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Interactive Advertising on

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1 Interactive Advertising on

2 Quick Facts’s traffic has increased more than 165% year over year, averaging over 1.5 million monthly page views and over 300,000 monthly unique visitors* New site: launched a brand new site on May 25th, 2010 with improved navigation and more content than ever before! New features include hyper-local news sections, improved Traffic and Community Calendar sections, and a new contest engine. Mobile: averages over 200,000 mobile page views per month. The iPhone app has been downloaded over 16,000 times** Social Media: has over 3,500 Facebook Fans and over 5,000 Twitter followers, and we’re adding more and more every month! features the state’s most advanced online weather tool! It features an interactive radar as well as other interactive tools that allow users to pinpoint the forecast down to their own backyard! Source: *Omniture, Inc. 2010; **News Over Wireless, 2010 2 2

3 Audience Profile (vs. market %)
78% Employed Full/Part Time (64%) 22% Not Employed/ Student (36%) 29% High School Graduate (33%) 39% College Educated (28%) 31% College Degree / Post Graduate (31%) 20% HHI $30K-$49K (22%) 20% HHI $50K-$74K (18%) 21% HHI $75K-$99K (17%) 17% HHI $100K-$149K (15%) 16% HHI $150K+ (13%) 68% White (68%) 28% African American (27%) 1% Asian (2%) 3% Hispanic / Other (3%) 59% Women (53%) 41% Men (47%) 7% Age (12%) 18% Age (17%) 24% Age (18%) 27% Age (20%) 23% Age 55+ (32%) 31% Reside Baltimore County (28%) 19% Reside Baltimore City (22%) 15% Reside Anne Arundel Co. (18%) 12% Reside Howard Co. (9%) 8% Reside Harford Co. (8%) 5% Reside Carroll Co. (6%) 75% Homeowners (74%) Source: Scarborough Research 2010 Release 3 3

4 Product Overview
Banner ads: IAB standard ad units: 728x90 Leaderboard ad; 300x250 Cube ad; 160x600 Wide Skyscraper ad Expandable ads: almost all of our ad units can be expanded (i.e. 300x250 can expand to 300x600, etc.). We also feature a “pencil pushdown” ad on our homepage as well as an expandable “micro-button” ad. Rich media: includes animation, video, peelback ads, floating ads, etc. Video ads: includes video pre-roll as well as video within ad unit (i.e. Mixpo video cube) Mobile: reach your “on the go” customers by placing an ad on our mobile and/or iPhone site Texting: let us develop a “Text to Win” contest or blast to our existing data base (coming soon) Contests: in addition to texting, we can develop a turnkey, web-based contest customized for your business Sponsorships: Sponsorships are available for most of our sections, including Weather, Local News, Entertainment, Sports, Health, etc. 4 4

5 Product Overview continued…
advertise to our 4,500+ newsletter subscribers or blast to our existing data base (coming soon) Geo- and Behavioral-targeting: reach your target audience with banner ads and/or blasts (coming soon) Audience Extension: Reach viewers through our extensive Scripps Targeted Network of over 8,000 nationwide web sites Re-targeting: follow users as they leave your web site and go to other sites within our network (minimum of 5,000 unique visitors needed) Day-parting: ads served only during targeted days/hours of the week Web Chats: position you or your business as an expert in your field and invite viewers to contact you about your specialized products and/or services SEM: Search Engine Marketing (a.k.a. paid search or pay-per-click). Buy relevant keywords on top search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, and Yahoo and drive leads to your website 5 5

6 Why Advertise Online? Online advertising offers the benefits of traditional media…. The reach and visual impact of television The frequency of radio The brand awareness of outdoor and print The targeting capabilities of direct marketing Plus, the ability to connect with…. Consumers who are online doing research on planned purchases Consumers who are a click away from your product or service Consumers who see ads integrated with relevant content Consumers who can be targeted based on their behavior Your target audience is online right now. Shouldn’t you be there too? 6 6

7 Banner Advertising Leaderboard 728 x 90 (expands to 728 x 315) Medium
Rectangle 300 x 250 (expands to 300 x 600 or 600 x 250) 7 7

8 Banner Advertising Skyscraper 120 x 600 (expands to 320 x 600) 8 8

9 Banner Advertising Pencil Pushdown 994 x 30 (expands to 994 x 300) 9 9

10 Banner Advertising Micro- button 88 x 31 (expands to 300 x 250) 10 10

11 Pre-Roll Use your existing TV spot to draw additional exposure to your ads. Video Pre-Roll is a :08 - :15 clip that runs prior to video content on Video content includes News, Weather, Sports, & Entertainment. Pre-roll is highly visible….no “bathroom breaks”. Includes companion ad – a 300x250 medium rectangle ad that appears while video is playing and remains on screen when finished. 11 11

12 Video in-Banner Overlay Graphics Call To Action & Links 12
300x250 Rectangle 12

13 Video in-Banner Use your existing TV spot to draw additional exposure to your ads. If no spot currently running, we can produce a video for you. Build brand awareness and user engagement. Video in-Banner is a :15 - :30 clip that runs within a standard banner ad unit (i.e. 300x250). Video in-Banner auto-plays without sound. Upon user initiation, video starts over with sound on. Package includes overlay graphics during video play and additional “call-to-action” links upon completion (i.e. web links, lead generation form, poll, forward to a friend, etc.) Videos can be uploaded to clients’ own web site as well as to YouTube and major search engines including Google, Yahoo, and MSN Detailed reports – rich analytics show impressions, clicks, interactions, lead captures, and exposure 13 13

14 Mobile Ads Advertise your message on our mobile, iPhone, and Droid “WAP sites” Our device detection system automatically configures the content and ad size according to type of phone (i.e. Blackberry, iPhone, Droid, flip-phone, etc.) Only 1-2 ads appears per page so your message is always seen (Mobile: 1 ad on homepage, 2 ads on other pages, iphone & Droid: 1 ad per page) Package includes mobile landing page including click-to-call and/or lead form Also available: video pre-roll 14 14

15 SMS Texting Types of Offerings Discount Coupons Polls/enrollments
Live Texting Sweepstakes Announcements Secret Sales Dining Specials What is your favorite item from our $1 Menu? Sausage McMuffin Sausage Biscuit Sausage Burrito Hash Browns Take this message to any area Chik-Fil-A restaurant for ½ off your next purchase of a sandwich meal Text Coupon Text Poll Live Texting 15 15

16 SMS Texting According to Neilson, there are 263 million cell phones in the U.S. Of those, 203 million use text messaging, averaging 357 text messages per month (more than average # of phone calls which is 204 per month) Use SMS Texting (Short Message Service) to build customer loyalty, brand awareness, and to develop a marketing database for future offerings SMS messages: Have a 90%+ readership Up to 15% take action on the message Spam-free (customers opt-in) Effective (drive immediate traffic) 16 16

17 Scripps Targeted Network
Deliver a specific message to a targeted audience Buy target audience vs. site According to 2009 Jupiter Research 49% of online shoppers make a purchase decision within 3 days 39% of online shoppers pay more attention to contextually targeted ads 65% of online shoppers pay more attention to behaviorally targeted ads Reach a targeted local, state, or national audience Intentional media placement that delivers the best advertiser ROI Network includes premium publishers with over 8,000 websites serving many interests and activities 17 17

18 Sites like…. 18 18

19 Types of targeting…. Contextual targeting is based on an article or publisher. Specific messages are intentionally served around content categories. Behavioral targeting uses real-time information based on searches, browsing and registrations to select advertisements to display based on a behavioral profile. Re-targeting is based on where a user ‘was.’ Ads can follow users to different sites to reinforce a message, bring a user back, or make a new offer. Geographic and Demographic targeting serves ads based on location, age, sex, income, education level etc. (Remember, many people work outside where they live. Most Internet traffic happens while people work, between 7am – 5pm) Domain targeting is based on a business or organization domain name or web address Ads can feature a special offer just for those employees. 19 19

20 Behavioral Targets Available
Auto Enthusiast Home Improver Holiday Fan Job Seekers Music Craver Pet Lovers Political Enthusiast Election Follower Real Estate Seeker Religion Devoted Science Interest Shopper Sports Fan Baseball Fanatic Basketball Fanatic Gadget Lover College Football Follower Golf Enthusiast Business Savvy Dater Education Seeker Entertainment Craver Family Oriented Fashion Passionate Financial Interest Mortgage Seeker Stock Market Player Fitness Fanatic Food Craver Home & Garden Interest Health Buff Gamer We can also do custom behavioral targets by request. Further targeting available by geo, age, income, profession and ethnicity... 20 20

21 Let ABC2News and abc2news
Let ABC2News and help you expand your audience reach with digital advertising For more information please contact: Paul Zetlmeisl Digital Sales Manager 21

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