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2 Quebec QUEBEC Capital: Quebec The Chateau Frontenac In Upper Town
Another view of the Chateau Frontenac from the Cidadelle

3 Quebec Montreal The Montreal skyline at night The Alter of Notre Dame

4 Ontario Capital: Toronto Humber Bridge Skyline from
Toronto Islands Skyline from Toronto Islands

5 Ontario Capital: Toronto Casa Loma

6 Ontario Niagara Falls

7 Ontario Niagara Falls

8 Louis Riel's Grave and monument
Manitoba Capital: Winnipeg Louis Riel's Grave and monument

9 Manitoba Snowy Owl Oak Hammock Marsh

10 Saskatchewan Capital: Regina

11 Legislative Buildings at Night
Alberta Capital: Edmonton The Edmonton Odyssium Legislative Buildings at Night

12 Alberta Banff National Park Jasper National Park

13 British Columbia Vancouver Harbour Centre Entrance to False Creek

14 Yukon Territory

15 Northwest Territories
Capital: Yellowknife Salt Plains outside of Fort Smith. Northern Lights

16 Northwest Territories

17 Nunavut Capital: Iqaluit

18 Nunavut

19 New Brunswick Capital: Fredericton                                                                    St. John

20 Nova Scotia Capital: Halifax

21 Prince Edward Island Capital: Charlottetown
Lighthouse at Victoria Park City Hall

22 Newfoundland and Labrador
Capital: St. Johns Newfoundland and Labrador St. Johns harbor

23 Banff National Park Canada’s first national park.

24 Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
The historic Prince of Wales Hotel

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