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Paul & Jim Wang Computers 8 So much veggies! Eeeek!

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1 Paul & Jim Wang Computers 8 So much veggies! Eeeek!

2 Functions –Creates energy for cells; tissue and organs Found in –Vegetables, fruit, and whole grains Provides –Vitamins, minerals, and fibres 2 kinds –Simple (aka. simple sugars) –Complex (aka. starch) Carbohydrates

3 Functions –Forms your brain, nervous system and cell membranes, and keeps you warm Found in –Avocados, oils, nuts, fish, animal products, and processed food Important source of calories 4 kinds –Monounsaturated –Polyunsaturated –Saturated –Trans Dietary Fats

4 Dietary Fats (cont.) Different types of influences –Monounsaturated fat The most healthy type of fat –Polyunsaturated fat Reduces the cholesterol levels in blood –Saturated fat Raises LDL (bad cholesterol) –Trans fat Manufactured and unhealthy type of fat

5 Functions –Builds, maintains, and replaces your tissue; muscles, organs, and immune system Found in –Meats, eggs, dairy products, nuts and seeds Makes –Haemoglobins, and also cardiac muscles Allows you to move your body Protein

6 Functions –Lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and the dreaded constipation Found in –Fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads, breakfast cereals, and beans Also known as –Carbohydrates that cannot be digested 2 types –Soluble –Insoluble Fibre

7 Different types of influences –Soluble Partially dissolves in water, lowers cholesterol –Insoluble Does not dissolve in water, helps constipation Both types are needed for healthy diet Facts –Makes us feel full –Has no calories Fibre (cont.)

8 Water Functions – Improves energy, keeps you hydrated, regulates body temperature Found in –Water Facts –Improves skin and reduces winkles, stress, and headaches Crucial to survival

9 Vitamins Any group of organic substances Some food have more than others Classified by biological, chemical activity 2 categories –Fat soluble –Water soluble

10 Fat Soluble 4 kinds –Vitamin A,D,E,K Dissolve in fat Stored in liver when not used Too much may be toxic Not lost after cooking

11 Fat Soluble (cont.) Vitamins A –Helps develop, maintain body tissue –Helps vision Vitamins D –Maintain normal blood levels –Helps body absorb calcium Vitamins E –Powerful antioxidant –Helps protects tissue Vitamins K –Helps clot blood

12 Water Soluble 2 kinds –Vitamin C and B Need dissolve in water –Before body can absorb Can not be stored –If Not used will be lost –Need fresh supply everyday

13 Water Soluble (cont.) Vitamin B Complex –Increase production of fat carbohydrates –Builds red cells –Various B types (B1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,12) Vitamin C –Forms tissue, cells, bones and teeth –Can be obtained from citrus fruit

14 Minerals Needed to a healthy body Board range of functions –Boost the immune system –Support normal growth, development –Help cells, organs 4 kinds –Zinc, Copper, Calcium, Iron

15 Minerals (cont.) Zinc is a essential minerals –Metabolize protein, energy Copper helps product red cells Calcium needed for healthy bones, teeth –Found in diary products Iron carries oxygen –From lungs to body cells

16 ils_and__cholesterol.htm


18 I learned about nutrients today~! Yippee!

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