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The next generation learning platform. Nai Wang Founder & President Jonathan Major Chief Strategy Officer Game Theory High Rigor Online Accountability.

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1 The next generation learning platform. Nai Wang Founder & President Jonathan Major Chief Strategy Officer Game Theory High Rigor Online Accountability Content Mastery Note: The video of this session

2 We want to change Learning

3 Is the testing system broken?

4 Textbooks of Yesterday dont fit with the students of Tomorrow.

5 Technology Gap in Education Needs Picture

6 Content provided has low accountability, Rigor & Relevance

7 Lack of student Engagement

8 The Broken System Broken Tests Broken Textbooks Low Rigor & Relevance Lack of Student Engagement

9 = Overwhelmed Teacher

10 We Need a Revolution Picture

11 Agenda Linear vs Non-Linear Curriculum Classical Testing vs Concept Mastery Show it in action The Power of Game Theory The Value of Data Analytics Rigor / Relevance

12 Jons Story Alternative education Wilderness school Public and private International Independent learning The military / intelligence paradox

13 Nais Story Made in Taiwan Grew up in Chinese restaurant ESL / ADHD Daydreamed & Bored Average scores Didnt fit the system Video Games Why are you listening to this kid???

14 Box? … What Box? Rules? What rules? Free thinking

15 Fix the System

16 Whos here Middle School High School Teachers Directors or Administrators Models Schools Other

17 Fixing the Curriculum Problem 1: Most curriculum is canned Textbooks are linear Off the shelf lessons Teachers love to customize but cant

18 Fixing the Curriculum Problem 2: A plethora of free resources YouTube TED Khan Academy

19 Speak Up 2011: Key Findings 60% HS students use mobile device for schoolwork – < 30% two years ago – projected 75% by the end of 2012 50% of parents say: personalize instruction and extend learning – Jumped nearly 20% in two years 99% of students want textbooks online 93% of parents agree 47% of teachers currently use NO digital aides

20 Breaking the Linear Model Disaggregate textbooks Nonlinear units Concept containers Identify knowledge objects Concept Driven Mastery

21 Personal Learning Environment Pick and choose education Adaptive learning modules Mulit-source / integrated Student-centered Pillars of PBL

22 We are the only ones restricting This video was a short 30 second clip from the Big Band Theory. Links to it are not provided. What happened is a kid looked up a magic trick Howard was performing on his iPhone. This represents the connected kids growing up in a world where information is at their fingertips.

23 Were in a rEvolution

24 Innovation is Happening 100s of new startups Lots of new innovations Government mandates for technology Khan Academy School of One

25 Only in Math & Science

26 Education Technology is Exciting KP = 12 years of innovation, born from CTE Developing solutions in non-linear subjects System that is scalable Organic & adapts to student & teacher Easy to use

27 Technology pedagogy needs to be integrated with knowledge pedagogy Dr. Sue Gendron MSC 6/23/2012

28 Reimagining Testing

29 Problems with Tests Teaching to the test / standards Summative = necessary evil High stakes does not result in retention

30 Flip the Test with ARMS Adaptive Remediation and Mastery System

31 KP Compass Demo

32 Module with Concepts

33 Abundant Assessments

34 Student Feedback

35 Class Data

36 Test Results Data

37 Teacher Dashboard

38 Student Feedback Page


40 Using Tests to Learn Abundant Assessments Item Response Theory Immediate Feedback Build Confidence Mastery = Formative Success

41 High Rigor

42 Quadrant A is not bad. A is essential, but it is only the beginning Dr. Willard Daggett MSC 6/23/2012 We want to take care of A – so that you can teach in D

43 Go there to request information or ask for an account.

44 Game Theory & Gamification

45 The Video Game Generation

46 Most Education Games are Cheesy

47 Game Theory is not a Game

48 What is Game Theory? The mathematics of human choices Students = engagement Teachers = efficiency Us = improvement

49 Kromey Levels UP with knowledge!

50 Rewards & Motivation: KP Compass Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Funneling = Path of least resistance Exploring = K-Bots Leading = Knowledge Leveling Collecting = Badges and Trophies

51 Lifes a Game The future of Gamification – Education – Career – Social Think FourSquare Mozilla Badges Achievement vs. Assessment Games WORK!

52 We want to create an addiction To education

53 Michelle Green 1 st Year Teacher This video can be watched at

54 Marcy Oxford on Motivation This video can be watched at

55 Non Scripted The System Just Works

56 Student Centered & Teacher Driven Lets you FLIP out!

57 Student Centered & Teacher Driven Increased Engagement Teachers as Coaches – Maintain the ability to change – Organic system Flip the Classroom Location Free (starbucks)

58 Data and Analytics The personalized world – SEM – Recommendations – Google Adwords – Facebook Personalization Its all driven by data Data can be amazing... why not for education?

59 BIG Data EVERYthing is tracked KP Compass gets smarter Predict outcomes Target efforts Limitless possibilities

60 Create Learning Paths Multi-modality suggestions Suggest education paths Suggest career paths Networked individuals -> Social Banding Badging – Certification – Validation

61 This is Real World… This is Relevance

62 Measuring the Outcomes MetricVersion 7 (offline) Summative KP Compass (online) Formative + Users Tested250,000 +10,000 + Teacher Time Per Module 12 hrs 3 hrs Student Time Per Module 1 hr (engagement undetermined) 2-3 hr (engagement required) Avg. Tests Taken Per Module 17 + Assessment Points25-30150-250 Speed of Completion1x (16 modules per semester) 3x (53 modules per semester) Retention 1 mo / 3 mo 50% / 25%75% / 60% Competition / GameNoYes Big Data AnalyticsNoYes Test Overlay / PredictingNoYes

63 Try it out for yourself Smartphone or tablets ICLE12 Preview new look Take a few tests and learn

64 Vision Revolutionize education Change the textbook industry Student centered / Mobile first Create the EPIC WIN – Ray McNulty Make learning FUN! ICLE12


66 Demand the rEvolution Dont settle Require more from publishers Adopt mastery

67 What to do next? Start using our technology to create lessons Work with KP as – Individual teacher – Partner of school district – Share your lessons Encourage others & spread the word Course Code ICLE12

68 800-701-6323 x913

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