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Reaching The Unreached

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1 Reaching The Unreached


3 8 Cottages Three Generations under one roof!

Nursery : 30 House Mothers : 12 Cottage : Grandparents : 9 Boys’ Hostel : 39 Wardens : 3 Resident Tutors : 7 Resident Nurse : 1 Resident Cooks : 4 Total Children: 177 Residents at FVF : 213

5 BOYS HOSTEL - with Mr. Victor, Warden

6 NURSERY (0-5 years)

7 Our Children at Special Needs School
Devi Prabhu Mariya Nandhini Tamilmani Sponsorship Coordinator with our children at Pathway, Chennai

8 King’s Elementary School
King’s Senior School Expanded to Grade 10 in 1996 and now to Grade 12 King’s Elementary School founded in 1978

9 From 32 surrounding villages
Family Backgrounds: Farmers Daily wage laborers Landless laborers Cobblers Vendors of salt, vegetables KASAM Problems we face: Monsoon failure & lack of water for farming Illiteracy Depressed class in India Poverty : one meal per day & Poor clothing

10 Children’s homes in their villages
Manoj, Vignesh & Samuel Hemalatha

11 Literacy levels in some of our villages
1990, 2009 and 2011

12 Morning rush to School! Nearly 400 students use the School Buses

13 Morning Assembly & Prayer

14 Elementary School Classrooms
Senior School Classrooms

15 Experimenting in the Chem & Bio Labs

16 School Libraries Books, Games & Puzzles

17 Elementary School Computer Lab

18 Joining the IT revolution!
SMART BOARD Senior School Computer lab Joining the IT revolution!

19 Scholarships for Meritorious and Low Income Students
Supported by local Indian sponsors, well wishers and friends from the UK

20 Students Benefitting from Global Ministries Scholarships
Currently, 72 of our children are supported by Global Ministries

21 A Healthy Lunch: Rice, Curry, Veggies & Yogurt
Free lunch programme for poor students

22 You can sponsor a YEAR of lunches for a child with $96
Cost of lunch Rs17 x 22 days per month = Rs 375 or $8 You can sponsor a YEAR of lunches for a child with $96 The cost of a couple of coffees could feed a child at King’s for a whole month!

23 Visitors Sarah & Maggie Yvonne from Ireland

24 Training for teachers under Destiny Education programme

25 Transport charges will be an extra $7 per child per month
Please Get Involved! Transport charges will be an extra $7 per child per month

26 Child Sponsorship Details
Sponsorship for one child USD 30 per month… Food % Education % Clothing % Medical % Administrative Charges % Total Amount in $ %

27 Higher Education Cost for one student: $800 per year
Higher Education Fund for unsponsored children at FVF Professional courses like Engineering Nursing Program Paramedical education Physical education Cost for one student: $800 per year

28 Special Prayer Requests
New Mini Bus: $31,100 To enclose the Senior Lunch Shed: $13,350 Additional Class Rooms for 11th & 12th grade & Multi Purpose Hall at Senior School: $180,000 Roof to protect the cottages: $67,000 200 Chairs for BKM Hall: $2700 TV for the kids: $1350 Paint the Cottages & Residential Quarters: $12,000 12 Dining Tables for the Janice Work Memorial Dining Hall: $540

29 Contact Us - we would love to hear from you!
Postal Address: The Principal, King’s Matriculation Hr. Sec. school, MBKG Pannai, Kasam, (via) Katpadi, Vellore , Tamilnadu, INDIA Telephone: Please visit our website THANK YOU

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