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2 Today’s Agenda Revolution in Support Services HP’s Point of View
Datacenter Care Revolution in Support Services HP’s Point of View Datacenter Care structure and benefits As you can see, we’re using a BOLD word to talk about support services– revolutionary. We’ll first touch on what’s driving the revolution, then compare what we’re calling old world versus new world, touch briefly on our Point of View, and then Scott will do a deep dive on our new Always On Support Services Portfolio, and we’ll end with how customers will benefit from our revolutionary approach. So, what’s driving this revolution….

3 Data centers converging, increasing demand driving more to the cloud
Servers Traditional Private Public Business Users Developers Individuals Storage Power & cooling Management software Network I hope you’ve been hearing our HP Converged Infrastructure story. It’s all about how technology is coming together as the way to build data centers of the future and overcome IT sprawl. But, it’s more than the hardware.. It’s processes, it’s tools all the way to the facilities. And, I don’t have to tell YOU how the cloud is changing and shaping our customers IT strategy. HP has been leading here with major investments in converged infrastructure because we believe it is the right architectural strategy for customers to take maximum advantage of virtualization, cloud as a service, as well as green IT and other strategic customer initiatives. But what does this mean for support? Legacy support services were designed using a break/fix model for a single piece of equipment that resides in a technology silo. Today, however, that equipment is likely part of a virtualized, multi-vendor or cloud environment with interdependencies across the IT infrastructure. This brings a whole new level of complexity to operations. When a problem occurs, diagnosing problems can take more time, and each hour of unplanned downtime can cost the average enterprise $10 million [footnote]. As a result, modern environments require a whole new support mindset from technology leaders. Now let’s look at what the old world of support looks like and how HP is leading out with the new world of support

4 Old world support vs. new world support
Who are You? IT Sprawl and Finger-Pointing Forced Trade-off between high-touch (at high-cost) & low-touch (at low cost) Reactive Lock-In/Limited Choice Know ME and let me get my support when, where and how I want it Make your support offering straightforward and provide a single point of contact Get me to your best people fast Anticipate problems and resolve them proactively Support more than just hardware, support integrated platforms or better yet, my complete environment In the Old World of Support: Customers were forced to go through multiple steps and questions before their support provider knew who they were, what products they had. There were forced trade-offs. On one end of the spectrum, support vendors provided their highest levels of support by placing resident experts on a customer’s site. Customers who couldn’t justify the expense of this high touch approach often had to deal with offshore call centers, verifying the serial numbers and warranty or contract status of the systems that needed attention, and the inevitable finger pointing on whether it was a hardware or software problem. Disparate islands of IT systems and IT sprawl were the norm with no accountability for end-to-end support of the IT environment. Companies spend on average $24M over 3 years on manual operations to support servers. This is money not being spent on innovation. Customers were locked-in to limited choices, both in types of support offerings they could receive and who could deliver their support. Support was reactive in nature…you waited for a problem to occur and then you reacted, costing companies both time and money in that unplanned downtime costs clients $10M per hour. Today we’re talking to you about a New World of Support with HP Always On Support: With our Personalized Support experience leveraging Insight Online and Insight Remote Support we not only know who you are, but we know what products you have and we know their warranty and support contract status. And we can deliver support anywhere and anytime with the industry’s first cloud-based support portal. With our Proactive support experience, we proactively address problems before they occur and give you immediate access to the experts (e.g. direct access to level 2 support and no more dealing with escalations through multiple call centers) and you receive the expert guidance you need to minimize downtime and optimize performance. For example, our customers can address unplanned downtime 66% faster and resolve support issues on the first attempt 95% of the time. Our Simplified support experience means you receive simple, straightforward support choices and we provide a single point of contact throughout the support experience, e.g. we leverage our relationships with the industry leading ISVs to resolve hardware and software problems, even if you didn’t license your software from HP…meaning no more finger pointing. Choice to receive support directly from HP or directly from one of HP’s Authorized Support Partners, ensuring you receive the proactive support you need from someone who knows you and your business, and is backed by a global ecosystem of experts, tools & technology. This is something no TPM on earth can provide. And the new HP Always On Support Portfolio offers the ability to completely customize the support experience including relationship management, call handling, proactive and reactive services and full multivendor support worldwide.. Next let’s talk about our support point of view

5 Revolutionary Support in a Changing IT World
Our Point of View Revolutionary Support in a Changing IT World In today’s ever changing world of IT, your support should be: Personalized: Your vendor knows you and offers support when, where and how you need it. Proactive: Leveraging products, tools and technology to avoid problems and optimize performance. Simplified: Straightforward support choices and a single point of contact throughout the support experience. So you need to ask the question…If your IT environment is changing, shouldn’t your Support Experience change too? At HP, we’re asking the question: If your environment is changing, shouldn’t your support experience change too? As I talked about on the last slide, core support processes have been mired in the “old world” of IT sprawl, isolated islands of limited automation and a disproportionate investment of IT resources in operations versus innovation. Simply stated…today’s support processes have not kept up with the dramatic changes in the IT environment and have become out of sync with the realities and demands of today’s enterprise. They have become harder to manage and more complex, hurting performance and increasing costs We actually have something we call our Revolutionary Credo. Just like the founding fathers of the united states had a declaration around our rights – we have a set of customer rights for support and we based on our new support portfolio on this credo. Here are a few of our “We believe” statements: : We believe you need a direct connection to experts anytime anywhere. We believe routine problems should fix themselves. We believe getting the most performance from your systems is not just your problem. Our New Always On Support Portfolio provides a support experience that is personalized, proactive and simplified Personalized: Customers decide how, when and where they receive Support – either directly from HP or our Authorized Support Partners who know their IT environment. Proactive: Leverage next generation HP products and enhanced remote and online support tools that keep infrastructure aligned and up to date, and access to the best people when there is have a problem. Simplified: Straightforward service levels and a Single Point of Contact from initial call to resolution backed by tools, deep skills, and an ecosystem of global partnerships. Last month we talked about the next evolution of our personalized, proactive, simplified support experience when we announced Gen 8.

6 Revolutionary Support in a Changing IT World
So what do We Believe? Revolutionary Support in a Changing IT World We believe you need a direct connection to experts anytime anywhere. routine problems should fix themselves. getting the most performance from your systems is not just your problem. you want push-button simplicity from your technology and support. you have more important things to do than patch management. you want a choice in who delivers your best in class support. in continuously giving more value from your support services, for less. you deserve a superior customer experience HP SUPPORT EXPERTS and HP ServiceONE PARTNER EXPERTS LIKE ROLF SCHUMACHER ARE ALWAYS ON. SO ARE THEIR CUSTOMERS. Customers’ enterprise have been are changing, so are their IT requirements. They are in the process of modernizing infrastructure through convergence, virtualization, and cloud solutions. As a result, core support processes have become harder to manage and more complex, hurting performance and increasing costs. At HP, we believe support requirements have evolved. Customer today, need a push-button simplicity from technology and support. They want their routine problems to get fixed automatically. They want the maximum performance from their systems and a better customer experience – converged across hardware, services, and vendors. Customers want more value from IT for less. And that is why we are revolutionizing support so that customers get best in class support – anytime, anywhere.

7 HP’s most flexible support service offering
Datacenter Care HP’s most flexible support service offering A unique support experience based on what matters to Customers Converged Infrastructure Attributes… Amplified by these Support Experiences + = Virtualized Resilient Open Orchestrated Modular Personalized Proactive Simplified Agility Choice ROI

8 Datacenter Care Structure
Based on unique Customer needs… leveraging the best of HP Datacenter Care Building Blocks HP & Multivendor Installed Base & New Products Relationship Management Enhanced Call Handling Result: Fully customized support solution to meet Customer needs Priced based on need & usage Special Datacenter Care Configuration & Pricing Tool Environment Wide Entitlement Lifecycle Event Services Solution Specific Playbooks Reactive Support Multivendor PSP Traditional Enterprise Cloud Computing Hyper Scale Service Provider High Performance Computing Others Consulting & Custom Services Pre-defined pursuit process and collateral for different customer segments Includes a Configuration and Pricing Template with recommended frequency/size of deliverables

9 Create a unique Customer experience
Datacenter Care Create a unique Customer experience Relationship Management Assigned team of experts who understand & deliver your business & IT needs Enhanced Call Handling Direct access to specialist technical experts who own problems end-to-end Environment Wide Entitlement One contract for anything in your environment Lifecycle Event Services Comprehensive best practices & services when and where you need Datacenter Care is an exciting new TS Support offer which is part of the portfolio transformation. It enables TS to better meet the needs of customers with scale out environments moving to a Converged Infrastructure in the delivery of Cloud based services. Datacenter Care is designed to be HP’s most flexible support offering, customizable to fit any specific requirements a customer may have. These range from support of a discrete IT solution to an entire data center containing many thousands of devices including multivendor non HP equipment. The base service provides the customer with an assigned account team to manage their overall support experience plus access to HP’s best call handling experience with fast access to technical staff who knows the customers environment. The new service offering replaces Mission Critical Partnership, adding increased flexibility and new capabilities around service entitlement making it a better fit for Service Providers or any customer with a need for flexible end to end support. Service Features Include: Single point of accountability (assigned account team) Single telephone number reactive support for the whole of your environment Rapid access to technical specialists for critical incidents Choose the exact reactive and proactive support you need Pricing based on need and usage, not number of devices Accommodates multivendor systems, existing devices & contracts, including warranty devices Easy to add additional devices over time Improve IT availability and reduce downtime Collaborative approach to continual improvement saving money & driving efficiencies

10 Relationship Management
Datacenter Care Relationship Management Account Support Manager Your assigned local HP technical liaison who is dedicated to understanding your business so they can provide the best advice on how to reduce cost, increase efficiency, mitigate risk & drive operational improvement throughout the IT environment Technical Account Manager Your assigned technical expert whose job is to know your IT environment, ensure it stays running 24*7 and manage all incidents end-to-end for the fastest possible resolution Datacenter Hardware Specialist Your onsite hardware engineer highly trained & certified to repair systems in fastest possible timeframe and understand your IT setup The firs t important feature in Datacenter care is the relationship management that we provide to the customer. This slide depicts the high level of HP expertise that a customer can rely on when the choose a Datacenter support agreement.

11 Enhanced Call Handling
Datacenter Care Enhanced Call Handling HP’s best call experience tailored to the needs of each customer, engaging appropriate HP technical experts as required Higher-skilled remote support & escalation/elevation Rapid Response to Critical Hardware and Software Incidents Accelerated Escalation Management Remote hardware & software incident diagnosis and support Enhanced Call Handling is a new term used to describe the call support experience available through Datacenter Care. It is at the same level as our traditional Mission Critical level of call experience. We are trying to move away from the messaging around Mission Critical when dealing with the Hyperscale market segment. Enhanced Call Handling provides the customer with: Rapid access to a Technical Support Specialist (either in the MCSC or the HSCOE) Priority Elevation to advanced technical resources or competency centers for critical calls Active end to end case management and ownership Local language, local culture Technical call agent has knowledge of customer’s environment High level of technical expertise Solution oriented reactive support Critical Event Management for critical calls Mission Critical mindset Collaboration with assigned account team (TAM, ASM, DHS) Dispatch as needed for Break/Fix On-site field support Datacenter Hardware Specialist Mission Critical parts pool (for CTR devices)

12 Environment Wide Entitlement
Datacenter Care Environment Wide Entitlement Existing/new equipment covered by Datacenter Care without explicitly adding those devices to a contract Deliverables are individually sized and priced depending on the customer’s specific needs – not per device pricing Devices can have any level of reactive & proactive support Primary Service Provider support for Multivendor environments Environment Wide Entitlement provides Enhanced Call Handling for all devices covered by Datacenter Care. The objective is to allow customers to get access to a better call support experience without having to explicitly list all of their devices on the contract. It also allows the customer to add additional devices over the life of the contract without having to adjust or extend the contract. All devices covered by Enhanced Call Handling must have HP reactive support. Either by direct inclusion on the Datacenter Care contract or independently through Warranty or other support entitlement such as Care Packs, Foundation Care, SP24, P24, CS, MCP, CA, Proactive Care, etc . Additional devices purchased during life of the contract also need reactive support through any of the above mechanisms. The charge for Enhanced Call Handling (what used to be called Priority Recovery) may already have been included in the original contract price or will be added through additional DC Proactive Units at time of sale or at predefined periods.

13 Lifecycle Event Services
Datacenter Care Lifecycle Event Services Think Design Implement Improve Manage Strategic Decision Making Design and Planning Installation and Deployment Operational and Optimization Services Training “I know my IT strategy. Help me design the solution and create an implementation plan in the context of my existing environment and business strategy.” “I know my IT strategy. Help me design the solution and create an implementation plan in the context of my existing environment and business strategy.” “I have a detailed solution and an implementation plan. Help me deploy and integrate it into my environment, reducing disruption, minimizing future maintenance.” “My environment is up and running. Help me ensure I get the most value out of it.” “Help me train and keep my IT staff up-to-date with the latest technologies, techniques and IT Service Management best practices.” A comprehensive, customer centric, end-to-end portfolio to help you through the technology lifecycle The Lifecycle Event Services portfolio is a new way to position per event services, bringing together both TS Support and TS Consulting to offer our customers comprehensive, end-to-end technical services that address the entire lifecycle of their IT environment. We can help our customers with anything from a single system or block of IT to multi-sourced and scale-out environments and align their IT to their business, helping them to understand what solutions are available. We can then help them develop the roadmap for the right solutions, including integrating those solutions into their existing infrastructure. Deploying the solution, continual optimization, operational services and training their IT staff are key to their success. Lifecycle Event Services offer our customers this comprehensive portfolio – one place to go for all of their needs.

14 Datacenter Care delivers great support experiences
1. Make it Personal 2. Make it Proactive 3. Make it Simple Know your IT environment. Know your stakeholders. Know how IT enables your business. Keep your infrastructure aligned and up to date. Give you advice on how to optimize performance. When you have a problem, give you access to HP’s best people. Help you make the most of your investment. Reduce your complexity and risk by being the Single point of contact for Services – with tools, deep skills, and an ecosystem of global partnerships including back-to-back service agreements With open standards and hybrid delivery, CIO’s today have a variety of sourcing options and depending on their choices, IT can be even more complex to govern and manage than ever before. This creates an opportunity for HP and our partners to amplify the benefits of converged infrastructure and deliver great support experiences. To do that we need to make the support experience Personal, Proactive and Simple…

15 Datacenter Care benefits
The support evolution continues… and HP is leading the charge Delivers on what matters to you: Aligned investment to business and IT goals where and when you need it Mitigate risks to business disruption: Intimate knowledge, fastest resolution, higher performance, availability & optimization at environment level Peace of mind: Best in class support solution, using industry best practices, specialist resources & tools for both HP & Multivendor products Easy to buy, easy to own: Fully flexible end to end support solution purchased at a competitive price point. Easy to add or change. Single contract, personalized experience through assigned team SO IN SUMMARY Datacenter Care is a new service offer that delivers the following benefits

16 HP + HP Partners = Unmatched Value
Single point of contact for the customer Integral part of delivery system Increased account control and customer loyalty Proven experience and expertise Investment in intelligent solutions Efficient and cost-effective delivery methodology Customer High-touch yet most cost effective care customized especially for my IT environment Better internal IT resource management to enhance focus on strategic initiatives Scalable approach to address requirements within constrained budgets

17 Global Expertise Available Locally
Why HP Global Expertise Available Locally HP presence in 170 countries Customers in 90% of the Fortune 100 Global Network of over 150,000 Partners Over ITIL certified professionals 1,600 best practices for service improvement Trained 100,000+ IT professionals in ITIL/ITSM 23,000 Microsoft trained professionals 90+% customer satisfaction among HP Mission Critical customers 6,000+ high availability experts

18 For additional information
Visit: &/facet=Support%20Services&/sort=csdateweblaunch|DESC&/cc=us&/lang=en after March 14, 2012

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