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Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

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1 Douglas County Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Ron Hanavan Deputy Cocha Heyden Community Relations/Crime Prevention


3 What we are going to learn today..
The realities of robbery Opening and closing procedures Proper cash handling system Physical Security considerations Prevention checklist Do’s and Don’ts during an actual robbery

4 Realities of Robbery

5 Robbery-A Dangerous Crime
A robber commits a hold up because he or she believes that their profit will be worth the risk Decrease the possible profit, on hand, and increase the risk= less victims Personal safety is an important consideration when planning how to react to an armed robbery That is why we are here today…..

6 Opening and Closing Procedures
At least two employees present Do a quick security check of outside entry points Use prearranged signal to indicate everything checked out okay At closing, make sure no one is hiding in business Walk to the parking lot together

7 Proper Cash Protection System
It is a good idea to have training on various possible types of attacks The system should work by first saving lives and second by protecting the money Keep cash at a minimum, on hand If business deals in a lot of cash, have a pick up more then once a day When opening and closing, cash on hand should be very miminum

8 Proper Cash Protection System
Consider using a money safe that requires more than one employee to open and remove daily receipts Always lock safes after the day’s opening funds are obtained Dual Control of safes and two-key inner compartment money safes require at least two people to open door, thus helping to prevent robberies Try not to open the cash safe to often Do not maintain more surplus cash in business than is absolutely necessary

9 Etc… Always keep money out of reach and sight of customers
DO NOT count out cash drawers in sight of customers

10 Making Bank Deposits Try to make bank deposits during daylight hours with more than one person Vary the route to the bank Do not make any stops along the way Vary the time of day the deposit is made Vary the personnel making the deposit if possible Disguise the currency bag in another container Use armed guard if necessary

11 Physical Security Considerations

12 Security Considerations
Physical barriers such as bullet-resistant enclosures between customers and employees provides the greatest protection Robbers sometimes lock employees in storage rooms. Hide a key inside of that room Mark the edge of the doorway at varying heights to identify the height of a robber Think about installing prominent surveillance camera equipment. We recommend having 31 videos, one for each day of month. Keep side and rear doors and windows closed and locked Delivery or personnel doors should have peephole or card entry system

13 Robbery Prevention Checklist

14 Make Business Unattractive to Robber
Keep business neat and clean Keep it well stocked Get away from sales counter when there are no customers in business

15 Locate Sales Counter in Clear View
Do not block windows with posters or flyers Remove any displays, after dark that a robber could hide behind Make sure that you can see out and a passerby’s or the deputies can see in

16 Spot Possible Hiding Places
Notice possible escape routes from the business After dark, observe lighting and dark corners

17 Keep Alert at All Times Notice what is going on outside the business
Be aware of cars parked across the street or off to one side of the lot Look for anyone who may be watching the business or hanging around Call the Sheriff’s Office if they do not leave

18 Good Customer Service Look them in the eye
Ask the customer ahead of someone suspicious “Are you together?” The customer usually turns around to look at the person, they may be able to identify that person later

19 In The Event of a Robbery

20 Remain Calm Don’t challenge the robber Don’t make any sudden movements
The average robbery takes less than two minutes Activate the alarm only when the robber leaves the building

21 Obey the Robbers Orders
Robbers seldom hurt cooperative people Give the robber only what is asked for, do not give him anymore If you do not have what he asks for, politely explain Follow the robber’s instructions exactly Keep calm and observe what the robber looks like, and what he is wearing Try to remember what he says Try to remember what type of weapon, is robber has one

22 Announce Possible Surprises
If you must reach for something, or move in any way, tell the robber first If someone is in the back room, or is expected in the business, tell the robber

23 Once the Robber Has Left
If possible, watch him leave the premises Look for direction of travel from the business Look for a vehicle, color, make and model, and license number DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT CHASE AFTER THE ROBBER


Dial 911, and don’t hang up until they tell you to do so Tell dispatchers is medical is needed Protect the scene by locking front door. Discontinue business until deputies are finished DO NOT TOUCH ANY EVIDENCE Call any necessary supervisors Separate witnesses, do not let them discuss what has happened Complete any necessary forms


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