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Cervical nerve root block Radiology Spine Injection Doctors.

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1 Cervical nerve root block Radiology Spine Injection Doctors

2 Nerve root block n Your doctor thinks a bulging disc is touching your nerve and is a cause of your pain. Nerve Disc

3 Nerve root block Inject next to nerve n Radiology Spine Injection Doctors can inject around the nerve at its root & often ‘block’ the pain

4 Before the Injection n Let your doctor know if you are taking an anticoagulant or blood thinner n Bring someone who can drive you home; some people can feel weak in the arm after the procedure

5 Day of the injection n Report to the Radiology Department in UW Hospital at G3/3 (Atrium elevators to the 3 rd floor) n If you have a MRI or CT of the spine from another hospital, bring it with you

6 Nerve root block n The procedure will be described to you by a radiologist, and you can ask questions

7 Procedure n Takes about 45 minutes n You will lie on you back and a fine needle will be placed in your neck to inject medication next to the nerve root n Medications are Lidocaine (to numb the area) and Corticosteroid (to reduce inflammation)

8 Possible complications n complications are rare Radiology injection room

9 Possible complications For 1-2 days after the procedure, some patients have had: n temporary worsening of neck or arm pain n redness and flushing around the face n fluid gain which could cause breathing difficulty (if you have heart problems) n higher blood sugars (if you are diabetic)

10 After the injection n Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours n Take your usual medicines for neck pain n You will be given a phone number to call if any drainage, swelling, or increased pain at the injection site

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