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New Life ….. New Hope Travel to the Congo February 2010.

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1 New Life ….. New Hope Travel to the Congo February 2010

2 Travel Companions WHITMAN, JEFFREY SPENCER, SHEILA UCC Conference MinisterDisciples Homeland Ministries - Women Department Detroit, Michigan Merger Staff of National Convocation Indianapolis, Indiana LEARNED, ROBERTHOOD, NICHOLAS III Son of Former Missionaries to CongoSenior Pastor Major Contributor to Pediatric WingPlymouth UCC Church Tucson, ArizonaDetroit, Michigan MCCRAE, LINDASCHAFER, DARLA Co-Chair of Common Global Ministries BoardMember of Common Global Ministries Board Minister – Central Christian Churchand Wider Church Ministries Board Indianapolis, IndianaBismarck, North Dakota GOURDET, SANDRA Global Ministries Area Executive, for Africa Indianapolis, Indiana

3 REPUBLIC OF CONGO Population--3,039,126 Capital City --Brazzaville (1,169,900) pop. Country is nearly the size of Montana, More than 60% covered with tropical rainforests and with grasslands and bush in the north DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Population -- 68 million Capital City – Kinshasa ( population 8 million) Country is about size of U.S. east of the Mississippi Natural resources: Copper, cobalt, diamonds, gold, coltan ( columbite + tantalite), other minerals; petroleum; wood; hydroelectric potential.

4 DELAYS, DELAYS Severe winter snowstorm delayed trip by two days

5 Finally …… At Hotel in Kinshasa

6 Early Sunday morning flight to Mbandaka along Congo River Landing at Mbandaka

7 Welcome at Mbandaka airport


9 Dedication of Pediatric Wing

10 Pediatric Wing – Before and After

11 Linda McCrae and the Central Connection

12 OLEKO ? Robert Learned returning to his roots

13 Vice-Governor cuts Ribbon

14 Children at Bolenge express joy

15 Preparation for Dedication of Air Congo School

16 CDCC Headquarters

17 WORSHIP At BOYEKA VILLAGE Sheila Spencer at home

18 WORSHIP At BOYEKA VILLAGE Jeffrey Whitman In Partnership

19 FUN (and FOND) Moments at BOYEKA Nick Hood and Eliki Bonanga hip-hopping Darla Schafer finds her passion

20 BRAZZAVILLE Welcome at the church

21 BRAZZAVILLE Welcome in homes

22 Soapmaking in Brazzaville

23 New Friends … New Beginnings

24 Beneath the African Sky

25 Indianapolis Office P.O. Box 1986 Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986 (317) 713-2575 fax: (317) 635-4323 email: Cleveland Office 700 Prospect Avenue, 7th Floor Cleveland, OH 44115-1100 (216) 736-3202 fax: (216) 736-3203 email:

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