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Revenue development tools from rab Presented by Mark Levy VP / GSM Radio Advertising Bureau Dallas, Texas 1-972-753-6756

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1 revenue development tools from rab Presented by Mark Levy VP / GSM Radio Advertising Bureau Dallas, Texas 1-972-753-6756

2 ezAuction Brings IMMEDIATE Benefits To Your Stations: Generate new business Increase business from current advertisers Increase tangible results at remotes Reduce bad debt expense Stay in better contact with your stations listeners

3 How Does ezAuction Work? ezAuction allows you to harness the love affair your clients and listeners have with getting a great deal. It allows you to bolster your clients ad schedules by letting them trade airtime for merchandise. In turn, you allow listeners to purchase this merchandise at favorable prices, this turning the trade into CA$H!

4 Clients use proceeds to subsidize new campaigns or enhance existing schedules with more commercials, enhancing their chance for success on YOUR station(s) Listeners save money and become even more connected to you! Your station sells/auctions products or services taken on trade from clients to generate ad revenue

5 Getting Started … Choose a format for your on-air or on-line opportunities… You may even want to do both! –Auctions Station establishes opening bids, bid increments and the timeframe for each item featured on the program Listeners bid over the phone and/or online for a given item. –Shopping Shows Station establishes a price (65 to 75% of retail) for each item featured on the program Listeners buy directly over the phone and/or online No bidding

6 Getting Started Most programs are a combo of auction and shopping show. Stations features items in a weekly or monthly program Event shows also work well –Quarterly or seasonal –**Great to do in 4 th QTR…let clients use their credits in 1 st QTR Direct phone calls and Internet Effective administration is one of the largest hurdles

7 Starting Online Post your inventory –Set buy or bid, quantities, restrictions, timed auctions, sale tax, advertiser credit –Pictures add a lot of visual impact –Descriptions and limitations must be clear and concise Set payment and delivery options –Pick up and/or mail –Cash, check, charge –Online credit card processing Post auction home page with links from your station website

8 Starting On the Air Set program length and air time Promo specific items –Use short live promos –Generate interest and excitement –Additional advertiser benefit The program –One or two on-air and one to answer phones –Promote items and count down bids –Use timed sounders to generate excitement –Listeners buy online or offline –After the program post all transactions

9 Before your Begin Designate an auction administrator Train staff Set business hours Set a certificate expiration date Establish a return policy Provide a cash drawer and system for managing receivables

10 Working with clients As part of your proposal … Set the dollar value needed for campaign Suggest products or services Establish % of advertiser credit Detail any restrictions Set the time frame for item sale Close Before the auction … Set in-store signage and/or display Place promotional support: promos, billboards, email Double-check details of inventory item Communicate in-store sales staff

11 Suggestions for Doing It Better New business only 50% of the schedule Select items you know will sell well – shop for your listeners Consider general certificates whenever possible Require management review before finalizing any agreement Use to reduce bad debt Apply credit only after an item is sold

12 Suggestions for Doing It Better Sales –Credit can be pre-established or based on the selling price of the item. Consider 85% advertiser credit Place minimum beginning price at 70% of retail value Manage risk and exposure –Keep one rate card No negotiation on rate Consider certain restrictions to avoid trading more valuable inventory –Limit clients a seller can have on the show –Consider an auction billboard –Help your retailers feature given items Two4 Tuesday for hard to sell items Feature products of the day, week or month –Dont accept distressed inventory!!!

13 Suggestions for Doing It Better Other Ideas –Number certificates and make them look valuable –Certificate expirations dates (60 days) –Use customer email address to id successful bidders –Leave your auction open 24/7 –Dont set prices to low

14 RAB's ezAuction ezAuction is the complete, affordable solution for managing your station's auction or shopping show! ezAuction includes... A customizable online auction Fully scalable tool set Complete tracking/administration Multiple payment methods Multiple delivery options Complete sales guide Ongoing support

15 Sign In SECURLY ezAccess

16 ezAdministration The ezAuction administrative menu helps you navigate through auction set up. It's divided into sections that help you manage station information, your advertisers, customers, categories, inventory, and reports.

17 Customize the LOOK and FEEL ezSetup

18 Setup Station CONTACT INFO Set defaults for CERTIFIC ATES Select Program SETTI NGS ezSetup

19 Set up Categories Monitor your PRODUCT Catalogue Make shopping SIMPLE ezData Management

20 Post Items Categor ize Set Limitations Manage Stock Control Sales Time Auctions Calc. Sales Tax Track Ad Credit ezInventory

21 Collect & Manage Listener data Create mass EMAIL Campaigns ezData Management

22 ezAuction also Processes Orders Monitors bidding Issues reports - Ad credit - Sales Tax Prints inventory Manages transactions Sends email Prints certificates ezAdministratio n

23 Listeners can Buy Or BUY And Remotes Work Better Than Ever! ezUse

24 Certificates … PICK UP or SHIPPE D Easy payment … CASH CHEC K CHARG E ezCheckout

25 Purchases are confirmed via EMAIL and ONLINE ezFollow-up

26 Complete report tools Database manager Powerful e-mail tools Full hosting 32-bit security Credit-card processing with 7 levels of fraud protection Full tech and sales support Other important ezAuction tools include...

27 Getting Started is Easy RAB can help transform your auction into a powerful revenue-generating tool with online software, support and complete training. For a complete demonstration or more information, call RAB at 1-800-232-3131 and ask for Mark Levy or email

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