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Curriculum services HASTINGS AND Prince Edward District School Board

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1 Curriculum services HASTINGS AND Prince Edward District School Board

2 CURRICULUM SERVICES Vision Is seeing beyond the immediacy of the day.
It is understanding the temper of the times, The outlines of the future, and How to move from one to the other. William Van Dusan Wishard We are at a turning point in history, and so we are in education, and in our planning and intended outcomes for the next five years in Curriculum Services. 21st century learners require 21st century schools

Every so often an opportunity presents itself, that tempts us to explore new professional learning, in the company of peers, in such an integrated, intentional and innovative fashion, and It takes us beyond what we know and places us within a larger body of knowledge, And within this body of knowledge releases our sense of responsibility and creativity to produce a collaborative synergy that directly supports schools in creating the learning environments necessary for student achievement.

4 CURRICULUM SERVICES Ministry of Education Initiatives AiM BIPSA SIPSA SEF Collaborative Inquiry Student Engagement Student Success Early Learning Arts , Sciences and all subjects, courses and pathways High Skills Majors Dual Credits Differentiated Instruction Languages Aboriginal Education Data & Research Networked Learning Communities Healthy Active Living Guidance Technology Moodle Assessment & achievement and much, much more!

Knowledge, experience, skills, competencies Leadership and vision 21st Century Disposition - inquiry and exploration - social learning, networking, collaborative communities - innovation and creativity - critical thinking & problem solving - communication literacy - flexibility, adaptability, initiative, self direction

Synthesizing Mind… decide what’s important and pay attention to and put information together in ways to make sense of our work Creating Mind… forge new ground, change practices Respectful Mind… relationships Ethical Mind… responsibility Disciplined Mind… learning, leading

7 POSTING INSIGHTS Alignment with BIPSA K – 12 orientation
Integrated portfolios School –based inquiry initiatives Coaching at the school and classroom level

8 Curriculum Services, in collaboration with all other Education Centre departments, is moving forward to build a shared consensus on our vision for 21st century learning and learning environments, including a thorough understanding of and commitment to the outcomes of 21st century learning. Are you interested?!!

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