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The Ludei platform Iker Jamardo HTML5 LA 2013/06/10.

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1 The Ludei platform Iker Jamardo HTML5 LA 2013/06/10

2 About me... Iker Jamardo @judax I run engineering @ Ludei. Passionate about software architecture and a C/C++ lover (refurbished to JavaScript). Former University Professor and Researcher. Designed and implemented the core of Ludeis cross- platform technology.

3 What is Ludei? Services for HTML5 games & apps »Export your app to multiple markets »AppStore, GooglePlay, Amazon, Nook, Windows Store, Blackberry World, Mozilla Marketplace, Tizen Store,... »Native like performance for canvas 2D and WebGL for iOS and Android. »Add non HTML5 standard features with one single API for all the platforms »ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, game controller support, file system access, camera access,...

4 The Platform Components The CAAT JavaScript Game Engine The Ludei HTML5 Extensions The CocoonJS Virtual Machine The Ludei Mobile Cloud

5 The CAAT Game Engine JavaScript Game Engine Provides dozens of re-usable code snippets Accelerates developer cycles Eliminates having to recreate the wheel Supports Canvas, WebGL and CSS rendering

6 Why a new VM? Web technologies (and thus HTML5) are great. Native apps (and markets!) are great. Lets combine the best of both worlds!

7 Why is Ludeis VM so performant? Ludei uses its own JavaScript Virtual Machine and rendering technology to accelerate the canvas. Ludeis JSVM is not a general purpose browser but a specialized environment to accelerate the canvas. Ludei has full control over the OS/hardware (native- like control) but it is still 100% HTML5 standard compliant.

8 CocoonJS VM

9 Ludei HTML5 Extensions

10 The Ludei Cloud

11 TODAY Facts about WebGL on mobile 4.0 +

12 FUTURE Facts about WebGL on mobile

13 Facts about apps & games on mobile PROBLEMS TO BE SOLVED Nobody uses mobile browsers for apps/games

14 WHAT ABOUT LEGACY DEVICES? Android 2.3 is still more than 40% of the market Facts about apps & games on mobile

15 WE WANT TO MAKE SOME MONEY, DONT WE? Want access to monetization channels Facts about apps & games on mobile

16 The process of building your HTML5 app/game Platform

17 How to use Ludei 1.Develop your HTML5 game/app in your desktop system. 2.Download the CocoonJS Launcher App for iOS and/or Android and test your game/app in it. 3.Create a ZIP file with your game/app (code+assets) and upload it to the Ludei Cloud Compiler.

18 Demo time!

19 The future Cloud storage. Cross-platform multiplayer. Open extension development SDK. Export to more markets: WiiU, Ouya,... Support for new features. More compelling games to showcase the technology. Best of all, its still HTML5 & JS so you dont have to use Ludei if you dont want to!

20 THANK YOU! ANY QUESTIONS? @ludei / @judax

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