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Embedding Standards Vienna October 29 th 2004 Terry Hook.

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1 Embedding Standards Vienna October 29 th 2004 Terry Hook


3 e-skills UK boards industry-driven organisation Boards for each of the following communities: the IT Industry and Telecommunications Industry CIOs/IT Directors (employers of IT professionals in other industries) the Contact Centre sector. alongside SME representation, Board Directors include: the CEOs/MDs of Accenture, Dell, EDS, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and T-mobile the senior executives responsible for IT in Sainsburys, the Inland Revenue, The Ford Motor Company, John Lewis, Morgan Stanley, BT and BA.

4 Principles of Operation Sector Skills Councils GovernmentIndustryEducation

5 Skills for the Information Age

6 Proof Training Jobs Skills Classroom Online Self study Tests Certificates Qualifications What you need to know to do what you do. What you do.

7 National Occupational Standards Units Qualifications Elements Performance Criteria Knowledge Criteria Range Statements S/NVQ

8 Mystical to Rational Confusion to Logic Complexity to Simplicity

9 Sfia Applications Competency Audit Competency Development Rationalisation of job titles Resource Allocation Research Benchmarks Course and Qualification Development

10 BT Plc Cisco British Post Office Dfes DTI EDS Ericsson IBM UK Ltd ICL Lucent Microsoft Ministry of Defence Nortel Networks Norwich Union Oracle Orange QA Training Shell Text Matters Teacher Training Agency University of Reading Vodafone Worshipful Co of IT Contributors

11 Common Language Profile Top Down Bottom Up

12 Table 1: Levels summarised 7Set strategy, inspire, mobilise 6Initiate, influence 5Ensure, advise 4Enable 3Apply 2Assist 1Follow How it works range of skills authority and responsibility

13 How it works continued CategorySubcategorySkill Service DeliveryEducation and Training Infrastructure Operation Education & training management Development and training Training materials creation Education and training delivery Configuration management Network control Capacity management Security administration Application & system support ICT operations Data administration Service level control

14 ManageDesign Build Develop Web – Content - Manager

15 Pick and Mix approach Web Content Management Role profile

16 Summary Common skills language Uniform system for Levels Used for Defining roles, Appraisals, Assignments, Recruitment Focus on skills development Professionalism Generic, not technical Common benchmark for in-house frameworks European e-skills Conference 2004

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