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Office of Human Resources New Principal Institute July 22, 2013.

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1 Office of Human Resources New Principal Institute July 22, 2013

2 Session I – 10:00am to 12 noon 10:00 amAnn Chan, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources - Overview and Principal Contract 10:30 amCeronne B. Daly Director of Diversity Programs – Diversity Agenda, Tomeka Cribb-Jones, Senior HR Network Liaison – Staffing and Hiring 11:15amJudy Vance, Director of Recruitment and Workforce Development Rochelle Valdez, Recruitment Manager Session II – 12:30pm to 2:30pm 12:30pm Ann Chan, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources - Overview and Principal Contract 1:00pm Ceronne B. Daly Director of Diversity Programs – Diversity Agenda, Tomeka Cribb-Jones, Senior HR Network Liaison – Staffing and Hiring 1:45pmJudy Vance, Director of Recruitment and Workforce Development Rochelle Valdez, Recruitment Manager 2 OHR agenda

3 3 Over View and Principal Contract Ann H. Chan Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources 617.635.6402

4 4 OHR Overview HR Liaison Team Recruitment and Workforce Planning Information and Records Mgmnt Labor Relations Assistant Superintendent of HR’s Office

5 Principal Contract Highlights Contract Year – July 1 – June 30 Salary is based on enrollment Work Year – Total of 223 workdays ­ 185 days (180 school days plus 3 days and 18 hours of staff professional development); ­ 15 days prior to the start of school; and ­ 23 additional days before, during, or following the school year, with all work to be completed by June 30 of the school year (can include up to 4 professional development days, with prior of the Superintendent or designee) ­ Attendance Monitoring System – HRS-PP5 5

6 Questions ?’s?’s 6

7 7 About Teacher Diversity Ceronne B. Daly Director of Diversity Programs 617.635.9114

8 8 Overview: BPS Teacher Diversity Guiding questions: What is the District Teacher Diversity Perspective? What is the district’s data? How are we meeting our diversity goals? What Is Our District Strategy? How does the district define Low Diversity Schools? What support can school leaders expect from the district? o If you are a School Leader in a Low Diversity School? What support can school leaders expect from the district for teachers?

9 Boston Public Schools and our school leaders are committed to building excellent schools that prepare our students to compete and succeed in the 21 st Century. In order to cultivate world class global citizens, we commit to recruiting, retaining and promoting a highly qualified and diverse workforce. We recognize that diversity is not merely an add on to excellence, but, is, in fact, a critical aspect of what it means to be excellent. Diversity of people and ideas is at the very center of our core educational purposes. Different points of view that emerge from diverse cultural heritages and ethnic backgrounds support our students by broadening their perspective, challenging their interpretations and enriching their intellectual discourse. 9 What is the District Teacher Diversity Perspective?

10 Current Workforce Diversity Data (data source 12-28-13) AsianBlackHispanicWhiteTotal* Teachers 2012-2013 data 289 5.2% 1,208 21.9% 538 9.8% 3,457 62.7% 5,512 Principals/ Headmasters 3 2.3% 51 39.8% 16 12.5% 58 45.3% 128 School Administrative Team 9 3.8% 79 32.9% 29 12.1% 122 50.8% 240 Central Office 41 7.9% 172 33.3% 70 13.5% 233 45.1% 517 What is the district’s data? Total also includes American Indian and Pacific Islander individuals as well as those whose race is not specified Students (as of 2-14-13) 4,892 8.6% 20,774 36.4% 22,663 40.0% 7,419 13.0% 57,133

11 Current Workforce Diversity Data (data source 12-28-13) Our diversity goals are guided by the federal court order requiring that we maintain a minimum of 25% Black teachers and 10% “other minority” teachers. How are we meeting our diversity goals? Black “Other Minority” Teachers (as of 12-28-12) 21.9%15.3% Headmasters/Principals39.8%14.8% School Administrative Team32.9%13.8% Central Office33.3%21.7% Key: Meeting or Exceeding Not Currently Meeting 11 Hispanic Teachers (as of 12-28-12) 9.8% Headmasters/Principals 12.5% School Administrative Team 12.1% Central Office 13.5% We are also committed to increasing our percentage of Hispanic educators to better reflect our student population Analysis based on 2012-2013 data. 2013-2014 data will not be finalized until October 2013

12 12 What Is Our District Strategy? The Charge The 2012-2013 Teacher Diversity Work Group (TDWG) convened monthly from October 2012 to June 2013 and is comprised of stakeholders representing central office, school leaders and external partners The 2012-2013 TDWG was convened by the superintendent and charged with the following: To guide the development of the Teacher Diversity Action Plan that supports teacher diversity initiatives To coordinate the implementation of diversity initiatives To assess and report on the results of diversity initiatives To recommend improvements in diversity initiatives

13 Teacher Diversity Action Plan developed in collaboration with the 2012-2013 Teacher Diversity Work Group in November 2012 outlines a comprehensive approach to supporting the district’s diversity goals supports the BPS Acceleration Agenda and aligns with the BPS Achievement Gap Policy. Guided by 5 strategies: Recruitment, Pipeline Development, Hiring, Staffing, and Retention Intended to support and develop policies and programs to recruit, retain and promote a diverse, highly qualified workforce for the Boston Public Schools 13 What Is Our District Strategy? The 2012-2013 Teacher Diversity Action Plan

14 14 What support can school leaders expect from the district? Access to Data: All school leaders received their Teacher Diversity Data prior to Probable Org All school leaders received a database of all available teachers to support their Information-Rich Staffing process directly after open posted positions were placed on the career center HR liaisons are able to run reports to provide school leaders with demographic data on all position applicant pools

15 15 What support can school leaders expect from the district? Assess to People: OHR HR Liaisons – support in the hiring and staffing OHR – Recruitment Team – support in recruiting highly qualified diverse candidates Low Diversity School Support Team comprised of members from Office of Equity, Office of the Achievement Gap and Office of Human Resources OHR - Director of Diversity Programs

16 16 What support can school leaders expect from the district? Director of Diversity Programs in the OHR: To work in collaboration with team members in the OHR to increase the number of highly effective Teachers of Color in the BPS. To develop and administer policies and programs to recruit, retain and promote a diverse workforce for the district that aligns with both the BPS Acceleration Agenda and the BPS Achievement Gap Policy. To support/recommend solutions to Principals/Headmasters and Network Assistant Superintendents in order to achieve the districts’ diversity hiring and retention goals and objectives. To monitor and report on BPS teacher diversity policies and programs, and their impact on recruitment, hiring, staffing, development and retention processes.

17 17 How does the district Define Low Diversity Schools? 2012-2013 Eliot K-8 School Diversity Data AMIND ASIAN BLACK HISPA NSPEC PACIF WHITE Grand Total Black % Other Minority% ( includes Hispanics) HISPA % 2012-2013 Eliot K-8 School ( as of 12-28-12) 113 27323.13%12.50%9.38 2012-2013 Actual School District ( as of 12-28-12) 142891208538243457551221.92%15.33%9.76% 2013-2014 School District Diversity Goals Minimum 25% (determined by federal court order) Minimum 10% (determined by federal court order) Minimum 15% (2013-2014 District Diversity Goal) Data Legend: Red (Acutely Outside of acceptable range hiring restrictions may be in place) Yellow (Outside of acceptable range) Green Black %:0-12.5%12.5 - 25%25%+ Hispanic %0-7.5%7.5-15%15%+ Other Minority %:0-5% 5-10%10%+ Sample Of Individual School Data

18 18 If you are a School Leader in a Low Diversity School? The Low Diversity School Support Strategy was implemented this past year in January 2013. It is part of the 2013-2014 Teacher Diversity Action Plan (TDAP). The primary goal is to provide Low Diversity school leaders with technical assistance in identifying and implementing strategies that result in increasing their school’s teacher diversity Phase I: Sharing Diversity Data – January –February 2013 Phase II: Customized Strategy and Action Planning - February – March 2013 Traditional schools were given permission to open post one of their position Phase III: Support in Hiring Candidates - March–August 2013 Low Diversity School Intent to Hire Accountability Form The monitoring process with regards to hiring recommendations from LDS principals/headmasters will be approved Network Assistant Superintendents and in collaboration of the Office of Human of Human Resources

19 19 What support can school leaders expect from the district for teachers? For the retaining and developing educators of color (BPS Provisional Teachers, Substitutes and Paraprofessionals) In November 2012,OHR in collaboration with the OEE collaborated to support the implementation of the 2012-2013 Teacher Diversity Action Plan by providing a comprehensive initiative that focuses on the retention and pipeline development of educators of color. The Support Services are as follows: MTEL and Licensure Support ESL Training and Moderate Disabilities Licensure Training (as needed the Pathways Program Networking / Mentoring Career Development Workshops The district will be offering these programs in 2013-2014

20 20 Update on the MTEL/ Licensure Support Services

21 21 Update on the Networking and Information Sessions Pilot (January to June 2013) This monthly Networking and Information Pilot provides an opportunity for provisional teachers to receive information on important topics related to their professional and career development in Boston Public Schools (BPS). The monthly sessions were co-sponsored by OHR, OEE and the BTU and designed by a team of BPS teachers representing all levels. Departments/ programs providing expertise and information: Office of Educator Effectiveness o New Teacher Developers Office of English Language Learners Office of Extended Learning Office of Human Resources Participant data: 420 provisional teachers of color invited 77 provisional teachers attended (18% of invitees) 22 male provisional teachers attended ( 29% of the attendees)

22 22 Programs Implemented and to be piloted in support of BPS Teacher Diversity Funded and launched in 2012-2013: 1.Designed and implemented the 2012-2013 Low Diversity Support Strategy provides school leaders with technical assistance and strategies to increase their school’s teacher diversity - Hiring and Staffing Strategies 2.A pilot comprehensive initiative to support the professional growth and development of provisional teachers of color, Substitutes teachers of color, Paraprofessionals of color with bachelor degrees. – Pipeline Development and Retention Strategies 3.A pilot Networking and Information Session for provisional teachers of color – Retention Strategy Designing and secured funding to pilot in 2013-2014: 1.A BPS Paraprofessional To Teacher Program - Pipeline Development Strategy 2.An 18 month Teacher Education Master’s Program for Candidates of Color with the Teach Next Year at UMASS Boston – Outcome - 30 licensed Educators of Color with Graduate degree- Pipeline Development Strategy 3.A BPS Substitute To Teacher Program - Pipeline Development Strategy 4.A BPS Community Paraprofessional Program - Pipeline Development Strategy 5.Pre-Collegiate Teacher Development Program - 40 high potential BPS 9th grade students of color - Pipeline Development Strategy 6.Male Educators of Color Network – Retention Strategy

23 Questions ?’s?’s 23

24 24 About Staffing and Hiring Tomeka Cribb-Jones Senior HR Network Liaison 617.635.6582

25 HR Liaison 25 HR Liaison Team (fax: 635-9672) Tomeka Cribb, Mgr. Network H 5-6582 Diane Daniels Network E & F5-9088 Lauren McLean-Britt Network G5-9646 Earnest Offley Network A & C 5-9610 Michelle O’Neil-Turner Network B & D 5-1685

26 26 BPS Licensure Requirements To be eligible for hire, teachers must meet licensure requirements Acceptable types: Preliminary, Initial, Professional, Temporary or Northeast Regional Must be in the appropriate field Must be in the appropriate level Reflective of 80% of what the teacher will be teaching Professional support personnel and other educator roles that may not require licensure include: Acting administrators Cluster Substitutes Paraprofessionals or Community Field Coordinators

27 Educator License Hardship Waiver Recently, MA DESE revised and strengthened the waiver request process. Under specific conditions, on a case-by-case basis, a hardship waiver may be granted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) It cannot be assumed that hardship waivers will be automatically granted. If a waiver is requested, Principals, Headmasters will need to provide evidence of: An explanation why the unlicensed candidate is qualified for the position A list containing the names of each appropriately licensed candidate who applied for this position Fully document and justify requests for waivers to be approved. Teachers without a license will need to provide evidence of: Passing MTEL scores for each required test Registration receipts for MTEL test dates Copy of licensure application for the appropriate type, field, and level for the position The Office of Human Resources is prepared to assist as much as possible. Please contact your Human Resources Liaison for questions about the waiver process.

28 Sample Staffing Template

29 BPS Hiring Process Overview Posting a job Screening and interviewing Extending an offer Approval and on- boarding of new hire New hire begins work

30 Posting a job Use correct PC number (using the incorrect PC will delay approval and posting). Indicate that “Position” is for the 2013-2014 school year” in job description. Avoid using acronyms and abbreviations that external candidates may not know ( KDG, U4, ESD,.5 FTE) Refer to Quick Reference Guide: Future Force Postings ­ Your HR Network Liaisons are prepared to assist. Please contact with any questions about the job posting process. JOB POSTING INFORMATION

31 On-Boarding New Hires On-Boarding Process: On-boarding requires five unique steps including 1.Screening and Interviewing 2.Extending a formal offer 3.Completing new hire paperwork 4.Approving for hire ― CORI check ― Certification, transcripts 5.Getting on payroll Candidates cannot not start work until CORI has cleared & on-boarding process is complete. Search the more than 15,000 candidates who have applications on the BPS career center Candidates available for interviews include: o Boston Teacher Residents o Highly Recommended candidates pre- screened by HR Contact our Recruitment Team for a List of qualified candidates in the subject areas you need to fill.

32 Key Staffing Dates July 30 th – Excess teachers from the PTPP ( Post Transfer Placement Process) assigned July – August 30 th Paraprofessional Recall process August 30 th – Majority of new teacher hires completed New Teacher Institute at English High August 20-22 nd Guild Secretarial Institute Madison Park August 20-22 nd September 3 rd All teachers and Para's report

33 Questions ?’s?’s 33

34 34 About Recruitment and Workforce Planning Judy Vance Director of Recruitment and Workforce Planning 617.635.9240 Rochelle Valdez Recruitment Manager 617.635.9495

35 Recruitment Team 35 Goal: To assist and provide hiring managers with highly effective candidates to ensure that 100% of vacant positions are filled. Judy Vance- Director of Recruitment and Workforce Planning ­ Extension: 5-9240 Rochelle Valdez-Recruitment Manager ­ Extension: 5-9495 Mora Owens- BTRP Alumni Placement Manager ­ Extension: 5-9629 Lorraine Maryland- Recruitment Support ­ 5-9639

36 Where does BPS recruit from? 36 Recruitment OutreachCareer Fairs/Events  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter  BPS Website  BTU Website  Superintendent’s Newsletter  BNN-TV  National Black College Alliance  IBEW Billboard  Black Ministerial Alliance  Alianza Hispana  Teacher Diversity Work Group  Posse Foundation  National Black College Alliance  NAACP  Urban League  Boston City Councilor  Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative  Office of New Bostonians  ACEDONE  Sociedad Latina  Black/Latino Fraternities & Sororities, listserv  Prince Hall Mason, listserv  National Alliance of Black School Educators Nashville - 10/2012  *Howard University Career Fair- 01/30/13  Citizens School Career Fair-02/01/13  National Employment Minority Network Diversity Fair- 02/02/13  Vanderbilt University- 02/11/13  Nashville Area Teacher Recruitment Fair-02/12/13 (Aquinas College, Athens State U, Austin Peabody State U, Belmont U, Cumberland U, Martin Methodist U, Tennessee Tech U, Middle Tennessee State U, *Fisk U, Lipscomb U, *Tennessee State U, Trevecca Nazarene U, Vanderbilt U)  *Spelman First Annual Education Studies Fair-includes *Morehouse and *Clark-Atlanta- 02/20/13  BU School of Education Career Fair- 02/21/13  Harvard Graduate School of Ed PreK-12 Career Expo- 02/28/13  Teacher's College, Columbia University Ed Fair- 03/06/13  Boston College K-12 Ed Career Fair-03/13/13  Simmons College Ed. Career Networking Fair-03/15/13  Bridgewater State University Career Fair- 03/20/13  TopSchoolJobs Online ExPO-03/21/13  Salem State Career Fair- 03/25/13  College Career Centers of Western MA-03/28/13 (AIC, Elms College, HCC,Bay Path, Westfield State, Springfield, Western NE College  Lesley Educator Career Expo-04/11/13  MERC Ed Fair @ Northeastern University-04/17/13 *HBCU

37 How do I access candidates? 37 PeopleSoftRecruitment Team PeopleSoft is our Career Center, all candidates MUST apply to positions in order to be officially hired. School leaders are able to log in and look at candidates’ resumes who have applied for their positions. HR can also compile resumes of highly effective applicants and send to school leaders. If you have any questions or need additional support please contact Provisional Teachers Highly effective provisionals who have been vetted by HR Teacher Prep Pipeline Boston Teacher Residency Wheelock Teach Boston Teach Next Year Umass Boston Teach for America Donovan Scholars College and Graduate Programs Boston College Boston University Bridgewater State Virginia State University Salem State

38 Online Application Sample Selection Process (Mattahunt) 38 Video Course Teacher Demo Day (TDD) Resume, Cover Letter, Licensure. Two Videos, Two Responses— mindset and pedagogy (observation/feedback). Mini-Lesson, Informal Discussions, Targeted Questions, Case Study, Data Analytic Exercise. Recommend for Hire by Principal 350+ applicants screened 153 applicants screened 60 applicants screened 20 hires

39 Questions ?’s?’s 39

40 Sub Central Facts How many Substitute Teachers does BPS employ? On a daily basis what is the average number of Subs requested? If a Principals identifies a candidate to be hired as a Sub they should have them start work and then notify HR? If a Substitute arrives at your school and you decide you do not need them, will they be paid for the entire day, half of the day or not at all? Are Substitute Teachers part of The Boston Teacher’s Union? If you are unhappy with the performance of a Substitute Teacher what action should you take? What happens to a Substitute Teacher who works the entire year covering for one teacher who is out? Can Substitute Teachers be requested to help with lunch duties, fundraising and field trips? EDUCATION RESOURCE STRATEGIES, INC. 40

41 Sub Central-ESchoolSolutions EDUCATION RESOURCE STRATEGIES, INC. 41


43 Types of Substitute Teacher Pay Daily Pay Scale Per Diem $129.51 Long Term $144.08 (11-25 days) Long Term $260.69 (26+ days) should be licensed in area of teaching Cluster $157.67 pay stays the same all year-1 school Licensed Subs are paid an additional 3% on base salary Long Term Subs are allocated 1 sick day for every 20 days Bonus- Per Diem Subs who work 120 days$1,000 150 days$1,500 EDUCATION RESOURCE STRATEGIES, INC. 43

44 Sub Central Contact Information Janice Daley Robert Kelsey Gwen Cleckley Telephone617-635-9380 Hours of Operation7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. EDUCATION RESOURCE STRATEGIES, INC. 44

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