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Romulus and Remus: The True Story.

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1 Romulus and Remus: The True Story

2 Rome traces its heritage
to a pair of twins: Romulus and Remus.

3 According to legend, their
grandfather Numitor ruled the area.

4 His brother Amulius, however, deposed him as king and ran him out of town.

5 In order to prevent a rightful
heir to the throne, he forced Numitor’s daughter, Rhea Silva, to become a Vestal Virgin.

6 Although she was a Vestal Virgin (a priestess), she allegedly had an “encounter” with Mars, the god of war.

7 Because their mother, Rhea Silva, had broken her vow of chastity, she was executed after giving birth to the twins.

8 The two boys were then left by the river in a basket where a wolf nursed them.

9 Eventually, a shepherd found the two boys and raised them as his sons.


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