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Water Injection Technology

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1 Water Injection Technology
David Lyon 15-May-2012

2 History of Water-Injection
Water Injection has been known about since the 1900's or earlier. It underwent scientific evaluation in the 1930’s by H. Ricardo who demonstrated that one can double the power output of an engine using water/methanol. In World-War II, the Germans first, then the Allies used Water-Injection to boost power in their fighter aircraft.

3 After World-War II.. It moved from aeroplanes to high- performance cars. It's hard to find any drag racing car without some form of Water-Injection system. It's crucial to controlling heat and harnessing power.

4 Why did I try it ? I had (and still have) an old Van
Because of rising petrol prices I was willing to try anything – so I could keep it.

5 How it's done A fine water spray is sprayed into the inlet manifold from a high-pressure water pump Here I was testing the pump and the nozzle in the kitchen sink:

6 How it's done Here is the nozzle in the Manifold:

7 Basic Characteristics
Water is mixed to fuel at a ratio of at about 2:3 depending on temperature. Engine Torque and power is increased about 20%. Motor feels more powerful with Water Injection Reduction in fuel consumption of about 20%

8 Emission Reductions Water Injection is known to reduce Nitric Oxide as combustion temperatures are lower. Carbon Dioxide output is increased at lower combustion temperatures but overall fuel inputs can be reduced by 30% making a net reduction in emissions of both gases.

9 How it works In the combustion cycle, water mist takes up valuable space and temporarily increases the effective compression ratio. In the Ignition cycle, water turns to steam expanding 1800 times. Giving additional driving force to the piston.

10 Dyno & Emission Results
These are from the Internet. I found them indicative of the gains that I have experienced. Source: d.php?t=913929

11 Is it Scalable ? Yes, the basic characteristics of Water Injection is that it will work on motors from motor-cycle engines up to Power-Stations Btw; if you have a GE Gas Turbine Power Station, it may already be Water-Injected

12 Potential Applications
What are potential applications: Water Injection for Buses Water Injection for Long-Distance Trains Water Injection for Power Stations

13 Why would it be good for NSW?
NSW has tens of thousands of jobs in the Coal and Gas mining sector. We don't need these jobs threatened. What we need is to find more efficient ways to use the fuels, leading to higher prices for the products and associated technologies. In the past, Australia hasn't tried this. But since we have the products, shouldn't we be looking at ways to add value to them ? Shouldn't we be the ones to know the most about our own fuels?

14 Clever Country We need to get clever with Technology, not just election promises. We need only modest investments to understand how our products are used. If Australia wants to continue to sell fossils fuels, we should be allowed to work on ways to increase the quality by increasing the efficiency of the way that they are used.

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