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PE at KS4 Why choose PE as a GCSE?.

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1 PE at KS4 Why choose PE as a GCSE?

2 GCSE PE… why should I take it?
If you sport and physical activity If you have an interest in the wider world of sport If you would like to learn new skills in different sports If you are interested in pursuing sport in future studies or careers

3 GCSE PE… the course Assessed in four different practical activities.
Take different roles such as coach, official or performer. 40% theory & 60% practical. Theory includes: anatomy, training, International sport, media and diet.

4 GCSE PE…Assessment GCSE PE
60% practical through external moderation and 1 piece of written coursework. Practical is marked out of 80- maximum of 20 marks per activity. 40% theory through exam (1.5 hrs) at end of year 11.

5 GCSE PE… important notice.
You need at least 1 sport in which you play for the school/ outside of school to a good standard. New practical areas that you could choose include weight training, circuits, SAQ, rock climbing, ten pin bowling, road cycling, dance and trampolining.

6 Btech PE… You will study four units over two years.
Health and fitness for sport and exercise Practical sports performance The mind and sports performance Training and personal fitness All coursework based with units that contain practical elements.

7 What are your options post GCSE?
AS and A2 PE at Hollyfield. Sports degrees- sport media, sport physiology, sports nutrition, sports coaching etc.

8 Sports development officer
KS4 PE…Career options Coaching Nutritional analysis Sports development officer Physiotherapy Personal training Sports journalism PE teacher Events organiser

9 Any questions…? Speak to your games teacher or pop into the PE office.
Book an appointment for parent’s evening. Speak to current year 10 and 11 pupils taking PE at Ks4.

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