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Hope, Life and Solidarity Update on Haiti February 13 – 17, 2010.

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1 Hope, Life and Solidarity Update on Haiti February 13 – 17, 2010

2 House of Hope Ecumenical Committee for Peace and Justice (COPJ) House of Hope is a program that benefits children laboring as domestic servants, assists young moms, single girls, and a few elderly women who have been abandoned by providing them with a safe place where they can learn social skills such as conflict resolution and a professional trade.

3 House of Hope Arts & Crafts in Carrefour

4 House of Hope Providing Meals

5 CONASPEH The National Spiritual Council of Churches of Haiti Interdenominational Council of Churches 6,700 local congregations Founded in 1986 1.5 million members Our vision is to eliminate the racial, state and religious exclusion of which member churches have been victims, and to promote religious, economic, social, moral and intellectual development in the country.

6 CONASPEH Logo The symbol of CONASPEH, an inverted tree, represents the organizations philosophy, its source and jurisdiction: the mandate comes from God and it is on earth that one is called to work and to help the poor to obtain the fruits of heaven.

7 Co-Pastors of Bethany Evangelical Church Patrick Villier President of CONASPEH Francoise Villier CONASPEH Board

8 CONASPEH Board Jean-Batiste Idanesp Bethany Church, Pétionville Pascal Rodrigue Evangelical Mission

9 CONASPEH Board Exautus Daniel Berne Apolon Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Delmas 34

10 CONASPEH Emergency Response Emergency Response: Distribution of food (rice, beans, oil & milk), clothing, shoes, personal hygiene items and cots/mattresses and shelter. Emergency Response will also include trauma counseling and training for those who are accompanying the victims. Jerri Handy will lead a group of 3 people to Haiti on March 23 rd for a pastoral pilgrimage.

11 2 Container of Supplies Received from Puerto Rico 3,000 people received supplies from those 2 containers. Distribution of supplies was made by CONASPEHs Regional Coordinators

12 CONASPEH Reconstruction Stage Emphasis is placed on the following: schools, health clinics, the nursing school, the seminary and other services that are offered by the local churches. Building new homes, churches and facilities or repairing the existing ones. CONASPEH will launch a Mutual Support Program (Yon Ede Lot) for churches providing loans for church repairs, that can be repaid within 1 to 3 years. Local community workers will be hired to complete the construction projects.

13 CONASPEH Reconstruction Stage Reconstruction of the Central Offices of CONASPEH On Feb. 15, they began cleaning away the debris They plan to repair the wall around CONASPEH Bathrooms on ground floor and the water well can be salvaged Containers will be used as temporary offices CONASPEH has created a Master Plan for the use of the land (8787 sq. meters) Classroom Tents will be placed on the land for the schools Master Plan includes offices, schools (elementary, high school, vocational), clinics and labs, the seminary, computer labs, a meeting hall and a guest house

14 New Jerusalem Christian Church



17 Waiting in Food Line

18 Water Truck Provided by Firemen

19 Church of God – Tabernacle of Faith Cité Soleil

20 New Outdoor Church

21 1,200 people live around the church

22 Reading Gods Word

23 Sharing Christs Love


25 Laughter

26 Gourdet Reunion

27 United in Prayer and Hope for Haiti

28 Patrick Villier at St. Matthew Catholic Church Santurce, PR

29 Haiti – Before, During & After the Quake Father Olin, Haitian Priest

30 Death Will Not Prevail Preaching about the Prodigal Son

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