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SIRS Issues Researcher Insight into todays Leading Issues Online Tutorial |

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1 SIRS Issues Researcher Insight into todays Leading Issues Online Tutorial |

2 Welcome to SIRS What is SIRS? Social Issues Resources Series For more than 35 years, SIRS has sought out the best, most relevant information to encourage dialogue and critical thinking about the major issues of our society.

3 SIRS Issues Researcher SIRS Issues Researcher unlocks the door to key resources that highlight: Social Issues (300+) Science Health History Economics World Affairs Flagship of SIRS Solutions

4 Search Capabilities Focused search options provide easy access to the materials students need. Subject Headings search provides targeted results, hand-selected and indexed to Library of Congress terms.

5 SIRS Issues Researcher - Leading Issues 300+ issues continuously updated from a selection of 1,800 sources from around the globe. Supports common assignments from current events research to position papers and debates. Top 10 based on actual usage.

6 SIRS Issues Researcher – Visual Browse Students explore topics for ideas, relationships, and context in this highly- accessible design.

7 Leading Issues: Overview Concise overview helps students understand the issue. Results represent the full 360 degrees of the issue, including primary sources, viewpoint articles, graphics, websites, more. Suggested keywords and See references guide deeper research.

8 Leading Issues: Pro/Con Issues and Essential Questions Essential Questions with answers help students identify the core issue under debate. The Pro/Con format breaks down the issue, helping students comprehend the varying points-of-view. Interactive offers a best-of multimedia resource on the issue.

9 SIRS Issues Researcher – Search Results Sort by: Date, Relevance or Lexile Score Results include: Lexile Scores Editorially written summaries Image Preview Related subjects Add to My List Show/Hide

10 SIRS Issues Researcher - Article Page , Print, Share 11 Language Translation options Text to Speech Read Aloud and MP3 Embedded Citation and Summary Add to My List Find Similar

11 SIRS Issues Researcher – My List My List allows users to tag selections and store search history for 30 days. Makes it easy to continue research at school or at home. yourself full-text articles, graphics, or create a bibliography from saved items.

12 SIRS Issues Researcher - Research Tools Timeline – historical context and reference Global Impact – highlights global awareness, perspectives and attitudes towards Leading Issues Statistics – charts, polls, graphs and maps support research Research Guides – step-by-step assistance through research process, also iTHINK Skills Tutor Note Organizer – enables students to organize, create and present research

13 iTHINK iTHINK interactive skills tutor supports the research process through direct instruction and assessment of 21 st Century critical thinking skills and information literacy standards.

14 Note Organizer Note Organizer enables students to organize, evaluate and record research.

15 SIRS Issues Researcher - Newest Additions Click Images above the Search box. Text links at the top connect to the newest images and articles. 50 most recently added articles and graphics in one easy- to-access location. Keep abreast of current events and latest additions.

16 Thats Debatable Interactive Poll vests them in the research process. Current Events coverage with Todays News, Focus on Terrorism, and Natural Disasters. Curriculum Planning features, like Spotlight on… provide pathfinders and suggested research topics. Common class assignments are supported with Curriculum Pathfinders, World Almanac, and Maps. SIRS Issues Researcher- Additional Features

17 SIRS Issues Researcher - Todays News Today's News features dynamically-updated articles and commercial- free videos.

18 SIRS Educators Resources Additional support materials and usage Educators Resources includes: Educators Guides Product Guides Search Strategies Newsletters Research Guides Links to New Additions Online Webinars

19 SIRS Issues Researcher Questions? Call our ProQuest representatives at

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