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Daily and Weekly Watch List Routines

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1 Daily and Weekly Watch List Routines

2 Weekend Routines More time to spend Reflect on past week’s performance
Review notes taken during previous week Research interesting stocks Select potential moves for next week Plan entry and exit points for next week Write it all down.

3 Weekday Routines Less time available
Use Before, During, and After Market Routines Have weekend notes and charts available.

4 Weekend Routine IBD 50 (Monday) IBD Big Cap 20 (Tuesday)
Your Weekly Review (Friday) Stock Spotlight (B Fri IBD Research Tables The New America Looking for Watch List Candidates Each chart has IBD’s take on current performance. IBD 50 Computer generated list of the market’s leading growth stocks. IBD combines Earnings, Sales and Other fundamentals Big Cap 20 Computer generated combining Earnings, Sales along with strong price performance. Weekly Review - >$10, within 15% of 12-month high, EPS and RS 85 or greater, avg dly vol 10,000 or more SORTED by Ind Grp RS Stock Spotlight – Screens for Earning, Sales and other WHILE IN PRICE BASES OR BREAKING OUT.

5 Weekday Routine Big Picture Real Most Active (B1) Stock Spotlight (B4)
Research Tables IBD Timesaver Table IBD TIMESAVER TABLE – NYSE & NSDAQ highest rated stocks. ITALICIZED AT LEAST 80 EPS & RS and wer IPOs within past 15 years.

Investor’s Corner IBD’s 197 Industry Sub-Group Rankings IBD Industry Themes Research Table Review The Income Investor

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