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Becoming the Vital Churches and Disciples that Tomorrow Requires David Schoen Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Local Church Ministries United Church.

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1 Becoming the Vital Churches and Disciples that Tomorrow Requires David Schoen Congregational Vitality and Discipleship Local Church Ministries United Church of Christ

2 Exodus 3:13 - 15 Then Moses said to God, "If I come to the people of Israel and say to them, `The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and they ask me, `What is his name?' what shall I say to them?" God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM."

3 YAHWEH I Will Be What Tomorrow Requires

4 The Future Question God will be what the future demands, but,……. Will we be the churches and disciples that tomorrow requires?

5 Result of Karl Fischs, Colorado high school teacher, study on this rapid change So how much have things changed?

6 Vital churches in the 21st Century Missional, Relational & Conversational Missional in purpose Relational in outreach Conversational in witness

7 Missional in Purpose Vital congregations –clear sense of purpose Vital congregations –are sent churches Vital congregations –reach out beyond themselves Vital congregations –reproduce and plant new congregations

8 Missional Church The Church exists to serve Gods Mission Mission as Missio Dei, UCC Committee on Structure, 1992 The church of Jesus Christ is the instrument and sign of Gods mission and realm. Gods mission is calling and sending us, the church of Jesus Christ, to be a missionary church in our own societies, in the cultures in which we find ourselves.

9 Vital congregations discern Gods call and mission The greatest characteristic of a vital congregation is the ability to articulate and live Gods purpose. What is God calling this church to be and do at this time, in this place, with the gifts we have on this corner of Gods realm that we are placed?

10 Missional Purpose Cathedral of Hope UCC –The Mission of the Cathedral of Hope is to reclaim Christianity as a faith of extravagant grace, radical inclusion and relentless compassion. We are a people of compassion We are a people of inclusion We are a people of liberation We are a people of hope We are a people of Jesus

11 Missional Statement First Grace UCC, Akron OH –First grace…..then faith and works! First Congregtional UCC Santa Rosa –Making Gods love visible Others –Strangers no more… –Jesus loves you…this we know! –In the Heart of the City with the City in our Heart –A Church Just for You, A Just Church for You.

12 Missional in Purpose What is Your Mission Statement? Mission Statement should be: –7 – 9 words or less –Engaging –Compelling –Visionary –True

13 Missional in Purpose Relational in Outreach Ministry in 21 st Century is Relational Build community with those outside the church Get to know the unchurched people and culture

14 the world has changed 60 – 80 % unchurched 80 % of baby boomers left 80 % of youth have negative view of church Culture does not support church

15 Relational in Outreach Bridge the gap by building relationships The days of waiting for people to come to church to welcome them are over. Instead of waiting inside, we go outside

16 Missional Outreach Go to where the unchurched are: Coffeeshops, Bookstores Parks, Gymns I stopped wondering about how to draw younger folks into my church and started focusing on how to draw my congregation out of its building and into relationship with the world outside its doors.

17 Go Forth…. Into the Virtual World. In Asia, Europe and North Americaan entire generation has experienced the Internet as a means for maintaining relationships with family and friends. The Internet is a lifeline for users whose mobility is limited by disability, chronic illness or advanced age. The Internet is where we can find and engage seekers.

18 The Socialization of the Web You Now Control the Message! The socialization of the web… now forcing a renaissance that is transforming information distribution, human interaction and everything….. Brian Solis, Unveiling New Influencers 6/29/2009

19 Relational in Outreach Conversational in Witness Conversational ministry is central to the future of the church in 21 st Century Count conversations, not conversions –Brian McLaren, More Ready than You Think

20 Conversational Ministry The postmodern world calls for disciples who reach out to a world that is hungering for good conversation about faith, values, hope, meaning, purpose, goodness, beauty, truth, life after death, life before death and God. Engaging in everyday faith conversations will not only help others become Christians, it will help us become better Christians, who know and love the still speaking God more than ever.

21 Conversational Ministry A world of spiritual seekers wants to talk. We are the ones who are not talking! Vital churches are communities in which the pastor and members have invited 5 to 15 new folks to their community of faith in the past six months.

22 Are you Ready to Talk? Tricking the church into Evangelism – Taking it back!

23 Are You Ready to Talk? Why do you love your church? What impact has believing in God and following Jesus made in your life? How is God still speaking in your life?

24 God is still speaking, Through you and me! Become a Still Speaking Voice

25 Where will we be in 2020….? The still speaking God –calls us to become Churches that the Future Requires –Missional in purpose –Relational in outreach –Conversational in witness

26 The Great Emergence PHYLLIS TICKLES basis thesis is that every 500 years, the Church goes through a rummage sale, and cleans out the old forms of spirituality and replaces it with new ones. Play Video

27 Two questions Where are the signs of vitality in your congregation this spring? What are you going to do from todays presentation to increase vitality in your congregation?

28 Resources for Vital Congregations Wisconsin Conference Resources & Events The Renewal Program –Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations by Robert Schnase Pathway to Renewal Workshop –Saturday, October 23 Who is my Neighbor? Evangelism Event –Nov. 12 & 13 MissionInsite Demographics Resources

29 Resources for Vital Leaders Center for Progressive Renewal Seven Secrets: New Church Leadership Institute Churches Birthing Churches Conference Leadership and Church Development Webinars Assessment, Coaching, On-line Courses

30 Resources for Vital Congregations Evangelism in the Community Event November 2 – 6, 2010 Detroit, Michigan Ready, Set, Grow Resources on –Vital-o-Meter –Discovering your Congregations Strengths –Discerning your Congregations Mission –Its a Whole New World –Web Ministry Resources –Vitality Interviews –Vitality Powerpoint - Retreat Resources

31 Thank you for your Vital Leadership Thank you for Your Support of Our Churches Wider Mission –Changing Lives: Thats Our Churches Wider Mission


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