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IOTA Table at NEAF Bruce Berger Steve Conard 16 July 11.

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1 IOTA Table at NEAF Bruce Berger Steve Conard 16 July 11

2 NEAF Northeast Astronomical Forum is Americas Premier Astronomy Expo The 21 st edition is April 28 th and 29 th, 2012 Typically about 140 vendors and non-profits have tables at the exposition Six IOTA members met at NEAF this past April, and discussed our IOTA activities – We discussed the possibility of setting up an education and recruitment table at next years NEAF – Several of us expressed willingness to help staff a table

3 IOTA Table at NEAF 2012 We propose to purchase a mid-grade table location (~$250 for a non-profit) – Bruce Holensteins company, Gravic, will sponsor the costso there will be no net cost to IOTA other than possibly paying for flyers Staff table with volunteers – Bruce Berger and I can lead the effort, having 2 or so more volunteers would be ideal – Volunteers will pay for their own personal costs (transportation, lodging, meals)

4 Why Would IOTA Have a Table? Primarily to recruit new members – I give 1-2 talks a year on occultations at astronomy clubs and star parties in MD/PA – Most amateur astronomers have not heard of us, and have no idea what we do – After each talk, I get 1-2 people interested in learning more – Davids talks at the APL Astronomy Club recruited both Andy Scheck and I to IOTA Wed also be doing education and outreach to those who may not be interested in participating, but still want to know about amateur science

5 What Would Our Display Be? Continuous loop of videos showing many D-Rs – Laptop(s) driving larger displays Posters of some of the more interesting data results Full set of data collection gear Dereks Why Occultations flyers Two of us on duty to chat with anyone interested

6 Conclusion If acceptable to IOTA, can we go forward with applying for a table for next years NEAF?

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