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Principles of Learning

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1 Principles of Learning
Teaching Skills

2 Objective Given a series of lesson plans to develop, the student will be able to demonstrate an application-level understanding of the principles of learning by indicating the relevant principles employed in the lesson plans.

3 Organization When the subject matter to be learned possesses meaning, organization, and structure that is clear to students, learning proceeds more rapidly and is retained longer.

4 Readiness Readiness is a prerequisite for learning. Subject matter and learning experiences must be provided that begin where the student is.

5 Motivation Students must be motivated to learn. Learning activities should be provided that take into account the wants, needs, interests, and aspirations of students.

6 Involvement Students are motivated through their involvement in setting goals and planning learning activities.

7 Success Motivates Success is a strong motivating force.

8 Success Possible Students are motivated when they attempt tasks that fall in a range such that success is perceived to be possible but not certain.

9 Knowledge of Progress When students have knowledge of their learning progress, performance will be superior to what it would have been without such knowledge.

10 Rewards Work Behaviors that are reinforced (rewarded) are more likely to be learned.

11 Immediate Reward To be most effective, reward (reinforcement) must follow as immediately as possible the desired behavior and be clearly connected with the behavior by the students.

12 Directed Learning Directed learning is more effective than undirected learning.

13 Inquiry To maximize learning, students should "inquire into" rather than "be instructed in" the subject matter. Problem-oriented approaches to teaching improve learning.

14 Practice Students learn what they practice.

15 Supervised Practice To be most effective, supervised practice must occur as a part of a functional educational experience.

16 Activity Prepare a table listing the 13 principles discussed.
List an example of how you can use the principle as a teacher Present your ideas to the class and discuss them

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