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Tutorial for Administration tool (1) Select (2) Depress.

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1 Tutorial for Administration tool (1) Select (2) Depress

2 (1) Select (2) Depress Accessing the Administration section

3 The Username for administration is Administrator, with capital A. If passwords are implemented, the password is Administrator until changed by the user Administrator. If passwords are not implemented, a blank password will do. (1) Type (2) Depress

4 (1) Select (2) Depress Administrator can get reminded of the existing accounts

5 Unless cornered to using passwords, it is wise not to use them. They add complexity without adding much security. If you need security, keep the computers in a locked room with no Internet access and create users on removable USB drives.

6 To add a new user/project, first create a top directory for its exclusive use This creates a new folder called New folder Just rename New folder into e.g. selenide

7 MUST exist It is convenient to give same name to user and directory, but this is not necessary Username MUST be unique because it points to a data area and thus cannot point to several of them. On the opposite, several user names might point to the same data area Select

8 The Toolkit has created a tree of sub-directories of the apex directory. The Toolkit has no feature to delete users, directories or files other than temporary ones like VRML plot files. This can only be performed with Windows or DOS. If directories get inadvertently deleted within Windows, only the deleted ones will be automatically re-created as new empty ones upon next login of THAT user. Here, the new user has been created on a USB flash drive, giving an inexpensive solution for security. ALL data for this user ends up on the flash drive ONLY. No trace of the modeling activity is kept elsewhere.

9 Unlikely to be used

10 End of Administration tutorial

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