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Web Performance Meetup 1 Web Performance Toolbelt Jeremy

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1 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 1 Web Performance Toolbelt Jeremy Solarz @jeremysolarz

2 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 2 What next? Where is the time? Remember the Rules?! Toolbelt –YSlow –Pagespeed –HTTP Watch (Free / Prof Version) –DynaTrace => we will have a guest speaker –Google Profiler –HAR

3 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 3 Empty CachePrimed Cache www.ebay.com95%81% www.facebook.com95%81% www.msn.com98%94% www.myspace.com98% Frontendtime

4 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 4 Yahoos Rules Minimize HTTP Requests Use a Content Delivery Network Add an Expires or a Cache- Control Header Gzip Components Put StyleSheets at the Top Put Scripts at the Bottom Avoid CSS Expressions Make JavaScript and CSS External Reduce DNS Lookups Minify JavaScript and CSS Avoid Redirects Remove Duplicate Scripts Configure ETags Make AJAX Cacheable Use GET for AJAX Requests Reduce the Number of DOM Elements No 404s Reduce Cookie Size Use Cookie-Free Domains for Components Avoid Filters Do Not Scale Images in HTML Make favicon.ico Small & Cacheable

5 YSlow Web Performance Group @ Meetup 5

6 6 Gooles Rules Avoid bad requests Avoid CSS expressions Combine external CSS Combine external JavaScript Defer loading of JavaScript Enable compression Leverage browser caching Leverage proxy caching Minify CSS Minify HTML Minify JavaScript Minimize request size Minimize DNS lookups Minimize redirects Optimize images Optimize the order of styles and scripts Parallelize downloads across hostnames Put CSS in the document head Remove unused CSS Serve resources from a consistent URL Serve scaled images Serve static content from a cookieless domain Specify a character set early Specify image dimensions Use efficient CSS selectors

7 Pagespeed Web Performance Group @ Meetup 7

8 HTTP Watch Web Performance Group @ Meetup 8

9 DynaTrace not by Me ;) Web Performance Group @ Meetup 9

10 Google Profiler Web Performance Group @ Meetup 10

11 HAR Http Archive Specification – specification specification JSON Format Export – 9/http-archive-specification-firebug-and- httpwatch/ 9/http-archive-specification-firebug-and- httpwatch/ Web Performance Group @ Meetup 11

12 Need quick example? See quickly how components interact… Example 1: Example 2: Web Performance Group @ Meetup 12

13 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 13 ?

14 Web Performance Group @ Meetup 14 Last words Please review the Meetup on Next Meetup => Thursday, November 3 th 2011

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