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Becoming the Vital Disciples and Churches that Tomorrow Requires David Schoen – Congregational Vitality and Discipleship

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1 Becoming the Vital Disciples and Churches that Tomorrow Requires David Schoen – Congregational Vitality and Discipleship

2 Exodus 3:13 - 15 Then Moses said to God, "If I come to the people of Israel and say to them, `The God of your fathers has sent me to you,' and they ask me, `What is his name?' what shall I say to them?" God said to Moses, I AM WHO I AM. (Yahweh)

3 YAHWEH I Will Be What Tomorrow Requires

4 The Future Question God will be what the future demands, but,……. Will we be the churches and disciples that tomorrow requires?

5 Times Have Changed 96% claim spirituality 48% participate in faith communities Total church participation in US has declined even though 51 million new people Younger generation opting out in masses Growth in Racial ethnic population decline in Anglo growth rate Mobility rates increased 500 Year Phenomena

6 Vital Disciples and Churches Missional, Relational & Conversational Missional in purpose Relational in outreach Conversational in witness in person and online

7 Missional Discipleship The Church exists to serve Gods Mission ~ Mission as Missio Dei, UCC Committee on Structure, 1992 The church of Jesus Christ is the instrument and sign of Gods mission and realm. Gods mission is calling and sending us, the to be to be a missional church in our own societies, in the cultures in which we find ourselves.

8 Missional in Purpose Vital disciples clear sense of purpose Vital disciples are sent people Vital disciples reach out beyond themselves reclaim Biblical focus on neighbors Vital disciples multiply new disciples/ministries/congregations

9 Reclaiming the Biblical focus on NEIGHBORS Hebraic Scripture focuses on neighbors Ten Commandments and Torah You shall love your neighbor as yourself ~ Leviticus 19:18 Jesus commandment - You shall love your God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind and your neighbor as yourself. ~ Luke 10:27 Love of God and love of neighbor combined Jesus, Paul and James extend neighbor to all humankind (with some surprises)

10 No Matter Who You Are, or Where You Are on Lifes Journey, You Are Welcome Here!

11 Who are they, and where do they come from? (Revelation 7:14) MissionInsite Demographics flexible web based information system comprehensive socioeconomic and lifestyle data interactive mapping platform strategic information resource for ministry

12 Meeting Your Neighbors

13 MissionInsite Reports 1.5 Mile 12 Mile

14 Racial/Ethnicity 1.5 Mile 12 Mile

15 1.5 Mile ^ 12 Mile v

16 < 1.5 12 v

17 1.5 Mile ^ 12 Mile v

18 Socio-Economic-Consumer Types 1.5 miles v 12 miles v







25 Who Are they?

26 Mission Impact and Outreach Guide

27 How to use MissionInsite Map your congregation homes Learn their mosaic types Compare to communities, learn your niche Gear programs, small groups to meet population needs and interests Track guests and friends Cluster home groups

28 How to Register

29 Faith,In Project

30 Faith,In Spanish Lake, MO

31 Faith,In Belleville WE HAVE FAITH, in Belleville! God is still speaking.

32 Missional in Purpose Relational in Outreach The days of waiting for people to us to welcome them in church are over. Instead of waiting inside, we go outside Bridge the gap by building relationships

33 Missional Outreach Walk or Drive your neighborhood Watch for where God is at work Take notes, make a map, collect contact data Who lives where What are community needs Who are allies and good neighbors Do this again and again Talk to your neighbors & community leaders What are the hopes and challenges of neighbors How can the church be a good neighbor?

34 Relationship Building Hang out with your community Meet neighbors where they gather Spend Sunday morning with your neighbors Soccer matches, Lowes, Coffee Shop, Exercise Pastors office in a coffee shop, fast food, bookstore. Have meetings outside the church. Bible/book studies in coffee shop, book store Council meetings in neighborhood context Create Community Garden Engage in conversation, build relationships, Collect data of names/addresses/e-mails

35 Joining God in the Neighborhood Getting Started Develop New Eyes for Your Neighborhood Teach Radical Neighborliness – No matter who you are, or where you are on lifes journey… Listen to Neighborhood Stories Discern What God is Up to in the Neighborhood Get Involved The congregation will begin to do ministry with the community not to it. What am I/We learning - What Do I/We Do Next?

36 Relational in Outreach Conversational in Witness Conversational ministry is central to the future of the church in 21 st Century Count conversations, not conversions Brian McLaren, More Ready than You Think

37 Conversational Ministry The postmodern world calls for disciples who reach out to a world that is hungering for good conversation about faith, values, hope, meaning, purpose, goodness, beauty, truth, life after death, life before death and God. Engaging in everyday faith conversations will not only help others become disciples, it will help us become disciples, who know and love the stillspeaking God more than ever.

38 Conversational in Witness Spiritual Seekers want to talk. We are the ones not talking Missional outreach is faith-sharing. An unchurched world doesnt know why we do what we do and believe what we believe.

39 Conversational in Witness Learn to talk and be transparent about money. Tell your Churchs Story.

40 Be Bold !

41 If God is still speaking, Shouldnt we be?

42 Still Speaking Conversation and Invitation with Neighbors Informal moments at work, shopping or…. Be attentive for moments for a still speaking word Become a Still Speaking Voice Wear your still speaking witness Home dinners with neighbors First Welcomers New Neighbors Sunday Guests Public Worship Ashes to Go Communion to the street

43 Are You Ready to Talk? Why do you love your church? What impact has believing in God and following Jesus made in your life? How is God still speaking in your life?

44 E. Word = Elbow The e.word today is elbow. Jim Griffith Still today the way most folks find a community of faith is when they are invited to come and brought by a friend or neighbor.

45 Go Forth into the Virtual World


47 Social Media and Network

48 Outreach on-line Church Website Invitational Interactive Messaging E.newsletter Links Facebook Church fanpage Your own Links Advertising

49 Outreach with new Technology

50 Twitter


52 Becoming the Disciples that Tomorrow Requires Living and Telling the Story Missional in purpose Relational in outreach Conversational in witness in person and online

53 What have you learned today? Who are your neighbors? How will you use this information? What one thing will you do to start? Becoming the Vital Disciples and Churches that Tomorrow Requires

54 Making a Decision Given our resources, passion and skills: What is God calling us to do? What would that require us to give up? What would we look like when we are doing it? How would the world be different if we did?

55 Being Vital Disciples and Churches Blessings as you discern Gods mission for your congregation, and discover what God is calling you to be and do as a Vital Disciples and Churches

56 Thank You! Thank you! Your financial support is Changing Lives: Thats Our Churches Wider Mission Thank you for your vital leadership and discipleship!

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