality Test Request Quality definition management Quality Test Capability Quality Definitions Quality test data collection Quality test execution Quality test dispatching Quality test tracking Manufacturing Application (Use Case) Framework (MAF) System Architecture Must Support Continuous Improvement Must Allow Change in Production Processes Clear demarcation of MOM / ERP+ responsibilities & functions ISA Part 3: Activity Models of MOM Level 4+: Extended Enterprise From ISA-95 Copyright ISA Used with permission.

25 Mostly at the data level Mostly point to point Custom program interfaces or flat file exchange Grows at exponential rate Current State of Integration

26 Integration Technology Evolves From Data to Process Level Capabilities… Enterprise Application Integration Object Brokers Workflow Data Replication & File Transfer Application Servers Message Oriented Middleware Point to Point (Custom) Business Process Management Continually Evolving Extract Transform Load (ETL) Web Services Service Oriented Architecture Enterprise Service Bus Integration Architecture Patterns © CSC 2005 All rights reserved.

27 BUT….Semantic Layer in Integration is Lagging Interoperability requires interfaces to be standardized. Only 5% of the interface is a function of the middleware. The other 95% is a function of the application semantics. (Gartner Group) Application Integration Semantics Messaging and Transport Services 95% 5%

28 Domains Addressed eCommerce10 Years in the Field Manufacturing Logistics CRM ERP 70 Business Scenarios, 434 Messages (BODs) 77 Nouns (Common Objects) & 12 Verbs Defined 7 Workgroups of new Content More localization for more International support UN/CEFACT/ISO compliant ISO 11179, CCTS 2.01/ISO , TBG17 BIE/ABIE OAGIS® 9.0 Scope Provides Business Semantics

29 OAGIS B2M Integration: ISA95/OAGIS Convergence Plant Functions Product Definitions and Production Capabilities Production OrdersWIP and Inventory Status Order Completion & Resource Consumption BODSSync/Get/Show ItemMaster Sync/Get/Show Production Order Get/Show/Update Inventory Count Get & Show Consumption Sync/Get/Show Inventory Sync/Get/Show Routing Get/Show/Confirm Inventory Issue Allocate Costing Activity Sync/Get/Show Unit of Measure Group Sync/Get/Show Dispatch List Issue/Receive Inventory Movement Update Inspection Sync/Get/Show Bill Of Material Sync/Get/Show Maintenance Order Get/Show/Update WIP Confirm Get/Show/Confirm Inventory Issue Get/Show/Sync Engineering Change Document Sync/Get/Show Planning Schedule Process WIP MergeIssue/Receive Inventory Movement Sync/Get/Show Engineering Work Document Sync/Get/Show Sequence Schedule Process WIP MoveShow Shipment Schedule Sync/Get/Show Planning Schedule Sync/Get/Show Employee Schedule Process WIP Recover Show Shipment Sync/Get/Show Sequence Schedule Process WIP SplitGet/Show/Update Picklist Sync/Get/Show Inspection Get/Show WIP Status Time & Attendance

30 MAF Best Practice Transformation Methodology Utilizes ISA95 with other Models throughout Best Practices ISA95/MESA BP Working Group: Book 1.0, December 2006 Step 1: (Define) Train Staff on Technical Applications used to benchmark & design business process in Methodology (Steps 2-4) Step 2: (Define, Measure, Analyze) Structured Mfg. Ops. Assessment and Schema Migration Plan Step 3: (Analyze, Improve, Control) Accelerated MOM Application Implementation & Transformation Step 4: (Analyze, Improve, Control) Life Cycle Management of MOM Application, Interfaces & Metrics

31 Smart Assembly Need Methods for Schema, Process, & Lean 6 Sigma Transformations Interoperable MOM / ERP solutions require consistent: Production Data Model and Schema based on Work Definition Functional and Data Exchange Models Consistent Message Structure from M2B and B2M Methodology for MOM / ERP integration Single Production Schema Reinforces Lean practices such as: Standard work flow practices across MOM Activities: Production, Quality, Maintenance, & Inventory Operations Schedule/Dispatch, Data entry methods, CID, ECO, Routes, etc. Cross-training operators and mechanics: Common work definition for operations and resources Single XML production schema across all MOM applications simplify Data Collection, Analytics, Interfaces and Reporting

32 Questions? Charlie Gifford Director-Lean Performance Mgt. GE Fanuc America Chairman, ISA-95 Best Practices Working Group

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