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Ch 5, Sec 3: A Call To Arms.

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1 Ch 5, Sec 3: A Call To Arms

2 Key Questions How are the colonies going to come together?
What role will the colonial government play in the fight against the King of England? Who are the major players? How did the fighting begin? What were the results of the first battles?


4 Review: Angry Colonists
Angry about taxation without representation Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Act Angry about smuggling courts Angry about soldiers living in their homes Angry about soldiers stealing their jobs Angry about the Boston Massacre Angry about not being able to move to new lands

5 New Ideas Some colonists wanted to break away from England
The colonies started working together

6 First Continental Congress
55 men came together in 1774 in Philadelphia Represented all of the colonies except Georgia Wanted to challenge British authority Georgia supported Britain in return for military help against the natives and outside groups

7 Key People of the Continental Congress
Samuel Adams-helped create local colonial govt’s John Adams-lawyer John Jay-lawyer Richard Henry Lee-congressman, proposed to leave England Patrick Henry “I am not a Virginian, but an American” George Washington-military soldier, land owner, leader of the Virginia Militia

8 Actions by the Continental Congress
1. Asked the king/parliament to take away 13 acts of Parliament which violated the colonists’ rights 2. Started a boycott of British goods 3. Stopped trading with England 4. Endorsed the Suffolk Resolves by starting militias Organized citizen armies First responders to war

9 Militias Soldiers known as minutemen
Trained in every town in the northern colonies, especially around Boston Started collecting ammunition and guns Scared British troops

10 British Response General Gage sent 1000s of troops to Boston
King prepared for war Soldiers ordered to take away colonists’ weapons Tried to arrest the colonial leaders

11 Fighting at Lexington and Concord
British soldiers sent from Boston to take away the huge pile of weapons in Concord Paul Revere and William Dawes saw this and rode horses overnight to warn everybody in the countryside Both men got to Lexington before the British and the town was ready for the troops

12 Fighting at Lexington and Concord

13 Fighting at Lexington and Concord
70 minutemen vs. 1,000 British troops Minutemen here were used to buy time for the rest of the colonists at Concord to move the guns and ammo 8 minutemen died

14 Fighting at Lexington and Concord
At Concord The guns and ammo were moved before the British troops arrived British troops destroyed whatever was not moved Minutemen ambushed the British Troops on their way back to Boston 174 British wounded, 73 dead “Shot heard around the world”-start of the American Revolution

15 Results of the Battles of Lexington and Concord
Colonial militias attacked Fort Ticonderoga to get more military supplies Build up of troops on both sides Committees of Correspondence Used to get people to join the militias 20,000 people joined the colonial military

16 Battle of Bunker Hill Bunker Hill Overlooked Boston
Military advantage of colonial militia Wanted by the British military Attacked three times Colonists ran out of ammo/had to retreat 1,000 British soldiers died that day but the British won the battle Showed the strength and heart of the colonists


18 Who to support? Problem for colonists: Who should they support?
Two groups were represented: 1. Loyalists 2. Patriots

19 Loyalists People who did not care about the taxes by the king
People who got rich from the king People who had power because of the king People who were afraid to lose what they had if the colonists lost People who thought British troops would win and wanted to get rewarded by the king for staying loyal to him

20 Patriots People who wanted to fight the king
People who hated the unfair taxes People who had been bullied by the king People who wanted a new country separate from England

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