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2 Daily Jumpstart What are your thoughts about 6 th grade? Use notebook paper to answer the following questions. What are the things that you didn’t like about 5 th grade or elementary school? Make a list of questions, concerns, fears, and comments that you have about 6 th grade. What are some things that you want to learn in 6 th grade ?

3 Language Arts Supplies Welcome Dolphins You will need the following items for Language Arts class: 1. 3 ring binder with 4 dividers 2. 1 subject notebook 3. Loose-leaf paper 4. Pens and Pencils 5. Erasers 6. Color Pencils and markers 7. Index cards various sizes your preference (300) 8. One folder any color with pockets and prongs Please try to have these supplies by Sept. 2!!!

4 How to Label your Dividers You will need a divider labeled: 1. Daily Jumpstart 2. Reading Skills/Literature 3. Vocabulary 4. Grammar/Language/Writing You will turn in your one subject notebook to me. Please label it with your name and class period. It will be your Journal for the year. You will use it for many things.

5 Grading and Retake Policies Grading Policy Homework 5% Class work 20% Tests/Essays 30% Projects 25% Quizzes 20% Retake Policy Students are allowed to retake any test or quiz in which they earn a grade that is not their best. Students who score a grade of 76 or below are REQUIRED to retake tests and quizzes and to redo projects. Retesting will be done during dragon time, lunch, or specials. Some time before or after school may be scheduled with prior arrangement.

6 What are the procedures in Language Arts class? 1. Come into class quietly 2. Sharpen your pencils if needed 3. Take out paper and begin working on the daily jumpstart or follow the directions that are on the board 4. Put your homework on your desk End of Class 1. Label all work with your first and last name, your class period, and the date—top right 2. Turn in work to the bin that represents your core number 3. Clean up around your desk and push your chair under when you leave 4. Line up quietly on the outside of your next period’s class

7 Activity Time Using the clock organizer, move about the room and find a different person for each hour on the clock. Write down that person’s name.

8 Classroom Expectations Classroom Rules BE on time for class(Don’t Waste Time) BE respectful to yourself and others Be responsible Be prepared Be Open Minded Consequences Verbal Warning Change of Seat Student/Teacher Conference and parent contact Lunch Detention and phone call Office Referral

9 Bathroom and Locker Procedures Bathroom Students should use the time between classes efficiently. However, students will receive two emergency bathroom passes per quarter. Students will give me their pass, I will trade them for the blue bathroom pass. Locker Students will not be permitted to leave class to go to lockers. Students should use the time between classes effectively.

10 The 40 Book Challenge Everyone must take the challenge, no exceptions…….. You may read any genre fiction or non fiction. Try different things. Check my website for recommendations for books All books count for the challenge, books read in class, audio books, and books read on electronic devices Fiction over 350 pages and non-fiction over 75 pages and classics count as two books Classics over 350 pages count as three books. Use the google doc on my website when you finish a book for the challenge and post your recommendations for the book on the wall wisher also on the website. Be sure to leave your first and last name and your class period. If you don’t have a computer at home, you may complete the activities in my classroom during dragon time, before school in bus room or at another arranged time. Remember the goal of the 40 book challenge in 6 th grade is to get you to read as much as possible. Challenge yourself to read some different things. The challenge will look different for everyone. Your grade will come from : 1. Filling out the online Google Doc on your books 2. Keeping the pace with the 10 books per quarter 3. Having your book with your each day for DEAR 4. Leaving recommendations for your peers on wall wisher. Completing the challenge earns you a party, cool prizes and rewards and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment!

11 Website for Useful information on/ You can get here through the Dillard Drive Website

12 Let’s Recap Answer the following questions with a neighbor 1. When do we sharpen pencils in language arts class? 2. How many bathroom passes do you get per quarter? 3. What do I do when I finish reading a book for the 40 book challenge? 4. What does it mean to be open minded? 5. How should all papers be labeled?

13 Getting to know you Bingo Travel around the room and talk to several different people. Find someone who did each of the things on your bingo card and write down the name of that person on your bingo card. Goal: Try to get as many names as you can in the time frame


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