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Agenda Who We Are Critical Success Factors Management Systems

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1 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital: Building a Systemwide Framework for Excellence Emme Levin Deland

2 Agenda Who We Are Critical Success Factors Management Systems
People Development Communications Performance Excellence

3 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (NYP)
Morgan Stanley Children’s Hosp 16,000 Dschrgs Columbia Univ. Med Ctr 30,000 Dschrgs Weill Cornell Med Ctr 42,000 Dschrgs Payne Whitney Westchester 4,000 Dschrgs Allen Pavilion 13,000 Dschrgs

4 Affiliated With Two Premier Medical Schools
Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons Weill Medical College of Cornell University Medical Schools Ranked Highly by US News Over $550 Million Combined NIH Research Scientific & Technological Innovation Public Health Leadership 4

5 A Major Academic Medical Center
2,300 Certified Beds 106,000 Discharges 12,400 Births 1,700,000 Ambulatory Visits 15,000 Employees* $2.4 Billion Operating Budget** 4,300 Faculty Physicians 1,200 Residents 240 ACGME Approved Fellows Over 120 Fully Accredited Training Programs *Excludes 1939 House staff FTE **2004 Operating Budget

6 At the Center of Our Healthcare System & Community Services
NYP System Facilities 60* Dschrgs 600,000 Employees 64,000 Physicians 18,000 Care for NY Metro Area** 25% of Residents *Facilities include hospitals, nursing homes, and specialty institutions **NY Metro Area includes 5 boroughs of NY, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, Nassau; Fairfield and Litchfield,CT; Bergen and Hudson Cty, NJ

7 NYP Rising in U.S. News & World Report Rankings
Year Ranking 2005 7 2004 9 2003 11 2002 12 2001 13 2000 16 Source: US News & World Report Hospital Rankings

8 Management Systems

9 Research and Education
Our Vision To Be Among the Very Top Academic Medical Centers in Clinical and Service Excellence, Patient Safety, Research and Education

10 NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital Strategic Initiatives Built On Unyielding Integrity And Dedicated To Our Patients People Development Energized, Challenged & Committed Performance Excellence Quality, Efficiency & Service Information Technology Dynamic & Data-Driven Innovation New Ideas Strategic Growth Volume & Access The Power of the Partnership

2005 NYP Operating Calendar Executive Mgt Meeting Strategic Planning Multi-yr Organization/Talent Review Report card Review Joint Budget Planning & Review Performance Review Complete March April Ops/Business Planning Review Finalize Joint Budget February Executive Mgt Meeting Annual Kick-off Meeting Goals & Objectives Start Report card Review May Employee Survey Update of Multi-yr Financial Risk Assessment & Audit Planning January June “CLEAR DEADLINES, HANDOFFS, ACCOUNTABILITY” We introduced the concept of an Annual Operating Calendar last year and we are going to discuss the 2005 calendar today. As you have heard from others and presentations which follow, we have an ambitious agenda and vision. The calendar will help us maintain our focus December July Operating Plans/Budget/Capital Complete Report card Review Executive Mgt Meeting Executive Mgt Meeting August November October September Budget Prep Final Internal Audit Plan Strategic Planning Start-up Report card Review Finalize Volume Targets Strategic Planning Update (3 yrs) Budget Kick-off Organization/Talent Review Follow-up Executive Mgt Meeting

12 The Operating Calendar: Objectives
Establish Timeframe for Major Initiatives Provides Universal Roadmap Instills Management Discipline Operating calendar clarifies expectations and allows management to instill rigor & focus Way for us to know what needs to get done and drive consistency Improves communication and collaboration

13 2005 Major Events: Planning Timeline
Oct ‘04 Nov Dec Jan ’05 Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Jan 3yr Strategic Plan PLANNING UPDATES 3yr Capital Plan 8yr Feasibility Plan Joint Budget ANNUAL BUDGETING & AUDIT Operating Budget Capital Budget Audit Plan Org. Talent Review PEOPLE DEV. Performance Evals Build 1: Planning Strategic plan – service line & program plans (people/space/technology); re-verification of annual volume targets Capital plan – people/space/technology 8yr Feasibility Plan – review of Strategic and Capital plans inform updates to our master plan Master Fundraising & Capital Development Plan Drives the Service Line planning & shorter term strategic/capital plans Recruitment Service volumes People/space/technology (capital investments Build 2: Annual Budgeting Joint Budget Financial offset from Hospital to Schools used to support faculty services Developed in advance of academic year Operation/Capital Budget for 2006 Process for both starts in June, completes in December Team effort Audit Plan - risk assessment, opportunity review and audit selections Build 3: People Development People part of process – major commitment to skills development, succession planning, and performance enhancement Organization Talent Review – look at our skills and people In March, we do an initial assessment of our talent/skills; define priorities for the year In Sept, we will do a review and see how we are performing against our goals Performance Evaluations – Depending on category of employee; due by 1/31 Build 4: 2005-Specific Events JCAHO – an ongoing preparatory process culminating in our site visit Magnet Designation – a Hospital-wide project, site visit anticipated on ________ Groundbreaking First Ave Building on _______ Technology on _________ SMART on ______ Heart Hospital on ___________ Build 5: Kick-Off Preparation work includes: Environment review Goal Progress New Goals Review of all other Plans JCAHO Magnet ‘05-SPECIFIC Groundbreaking KICK-OFF Kick-Off

14 People Development

15 People Development Energized, Challenged & Committed
Workforce Great Patient Care Links between patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction

16 Our People Strategy Drives Quality
The Right People The Right Skills & Training The Right Opportunities

17 Built On Unyielding Integrity And Dedicated To Our Patients
Our Values Respect Every Person Counts Teamwork Working Together Excellence Exceptional Quality and Service Empathy Listen, Understand and Respond Innovation Creative Ideas, Cutting Edge Solutions Responsibility Honoring our Past, Ensuring our Future And How will we continue to keep patients first? By remaining true to our values… Respect Teamwork Excellence Empathy Innovation Responsibility The delivery of humanistic and compassionate care to our patients is really at the core of our Vision-- We believe that its all about People---- Great People provide great patient care---- these are the values that we need to embrace in all that we do every day---in order to make it happen. Built On Unyielding Integrity And Dedicated To Our Patients

18 People Strategy: The Right People
Recruitment Clinical/Technical Competencies Values Retention

19 People Strategy: The Right Skills & Training
Staff & Leadership Development Six Sigma and CAP/Workout Performance Reviews e-Learning Blackbelt training?

20 People Strategy: The Right Opportunities
Professional Growth Career Advancement Rewards and Recognition Committed to Growth for our people

21 People Strategy: Organization & Talent Review Purpose
Provides in-depth look at the organization Contributes to implementing the organization’s strategic plan Increases opportunities for high potential talent Creates broader awareness, visibility and ownership for leadership talent & opportunities Defines key people actions and creates accountability for follow-up

22 Aligns development opportunities with NYP’s strategic priorities
People Strategy: OTR Performance Management Organization & Talent Review Aligns development opportunities with NYP’s strategic priorities

23 People Strategy: OTR Outcomes
Developed performance/potential definitions for NYP Cross-organizational dialogue to identify top performers and future talent Formalized development discussions with direct reports Potential successors identified

24 Communications Planning & Execution

25 Suggested 2005 NYP Communication Campaigns – Highest Priority Topics
Owner Strategic Growth New building plans Emme L. Deland LOS reduction JCAHO standards Infection control Patient safety Quality indicators Service excellence Bed-side strategy Rick D’Aquila Trudy Johnson, RN Laura Forese, MD Mary Cooper, MD, JD Michael Zaccagnino Willie Manzano, RN Performance Excellence People Development Values & Behaviors Carol Silk

26 Suggested 2005 NYP Communication Campaigns – Other Topics
Owner Strategic Growth IDT Committee updates Emme L. Deland Performance Excellence Employee training programs Carol Silk IT CPOE development Aurelia Boyer

27 Proposed Process to Develop Communications Plans
For each communication campaign: Identify and select the message and owner Identify the audience (e.g., who, size, location) Define message and delivery mechanism What is the message? Who delivers it? When should it be delivered (e.g., timing, frequency)? How should it be delivered? Determine action steps, key milestones, and follow-up, if required Measure success of communication

28 Major Delivery Vehicles
Infonet /desktop Red Tops/memos Newsletters Meetings Campus posters/decorations Define sub-group(s) and identify facilitator Agree on process to rationalize area Establish relevant policies Agree on timeline for recommendations

29 Communication Technology/Tools
Area Recommendation Infonet Online Directory Print Reconstruct homepage to create relevant information; improve navigation; add work-related tools (e.g., census updates) to improve productivity and increase site traffic. Link directory to ERP database; create auto-update capability; consider adding reporting relationship feature Standardize systems across all campuses; create automatic distribution list based on org structure; expand access Rationalize print media to align messaging, support brand, and provide appropriate sources for news/information

30 Critical Decision Points
Goals for Institutional Communications Centralized vs. De-Centralized Communications Function Level of Investment

31 Critical Success Factor

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