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MHealth Evaluation & Text4Baby Doug Evans September 20, 2010.

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1 mHealth Evaluation & Text4Baby Doug Evans September 20, 2010

2 Evaluation Overview Text4baby is a brand Based on behavior change theory Short-term effects on brand equity, KAB Intermediate effects on behavior Long-term impact on maternal and newborn health

3 Theory of Behavior Change T4B messages are a cue to action for low-income mothers (Glanz, Lewis and Rimer, 2002) Role of social influence and diffusion of information in text messages within the target population Social Cognitive Theory: Psychosocial factors (self-efficacy, social modeling) mediate effects of messaging on behavior (Bandura, 2004)

4 Evaluation conceptual model

5 Evaluation at 30K Feet What is the level of exposure to the text4baby brand among the target audience? What is exposure among selected population groups? Does it work to change health behaviors? How does it work (what processes)?

6 Subscribers – late July 2010

7 Process evaluation questions Who subscribes? – What are their demographic & health profiles? What are mothers reactions/receptivity to messages? – Are they perceived useful, credible? – Are there differences in perceptions between messages or categories? – What are health care provider (HCP) reactions? – Are text4baby messages consistent with HCP provided information?

8 Process evaluation methods Mobile surveys – Interviewer administered by mobile phone – IVR (automated) In-depth interviews Focus groups – Qualitatively assess how messages received, used, intended/unintended effects

9 Outcome evaluation questions Do text4baby subscribers also use the Website? Are subscribers more likely than non-subscribers to use other health information sources (helplines, etc.)? Are subscribers more likely to form positive pre-natal care and health promoting attitudes/beliefs? Are subscribers more likely to engage in behaviors targeted by messages? – Campaign has behavioral objectives embodied in the messages – are they achieved?

10 Outcome evaluation methods Randomized experiments Comparison of sites (hospitals, clinics) promoting text4baby v. those not Control for mothers who visit non-promoting sites but still subscribe Mobile surveys, typically interviewer administered Electronic Health Record abstraction

11 Conclusions Build an mHealth evidence base Develop a theoretical framework for mHealth Imagine in 5 years someone wanted to do a meta- analysis of mHealth What would need to be in place to do that analysis coherently? Text4baby is a big step in building the evidence base and future mHealth theory

12 Thank you! Doug Evans The George Washington University

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