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Giraffes Slide Show By: Jessie N..

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1 Giraffes Slide Show By: Jessie N.

2 Where Giraffes Live! Giraffes can be found in savannas. Savannas are a flat type of grass land. Giraffes live in savannas. This is some things that can be found in savannas: grass, leaves, the warmth, bushes ,and a few ponds,

3 Giraffes Predator The giraffes predator is the lion. When a lion is near a giraffe the giraffes kicks the lion with its front two legs. Back and forth. The lion would usually would get the giraffe first before the giraffe could get the lion.

4 What Giraffes Eat Giraffes use there long necks to help them eat leaves from tall trees. Giraffes can go for several days without water. Instead of drinking, giraffes stay hydrated by the moisture from the leaves.

5 Giraffes Prey They don’t have any, they are herbivores, they eat grass. They also eat insects such as flies, nets, caterpillars, and other insects that hang along on leaves.

6 Endangered Or Not As of know the giraffe is not endangered. Not yet anyway. The population of a giraffe is relatively stable.

7 Physical Characteristics
Male giraffes weight is between 2,400- 3,000 pounds. Female giraffes weight is between 1,600- 2,600 pounds. Giraffes are yellow with a brown spotted pattern. Giraffes life span is between years in the wild. The calf's weight is up to 130 pounds. Calf's height is 6-8 feet tall. Female giraffes typically give birth to one calf at a time. The calves are dependent on their mother.

8 Fun Facts Giraffes have long blue-black tongues. Giraffes kick their predator to scare them away. Giraffes can run more than 30 miles per hour Giraffes are one of the world's most tallest mammals. Giraffes are known for there long necks, long legs, and their beautiful spotted pattern. You can't really see them but giraffes have small horns on their head. Giraffes got in the world record book in 2009 because they were the 4th heaviest and the tallest mammal in the world. While mothers feed there calves, the young are kept in small nursery groups. Giraffes are hunted for there meats. They are also hunted for there tails for good luck charms. Giraffes are not endangered. Giraffes necks help them eat. Giraffes are yellow and brown with two little horns. Giraffes live in savannas with thorny trees. No current protective laws. Their status is vulnerable. Giraffes have long tongues. Giraffes are very big and tall. Giraffes are non-territorial, social animals. They often travel in large herds that are organized in any way.

9 THE END Slide Show By: Jessie N.

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