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Leadership & Ethics.

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1 Leadership & Ethics


3 What is “business ethics?”
Sources of moral standards: actual or positive law universal - natural law moral relativism religious beliefs

4 Business ethics: “oxymoron”
Reasons for business ethics: Profitability Changes in consumer buying decisions Business strategy Personal reasons


6 What do the following have in common?
A soupmaker A brewer A software designer A paint producer A medical products firm

7 They top the list of the nation’s 100 most profitable and socially responsible companies.
Together they employed 200,000 people, generated $38 billion in sales, and gave an average of 2.27% pretax profits to charity.

8 Who are they? Campbell Soup Company Adolph Coors Co.
Microsoft Corporation H.B. Fuller Company Medtronic, Inc.


10 Leadership and Management
Principle-Centered Leadership The New Paradigm - “True North” 8 Behavioral Characteristics of Leaders


12 Credibility and Integrity
Managerial integrity and the mass media Integrity is risky business 7 of the most admired leadership characteristics “Credibility Gap”


14 Variety of Ethical Standards
Utilitarian Principle Professional Ethic The Golden Rule Kant’s Categorical Imperative The Intuition Ethic

15 Resolution of Ethical Dilemmas
Blanchard and Peale Model Is it legal? Is it balanced? How does it make me feel? The Front Page Newspaper Test

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