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IOTA -ME annual report Marjan zakerin

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1 IOTA -ME annual report Marjan zakerin

2 Content 1.Introduction of office 2.Memberships and work groups 3.Publications Newspapers Cooperation with magazines and websites Book 4. Workshops, conferences and observations 2

3 Where is the office? 3

4 Aims and goals Why did we start? To follow the aims and goals of IOTA society. To provide opportunity for practical and more scientific activities for amateur astronomers. Establishing faithful and direct international cooperations. Current status? IOTA-ME has reached up to 70% of the first goals inside the country 4

5 Membership and work groups The registration announcement is once a year for 2 months in summer The applicants should submit their CV plus the membership application form Memberships are provided in 4 workgroups 1.Occultation and Trans Neptunian objects 2.Exoplanets 3.Eclipsing variable stars 4.Development of astronomical tools 5

6 Publications: newspapers It is monthly Number of issues: 22. Number of pages: 15 – 20 and in 2 languages Distribution: sent by s to 1200 amateur astronomers, physicists and astronomers, and an average download of 300 times from website 6

7 2010 – 2011 An interview with David Dunhum in An interview with Paul Maley in 2 articles by Mohamad Reza Mirbagheri in 8 articles by Atila Pero The first book Occulation by Paul Maley and Atila Pero Publications: magazines, websites and a book 7

8 Workshops, conferences and observations 3 days of eclipsing variable stars workshop in Esfahan – 115 participants Sponsored by Space Agency of Iran 8

9 Workshops, conferences and observations Occultation workshop, Tabriz - 35 participants National occultation workshop in Tehran – 52 National occultation workshop, Damghan International occultation workshop in Dezful – 46 participants Occultation workshop, Shiraz Occultation workshop, Gonbad e kavos Third international occultation in Tehran, 1-3 November

10 Observations: Venus transit Activities within 4 months before the transit 2 bulletin only for Venus transit– more than 140 pages More than 128 teams including 400 people registered from all over the country. Booklets teaching observation and timing of event were prepared, and distributed Preperation of a form for event recording by Atila Pero and John Talbort. 10

11 Observations: Venus transit Achievements Collecting 77 standard reports 2 reports from Australia and USA Collaboration with John Talbort – Royal astronomical society of New Zealand 2 articles in IOTA- ME newspaper and Iranian astronomical journal. 9 teams which had better timing were appreciated by space agency One day seminar: to gather all the groups. 11 Credit:IOTA- Me, Space agency observatory, Mahdasht, Telescope: meade 16

12 12 Outlook Despite all the challenges, we have make the promise to Do our best………

13 Thanks for your attention 13

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