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Sian Ball and Matt Troop ​ Music Video Presentation That Ain’t Gonna Help You None.

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1 Sian Ball and Matt Troop ​ Music Video Presentation That Ain’t Gonna Help You None

2 Introduction Our client is Esme.Eva, she is a singer songwriter who plays guitar and harmonica and she is a member of staff in learning support at northampton college. The music video that we made for promotional purposes puts her unique selling point in the spotlight, and highlights her music as a point to express feelings and deep emotions.

3 The Music Video

4 NarrativeThe story talks about bad things constantly happening everyday and that it isn’t worth complaining or arguing about, because “That Ain’t Gonna Help You None”. We hear the struggles she has been through in different parts of her life. Colours and lightingWe decided to have a bright background to reflect her personality and then we could dim scenes down when the music got a bit depressing. But this didn’t always work in the editing stages, so we refilmed some of the scenes. Costumes and intertextuality We want Esme.Eva to appear casual, as she already has a great fashion sense which connects to her as a person. The dark colours of a male suit show the dark and depressing times in her life, whereas the bright fluorescent pinks and light greys show a happier side to her, where things aren’t too bad. We can see her a different person to what she sings about. SettingDark, but bright with a light at the end of a tunnel. The setting is depressing, upsetting and lonely - with dark colours contrasting the lighter ones, to show that she can get out of this pain and anxiety in which has been caused by others. InfluenceWe have seen many different music videos already out there, some related to Esme’s genre and some not. But a few people whom both cast and crew thought related to her most were; Tim Bucklee, David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Jim Murray. ChoreographyWe wanted a great sense of movement in this music video, so we came up with things Esme could be doing while playing her instruments. We decided to have her spinning, running, tree and walking from the bench to the lake. GenresA lot of her style of music is folk based and is very similar to popular seventies music, with plenty of colours and the classic guitar playing with a harmonica on the side. The typical codes and conventions of a folk song is that there is usually an acoustic guitar played, the vocals are raw and the song has elements that relate to that type of genre of music. Esme’s music is folk based and partially blues. Her songs have elements of both blues and folk, she plays the guitar and when she sings, it’s like the lyrics have a deeper meaning behind them.

5 The brand is aimed at people between the ages of 16 and 25. We decided this due to the fact that her music is quite repetitive and talks about the struggles of life with a trans-gender, but you may not immediately notice this when listening to the music unless you pay close attention to the lyrics. People of all kinds of ages may buy into this brand as they may feel that the music relates to them, whether transgender or not, because her tracks also talk about depression and that is something that is extremely popular in the music video industry today. 20 The Target Audience BOB DYLAN

6 Production Production for our music video started on Friday 14th of November 2014, and we had arranged to meet up with the band to film, but we were only able to shoot one shot out of the few scenes we had planned to film. This was our third band that we had tried to produce a music video for, as the other two had conflicting timetables of availability with our own. After letting us down numerous times, and after telling us that they didn't want to be the third band to let us down, eventually we came across Esme Eva who agreed to help with the music video. we managed to film all our content with her in two days. The production paperwork was divided equally among us to relieve any stress. We also found that working with Esme was easier than working with the previous band and the type of music video would be easier to film and fit more naturally with the type of person and genre of music. 05_141114.ESME.EVA

7 Evaluation ●What went well? ●What didn’t go well? ●What would you have done to make it better? ●What did audiences think? ●What did your artist think?

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