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Funding Library Learning Resources with NCLB Formula and Some Competitive Grants.

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1 Funding Library Learning Resources with NCLB Formula and Some Competitive Grants

2 FORMULA FORMULA Grant Library Connections Received annually by and distributed to eligible (40+% poverty) public + private schools in LEA (40+% poverty) Title I Basic grant targets improving reading and writing literacy that is tested by each state--AYPTitle I Basic AYP Title II-A targets professional development for increasing teacher effectivenessTitle II-A Title III targets improving the English literacy skills of immigrant and ESL studentsTitle III Title V targets innovations that increase student achievementTitle V All Formula funds have mutual criteria that can be addressed by ProQuest SolutionsProQuest Solutions

3 Target disadvantaged studentsF=40% and C=20% Correlate to State Standardscontent & skills Increase student achievement in language skills Increase teacher knowledge, skills, & effectiveness Require part of funding spent for Professional Dev Integrate scientific research on what works Require annual state testing and AYP Integrate technology and innovation Title funding may be combined if appropriate Formula Grant Common Criteria and ProQuest Library Connections

4 Title I Formula Library Connections Reading and Writing Literacy qualityAll quality inquiry-based learning activities integrate reading, writing, and critical thinkingcritical thinking Inquiry-based learning activities are supported by scientific research (SBR) mandated by NCLBSBR Inquiry-based learning activities can help raise (your state) test scores in reading and writing literacy Lexile and SIRS editor reading scores for all articles supports ability of teachers and librarians to differentiate learningreading scores ProQuest content and the ProQuest research process are both correlated to state and national standardsProQuest research process Easy student access to integrated reference tools help build vocabulary and understanding

5 critical thinkingProQuest professional development helps teachers create activities that integrate critical thinkingprofessional development ProQuest professional development helps integrate AASL and 21st Century literacy and skills AASL21st Century ProQuest activity collections provide teachers with easy and motivating ways to use content and toolsactivity collections eLibrary BookCarts provide a teacher tool to create customized inquiry-based learning activitiesteacher tool Professional development is required by NCLB as part of any purchase of technology learning resources Title II-A Formula Library Connections Professional Development

6 Lexile and SIRS reading levels searches and sorts provide differentiated learning resourcesreading levels eLibrary BookCarts provide a lesson planning tool for teachers to customize ESL learning resourceslesson planning eLibrary integrated English to Spanish dictionary supports easy translation to increase understandingeLibrary uniqueCultureGrams unique cultural content promotes multicultural understanding of student differencesCultureGrams SIRS Discover robust visual content and selected website collections enhance ESL understandingSIRS Discover Title III Formula Library Connections ESL & Immigrant English Language Literacy

7 Title V Formula Library Connections Innovative Learning Resources ProQuest digital content is always current and more visual than textbooksvisual learning is best Digital content and tools provide equal access to world-class resources for disadvantaged students BookCarts and CourseCarts provide easy access to differentiated learning resourcestime saved searching, yields more time preserved for learning Integrated reference and Lexile support helps increase student understanding of articles Professional development helps teachers create learning activities that integrate critical thinkingProfessional development

8 Reading and WritingTitle I A – Reading and Writing – SIRS Discoverer with Lexiles and editor-selected content; and eLibrary with Lexiles, more than 800 free model BookCarts, and integrated referenceTitle I A Lexiles800 free model BookCarts Professional DevelopmentTitle II A – Professional Development -- eLibrary and SIRS in- person professional development (can be bundled with product); (free eLibrary Online PD coming soon)Title II A free eLibrary Online PD Tech Integration (EETT)Title II D – Tech Integration (EETT) – eLibrary and SIRS with professional development (mandated by NCLB)Title II D ESLTitle III – ESL – CultureGrams supports understanding of most immigrant cultures; eLibrary and Discoverer provide LexilesCultureGrams InnovationTitle V – Innovation – eLibrary BookCart Lesson planning and SIRS Leading Issues with 5-step critical thinking processTitle V BookCart Lesson planning SIRS Leading Issues ProQuest Solutions that Best Address Formula Grant Criteria

9 Literacy through School Libraries (LSL) targets comprehensive library solutionsLiteracy through School Libraries 50% CTitle II-D (EETT) grant targeted to technology integration solutions (50% F + 50% C)EETT Teaching of American History – Funding for Prof Dev but teachers will need History products laterTeaching of American History 21 st Century Community Learning Centers provides unique after school enrichment programs and support COMPETITIVE Grant Connections to the Library All LEAs eligible IF at least 20% + of student population is on poverty Librarian Alternative Funding Guide Librarian Alternative Funding Guide provides both cost savings tips and grant writing templates

10 partLibrary learning resources can only be part of a comprehensive solution to increase achievement Solution proposed must include professional developmentprofessional development ProQuest provides teacher content, lesson plans, tools, and professional developmentlesson plans ProQuest provides student tools and models for reports and 21 st Century presentations (see Curriculum Models links)student tools and models ProQuest provides hundreds of BookCarts to save teacher and student time for effective inquiry-based learning activitiesBookCarts ProQuest learning opportunities available in school or 24 x7 at home or on vacation Title II-D Competitive Library Connections (EETT) Technology Integration

11 Literacy through School Libraries Competitive -- National LSL goal is to increase reading literacy--100 award recipients nationallyaverage award $120 K100 award recipients Library digital learning resources are only part of LSL comprehensive solutions Solutions may include Internet and network connections Solutions may include computer hardware and electronic catalogs Solutions may include more open hours--after school, evenings, and in summer

12 Provides funding for professional development for Social Studies teachers Funding provides training at a university that partners with the LEA Creates the need for the use of our history solutions after the traininghistory solutions Use lists of past winners to get contact informationpast winners Title II-C.4 Competitive Teaching of American History

13 After school/summer academic and social enrichment programs differentPrograms and resources must be different than those presented during school day partSchool library visits and unique resources may be part of overall program Must meet disadvantaged students special needs for motivating enrichment Family literacy programs encouraged Title IV-B Competitive 21 st Century Community Learning Centers

14 Tech IntegrationTitle II D – Tech Integration – SIRS Discoverer with Lexiles and eLibrary with Lexiles and more than 750 free model BookCartsTitle II D SIRS Discoverer Library Solutions to Increase LiteracyLSL – Library Solutions to Increase Literacy – eLibrary BookCarts and Discoverer (reading level Lexiles) with professional developmentLSL Community Learning CentersTitle IV B – Community Learning Centers (after school enrichment) – CultureGrams, Discoverer, World Conflicts Today, Research with Leading IssuesTitle IV B Teaching of American History – SIRS Decades, PHN, Civil War Era, and History Study CenterTeaching of American History ProQuest Solutions that Best Address Private NCLB and Private Competitive Grant Criteria

15 Private Sources of Funding Competitive Grant Wrangler provides free list of private grants for individual teachers and for schoolsGrant Wrangler Private funding available from corporations and organizationsPrivate funding Most grants target increasing teacher effectiveness to help increase student achievement Very few grants directly fund library resources Most private grants have regional or company bias or provide company products as awards Most private grants are for small $

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