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Making Choices for Your Future

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1 Making Choices for Your Future

2 Choices! Choices! Choices! Academic/University! Applied/College! Locally Developed! What do I take? What do they mean? What will I do after high school? You Need to Plan…

3 Why is planning important? As a result of inappropriate course and level selections, almost 40% of Ontario Secondary students fail to acquire 16 credits by the end of grade 10 Students who choose courses appropriate to their interests, skills and abilities experience more success Students not achieving 16 credits by 16 years of age are at-risk of leaving school early (“Building Pathways to Success”, MOE 2003)

4 Which postsecondary destinations do students in Ontario choose ? (“Ontario Ministry of Education”, 2009) 33% to University 24% OSSD to Work 20% leave before OSSD 23% to College

5 What is a pathway and how do you build one? A pathway: Consists of a combination of courses and activities Is based on your interests, skills and knowledge Builds in real-work applications and experiences Leads to a particular destination May change as you grow and gain more experience

6 1. Know Yourself 2. Explore Opportunities 3. Choose a Direction 4. Build a Pathway The 4 Steps to Planning

7 The 4 Destinations: What, Why and Who

8 Apprenticeship

9 Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education in which: you earn while you learn 85% of the learning takes place on the job taught one on one by a Journeyperson already certified in the trade 15 % of the learning will take place in apprenticeship courses traditionally taught at a local Community College The government pays 90% of your tuition What is Apprenticeship?

10 Apprenticeship WHY might students choose a skilled trades pathway? They enjoy seeing an immediate result from their work. They know there is an increasing demand for skilled workers 40% of new jobs will be in skilled trades and technologies Skilled trades people earn higher than average incomes and often own their own businesses There are over 140 apprenticable trades to choose from WHO is an Apprenticeship for? Someone who enjoys hands on learning and has good mechanical and spatial abilities Someone who enjoys fixing things, and assembling and disassembling structures Someone who is able to solve problems and make things work better

11 Why consider Apprenticeships as a possible Pathway? There are over 140 Skilled Trades to consider

12 College

13 What is College? What is College? College is a form of post-secondary education that combines academic and applied learning and employment preparation in some of the following areas: Applied Arts, Business, Health and Human Services, Technology, and Apprenticeship Preparation and Training There are 29 colleges in major cities throughout Ontario Colleges offer certificates, diplomas and applied degrees

14 College... WHY might students choose a college pathway? Colleges offer a wide range of career options from which to choose College graduates make up one-third of Ontario’s labour force Colleges combine practical and theoretical learning WHO is college for? Someone who finds success in a practical, applied curriculum Someone who learns best from real life applications to his/her learning Someone who enjoys smaller classes and the personal approach to instruction Someone who has specific career goals that require a college education

15 University

16 What is University? University is a form of post-secondary education which emphasizes academic and theoretical learning and employment preparation in some of the following areas: Engineering, Business, Health and Human Services, Science & Technology, Social Sciences and Art There are 20 universities in major cities throughout Ontario Universities offer undergraduate and professional degrees

17 University WHY might students choose the university pathway? They have specific career goals that require a university education They have a passion for academic learning WHO is university for? Someone who enjoys abstract concepts associated with course material and academic and theoretical learning Someone who is able to complete much of his/her course work independently

18 Workplace

19 Work is a form of post-secondary education where the applied learning and skill development occurs through employment in some of the following areas: Business, Finance & Administration, Sales & Service, Trades, and Transport & Equipment Operation

20 WHY might students choose the workplace pathway? They have a desire to seek employment and begin earning wages To develop their employability skills and build a network for future training and opportunities WHO is the workplace pathway for? Someone who would like to learn and train while being paid Someone who may want to gain experience at work first and go to post secondary education later

21 Bronte Creek Project/Trailhead Co-op Construction Transition-BR/Halton Home Builders Canadian Forces Co-op (4 credits) OYAP-Electrical, Welding, Hairstyling, ECE, CYW SHSM (explanation to follow) **Refer to for

22 A SHSM allows students to focus on knowledge and skills that are of particular importance in certain economic sectors, and to obtain certifications recognized in those sectors, as they work towards meeting the requirements for an OSSD SHSM programs honour all pathway destinations

23 Health and Wellness – STA,LOY Hospitality-ND Information Communication Tech. – ASPT, CTK, BR,ND Energy - BR Landscaping – ND Transportation-BR Arts and Culture – CTK, HT Business Studies-HT, CC,ND

24 Apprenticeship College University Work Place Academic, Applied or Locally Developed Academic or Applied (Some College programs require academic level math) Mostly Academic (Especially English)

25 Make good course selections in high school that reflect your skills and interests

26 Continue to plan your pathway throughout high school

27 Get your high school diploma!!

28 Get additional training and education after high school graduation


30 Making Choices for Your Future

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