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This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s).

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Presentation on theme: "This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s)."— Presentation transcript:

1 This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s). You will also note that throughout, we indicate (insert advertiser here) or identify an advertiser as Advertiser X – please replace those with the name of the advertiser you are pitching. In addition, we refer to your station(s) as Radio Station – please fill in your call letters or station ID. Please delete this slide prior to your presentation. Need assistance? View in slide show mode and click on the ask rab logo.

2 Leveraging Radio and (insert station name) for (Landscaping Advertiser) (Insert date of meeting) Presented by: Insert your name and title INSERT RADIO STATION LOGO(S)

3 Agenda Radio –Reach –Relevance –Results Insight based ideas for insert advertiser

4 Radio reaches 92% of all U.S. consumers every week… Listeners continue to turn to radio for news, information and entertainment, despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. 241,463,000 Weekly Reach Source: December RADAR® 115 National Radio Listening Report (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume)

5 Radio reach is consistently high through all dayparts Weekdays and weekends, Americans young and old find reasons to tune in to radio at all hours of the day and night. To make sure their messages get maximum exposure, smart advertisers run ads throughout the broadcast day. Weekly Reach By Daypart Source: RADAR® 115, December 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

6 Radio Dominates the Day Source: GfK MediaDay 2012 (Fieldwork 11-12/Doublebase Respondents) weighted to population (000) Base: A18+ Next Day

7 Lawn & Garden Consumer Portrait of a highly engaged Lawn & Garden consumer: Male & Female –Categorically skews female (planting goods, property maintenance) –Male skew for heavier equipment (tractor, sprinkler, blowers, trimmers, etc.) Educated Median age of 50 Married with children Employed with a household income of $100K+ Own a home Sources: The NPD Group 2009; MRI/Mediamark Research & Intelligence 2008; Aftermarket Business 2008

8 Source: Scarborough USA Release 2 (12 months only) 90 % 86 % 91 % Households who spent $1,000 or more on landscaping in the past year. African-American households who spent $1,000 or more on landscaping in the past year. Hispanic households who spent $1,000 or more on landscaping in the past year. Radio is Relevant

9 Source: Gfk MRI, - Mediamark Research, Inc Doublebase Radio is Relevant for Landscaping Consumers who spent $500 or more for property/garden maintenance in the past year: Feature and format preferences include: –61% more likely to listen to traffic reports. –23% more likely to listen to sports play-by-plays. –20% more likely to listen to Country. –18% more likely to listen to Adult Contemporary. –18% more likely to listen to News/Talk. –17% more likely to listen to Top 40/CHR.

10 Source: Gfk MRI, - Mediamark Research, Inc Doublebase Radio is Relevant for Landscaping Consumers who spent $500 or more for property/garden maintenance in the past year: Daypart listening trends: –56% listen to the radio during morning drive, weekdays 6A-10A. –38% listen during the day 10A-3P weekdays. –47% tune-in during the afternoon commute, weekdays 3P-7P. –46% are listening midday on the weekends.

11 Radio is Relevant for Landscaping Consumers who spent $500 or more for property/garden maintenance in the past year: 67% most often listen to the radio in their car. –21% listen at home during the weekend. Over 78% are regular FM radio listeners. Over 25% are regular AM radio listeners. Over 18% have listened to radio online in the last 30 days. Source: Gfk MRI, - Mediamark Research, Inc Doublebase

12 Radio is Relevant for Landscaping Consumers who spent $500 or more for property/garden maintenance in the past year: 51% agree that advertising on radio provides them with meaningful information about the product use of other consumers. Over 36% agree that advertising on the radio provides them with useful information about new products and services. Source: Gfk MRI, - Mediamark Research, Inc Doublebase

13 Radio Works for Landscapers Lawn Doctor tapped radio to drive awareness for their groundskeeping services. Radio created a new sponsorship opportunity for Lawn Doctor to reach their core target audience in an endemic way.

14 Radio Works for Landscapers Inside play-by-play sports programming, the radio stations created an official Grounds Keeper sponsorship for Lawn Doctor. Lawn Doctor ran :30 branding spots during the games and when the groundskeepers came out at the beginning of each break, the announcers ran a quick mention saying: Todays groundskeeping brought to you by Lawn Doctor. Effort was deemed successful for Lawn Doctor by both the client and their agency.

15 Radio Works for Landscapers Objectives: Drive awareness for Classic Gardens & Landscapes services. Establish a strong reputation as a dependable source for information with regards to horticultural advice. Drive sales and repeat traffic to Classic Gardens & Landscapes garden center and seminars.

16 Radio Works for Landscapers Solution: Partnership with WERC News/Talk to create a one hour, live call in radio show to air weekly on Saturday mornings on the station and iHeartRadio. The radio show features Mike Pender, Owner of Classic Gardens providing instruction, information and how-tos of gardening and landscaping. Listeners call in to the show and ask questions that Mike (and guests) answer, live, each week.

17 Radio Works for Landscapers Solution: The Classic Gardens radio show is promoted via ten, :15 promotional spots per month both on-air and online through iHeartRadio. The radio show also promotes and drives traffic to Classic Gardens infamous container tomato gardening seminars.

18 Radio Works for Landscapers Extension: To expand the program, Classic Gardens and MAGIC 96.5s Magic Morning Show will likely partner to host a series of Friday afternoon Hothouse Happy Hours to encourage weekend gardeners to stop by and purchase everything theyll need for their weekends gardening and landscaping projects Program will include promos, commercials, incentives for attendance and online support via the MAGIC 96.5 website, mobile marketing via iHeartRadio, social media via Facebook and Twitter.

19 Radio Works for Landscapers Results: Classic Gardens radio show on WERC has run for four consecutive years and has proven to be successful in establishing Classic Gardens as the expert in horticulture services and information. Attendance for the Classic Gardens container tomato gardening seminars is consistently sold out. Classic Gardens & Landscape is expanding the partnership with the stations (WERC, MAGIC 96.5 and iHeartRadio) in 2013 to drive additional business.

20 Leveraging Radio for Landscaping category advertiser Insight Based Ideas

21 Insight #1 Green is a color but is also defined as all things that are the landscaping category: –Something that is blooming –Grass –Pine –Ecological –Environmental –Healthy –Safe –Nature & natural Sources: Thesaurus The true Green industry.

22 Idea #1: Official Sponsor of Green Advertiser X, the leader in caring for our communitys greens will become synonymous with everything green among listeners. As the Official Sponsor of Green, Advertiser X will have title rights to everything from station green rooms to PGA green reports to the green report from the local little league field.

23 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: Radio station will identify Green related content, events and venues for Advertiser X to sponsor including: –Green rooms that host on-air guests. –PGA Green Reports. –Little League, Minor League, Major League Baseball Green Field Reports. –NFL, College and High School Football Green Field Reports. –Healthy Living (Living Green) Reports.

24 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: As the Official Sponsor of Green and the corresponding on-air and streaming features/reports, Advertiser X will receive: –Pre- and Post-segment branding, for example: This PGA Green Report brought to you by Advertiser X, the Official Sponsor of Green. This Little League, Minor League, Major League Green Field Report brought to you by Advertiser X, the Official Sponsor of Green. This Living Green Report, brought to you by Advertiser X, the Official Sponsor of Green.

25 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: As the Official Sponsor of Green and the radio stations Green Room, Advertiser X will receive: –Each time an on-air guest is promoted, the talent will indicate that they are waiting in the Advertiser X Green Room. Did you know that Advertiser X is the official sponsor of Green? –Online video interviews with celebrity guests, live from the station Green Room, will include Advertiser X signage/branding identifying them as the Official Sponsor of Green. :30 or :60 spots run immediately following each segment and green room mention to highlight Advertiser X services. –Spots may provide an offer, call to action and instructions to enter a contest on the stations website to win tickets to local Green events.

26 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: Station will identify, secure rows of tickets and in some cases host key Green events in local markets and run a weekly contest for listeners to win access. For example: –Minor and Major League Baseball Games –Pro-golf tournaments –Botanical Gardens –Zoos –Concerts in the Park –County Fairs

27 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: To enter the weekly contest, listeners will be directed to a feature page on the stations website where they can: –Enter the weekly contest. –Opt-in to receive a free quote/cost estimate from Advertiser X. –View a slideshow of property work from Advertiser X customers. –View photo galleries and videos from previous events. –Link to the Advertiser X website.

28 Official Sponsor of Green How it works: The radio station and Advertiser X will host guests at each event inside an Advertiser X Green Refreshment Tent, allowing Advertiser X to meet and greet new customer prospects. –Custom refreshment tent will be branded with the radio station logos and Advertiser X, The Official Sponsor of Green branding. Winners of each weekly contest will be announced on air via :30 promotional spots that will: –Identify the winners. –Announce the current weeks contest. –Include instructions to log-on to the stations website to enter and to check out the photo gallery and videos from previous events.

29 Insight #2 Volunteerism: Its good for the community, its good business, its good for the heart & soul. Companies that encourage and sponsor volunteer programs to better the communities they serve see increases in achieving business goals: -83% stated programs address public relations goals. -64% stated programs meet marketing and communications objectives. -Enhanced reputation and increased consumer loyalty % of companies focus their programs on core business functions. Sources: data published by (Junior Achievement)

30 Idea #2: Community Project Together, Radio Station and Advertiser X partner to bring the community together to rehabilitate and revitalize the landscape of local facilities, vacant lots, housing projects and playgrounds that are in dire need.

31 Community Project How it works: Radio station and Advertiser X invite listeners to submit their ideas for locations within the community that are in dire need of landscape improvement and revitalization. –Station will run Advertiser X sponsored promo spots on-air and in station streams. –Creation of display promotional units will run on the home page of the station site with click through to a submission feature page – all sponsored by Advertiser X. –E-blast to stations loyal listener database announcing the call for nominations with a link to submit ideas.

32 Community Project How it works: Requirements for submissions include: –It is a landscaping/gardening project only (not an interior or an exterior building refurbishment). –Each suggestion must be accompanied by photos of the property and the reason it is deserving of a rehabilitation. –Name and contact information for the individual nominating the project.

33 Community Project How it works: Radio station and Advertiser X will review all submissions and choose the project(s) based on factors such as: –Number of community members the revitalization will impact. –Advertiser Xs ability to manage the project with community assistance. –Most compelling story behind the submission. –One or more projects will be chosen based on the above criteria and the level of complexity/ estimated time required for completion.

34 Community Project How it works: Once the project(s) are chosen, station talent will announce it on air with the back story as to why it is in dire need of revitalization, identify the listener(s) who nominated the project and the Advertiser X plans for the new landscape. Each talent-recorded spot will invite listeners to sign up and volunteer to help Advertiser X with the project. For example: –Radio station and Advertiser X need your help with the revitalization of XXX venue. Were going to be working weekends for the next couple weeks so please join us – we need lots of help planting the trees, building the rock garden, grooming the grounds and more. Log on to the station website and sign up today. Ill be there and cant wait to see you!

35 Community Project How it works: Listeners will sign up for various times/dates via the station website, receive their instructions and show up for a fun-filled, yet hard-working day to help Advertiser X rehabilitate. Radio station will spin music from the community project, do live remote call-ins, run surprise contests throughout the day and get their hands dirty helping listeners and Advertiser X rebuild. Photo galleries on the stations website will follow the revitalization and capture the fun and community involvement, further inspiring others to join in to help.

36 Community Project How it works: Upon completion of the project, radio station will: –Post before/after photos and videos. –Issue a press release thanking Advertiser X and the community for the help. –Stage an official ribbon cutting for the final reveal and broadcast live via remote.

37 Insight #3 Watch & Learn Today, there are schools for people who aspire to be contestants on reality competitions. And there are competitions that test virtually everything -- from ones kitchen skills to modeling chops to design expertise, with prizes that include professional contracts, cash money and even the chance to marry your soul mate. These shows are popular and addictive because they offer a glimpse into human talent, skills and foibles, Americans love competition and they offer great inspiration for projects people can try at home. Sources: MetaCritic, 2012; Huffington Post, June 2012

38 Idea #3: Topiary Wars Advertiser X will bring the beauty and skill of landscaping to life through a fun reality event-based program called Topiary Wars where novice listeners go head to head with various landscaping challenges while expert landscapers strut their Topiary skills in the ultimate Topiary War challenge.

39 Topiary Wars How it works: Every weekend, radio station and Advertiser X invite listeners to participate in Topiary Wars challenges where participants and onlookers will get to showcase their own landscaping skills and learn new ones. –Live Topiary Wars events: can take place at Advertiser Xs location or radio station will identify and secure rights to appropriate fields in the community that will benefit long term from the end results. –Alternatively, radio station and Advertiser X could announce the weekly Topiary Wars challenges on-air, ask listeners to take part at their own homes or neighborhood and post photos and video to the stations website by Sunday evening to qualify.

40 Topiary Wars How it works: Each week, listeners will be provided with a different Topiary Wars challenge, for example: –Create the most picturesque Rock Gardens. –Plant the most colorful or aromatic cutting garden. –Fastest shrub pruner. –Most appealing curb view (curb appeal).

41 Topiary Wars How it works: Station will run a heavy schedule of :30 and :60 promo spots across dayparts to alert listeners of the upcoming weekend Topiary War challenge. Spots will provide details including: –Specifics of the Topiary War challenge – what the task is and how it will qualify. –Where the weekends event will take place (if utilizing a live Topiary Wars event strategy) –Instructions for submitting entries (if utilizing a do it at home strategy) Instructions to include the rules for each challenge (e.g.,you must time yourself via video documentation for the fastest shrub pruning contest). You must post photos/videos of your submission by a certain time on Sunday in order to qualify. Submissions uploaded after the time will not be included in the judging.

42 Topiary Wars How it works: Promo spots will be complemented by :60 Advertiser X brand spots that provide how-to advice for the weekends Topiary War challenge, for example: –This weekends radio station/Advertiser X Topiary Wars challenge is to create the most decorative Rock Garden. Heres some advice from the expert: Don't think that you need a large space to build a rock garden. We use rocks of a moderate size to build a small raised bed. Visit the station website/Advertiser X to view pictures that illustrate not only how to construct the raised bed, but also how to arrange plants within it. We also pay special attention to color selection in choosing the plants to build our customers rock gardens. Its easy, its fun and you can win!! For more information visit station website, Advertiser X.

43 Topiary Wars How it works: Radio station will create a feature page on the stations website to house the Advertiser X Topiary Wars competition that will include: –Weekly challenge entry instructions and/or date/time/place details for the weekly challenge event. –Inspirational how to videos, instructions and photo gallery from Advertiser X as it pertains to each weeks challenge. –Gallery archive of previous challenges including images/videos from all contestant entries, highlighting an interview with each weeks winner. Abbreviated (audio only) versions of the Interviews with winners will run on-air and in streams each week. Interviews may also serve as customer endorsements for Advertiser X services.

44 Topiary Wars How it works: The feature page on the website will be promoted through all on-air and streaming promos and Advertiser X brand spots as well as links from the radio station website home page, event listings and current contest pages. The grand finale for Topiary Wars will be a must attend event featuring expert landscapers from Advertiser X demonstrating their topiary skills in the ultimate challenge to create phenomenal works of art out of simple shrubs.

45 Topiary Wars How it works: At a live, radio station-hosted event, landscapers from Advertiser X will be provided with shrub(s) to transform into the official state animal, the radio station mascot (or logo), local college or high school mascot, etc. The radio station will broadcast live from the event, which may include additional interactive elements such as: –Side bar Topiary Wars contests for listeners to participate. –Landscaping project workshops hosted by Advertiser X (demonstrations). –Local performances by up and coming musical talent (could be a battle of the local bands). –Advertiser X premium items and radio station giveaways.

46 Insight #4 Planting trees is a good thing no matter where you live. Sources: JNF, American Forests, Planting a tree in dedication, honor or memory of someone is a wonderful way to commemorate that person's life. Not only is it a living reminder of that individual, but it benefits the entire community and the world. Just a few of the thousands of statistics: Over the last 100 years, JNF has planted over 250 million trees in the land of Israel. 4.7MM trees were planted to provide habitat for endangered species, provide watersheds and restore forest eco-systems in The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit tree-planting organization, with nearly 1MM members planting 8MM trees per year.

47 Idea #4: Donate a Tree Radio station brings Advertiser X a revenue-producing idea that will help drive incremental business and new, traditional landscape customers. Donate a Tree is a gifting strategy presented by the radio station and fulfilled by Advertiser X, allowing listeners to purchase a tree, shrub or Advertiser X services in honor, memory or recognition of someone in the community.

48 Donate a Tree How it works: Through a robust personality endorsement program, radio station talent will announce and promote the Advertiser X Donate a Tree program. Personalities will discuss highly compelling and emotional reasons inspired by real stories for why donating a tree is the best way to recognize special individuals. Special individuals and the back story may include: –Local fire fighters recently recognized for their heroic efforts in the community. –Police officers who work tirelessly to protect our children. –Military personnel who (through a tree) will remain and continue to grow in the community while they are serving. –In memory of loved ones or community heroes. –Celebrations of a friend, family, neighbor or institution for a milestone or an accomplishment.

49 Donate a Tree How it works: Station reporters will provide newsworthy endorsements linking the Advertiser X Donate a Tree program to the benefits that trees provide to all of us as global and local citizens. Some examples: –Trees cool the streets and the city. A weather announcer may say: Did you know that average temperatures in Los Angeles have risen 6° in the last 50 years as tree coverage has declined and the number of heat-absorbing roads and buildings has increased? Trees cool the city by up to 10°, by shading our homes and streets, breaking up urban heat islands and releasing water vapor into the air through their leaves. Another great reason to participate in the Advertiser X Donate a Tree program – visit the website for more information. –Trees heal. A health reporter may say: Did you know that studies have shown that patients with views of trees out their windows heal faster and with less complications. Did you know that children with ADHD show fewer symptoms when they have access to nature -- exposure to trees and nature aids concentration by reducing mental fatigue. These are all really great reasons to participate in the Advertiser X Donate a Tree program – visit the website for more information. –Trees increase business traffic. A news announcer may say: Did you know that studies prove that the more trees and landscaping a business district has, the more business will flow in. A tree-lined street will also slow traffic – enough to allow the drivers to look at the store fronts instead of whizzing by. Help our community thrive by participating in the Advertiser X Donate a Tree program – visit the website for more information.

50 Donate a Tree How it works: Advertiser X will manage and fulfill the Donate a Tree program from their website or via phone. –Customers will be able to choose from an assortment of trees and price levels. –Advertiser X will fulfill orders, deliver, plant and offer ongoing maintenance. –Customer will have the option of a dedication plaque to be planted alongside the tree. Radio station will promote the program through the DJ and reporter endorsements and announce select dedications on-air, in station streams and on the talent and stations Facebook news feeds and twitter feeds. Display advertising units will run throughout the radio stations website to promote the program with a direct link to the Advertiser X/Donate a Tree website (or provide contact information).

51 Additional Ideas Fun and interactive landscaping-related contests: –Tree Trivia: trivia contest featuring various landscaping and tree-related fun facts. –Whats Different photos – station posts 2 identical images of a recent Advertiser X landscape project with 10 or more items manipulated (via Photoshop editing) – listeners must identify the items that are different to be entered to win. Trigger messaging: –Sound triggers: Top-of-the-hour reminders using the sound of a lawn mower or a sprinkler system turning on followed by brand name and tagline. –Weather triggers: Snowstorm – call Advertiser X to plow; Raining – Advertiser X reminds you to shut off your sprinklers to conserve water; Beautiful day – spot an Advertiser X truck and call the station to win a prize; Hurricane preparedness: Advertiser X advice to protect your trees from cracking and falling.

52 Next Steps Gain feedback on ideas Station to revise based on feedback and propose schedules and costs Plan activation timeline including commercial creative and station produced spots (if required) Discuss how campaign success will be measured Launch campaign

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