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Barbara Conway RGN, BSc (Hons), MSc

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1 Barbara Conway RGN, BSc (Hons), MSc
Cardiovascular Clinical Team Leader NHS Darlington Co. Durham and Darlington Community Health Services

2 socio-economic backgrounds
Title Barriers to the uptake and engagement in cardiac rehabilitation services among people from lower socio-economic backgrounds Doctorate in Nursing Science thesis submission 2010

3 Background to the study
Government Led initiatives to involve service users The ‘unheard’ patient Service development and innovation Previous research

4 Sample 10 participants 8 following a myocardial infarction
1 following cardiac surgery (with heart failure) 1 with angina All the participants were from the 5 poorest electoral wards of Darlington

5 Method Semi-structured interviews Data collection
Themes and sub themes

6 Emerging themes Cardiac incidents and perceptions of what has happened
Sense of symptoms Meeting health needs Dislike of groups Isolation Quality of life

7 Emerging themes Fear and shock Choices and risks
Support – informal and formal Fear of hospitals Time and financial constraints The bingo factor

8 Lessons learnt from the study
Involvement of patients who do not access services in service development ‘Out of the box’ thinking by health care professionals Further research needed

9 Any questions?

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