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Model Schools Conference 2007 Washington, DC. Dr. Mimi Dyer Academy of Math, Science & Technology Staff Development Coordinator Advanced Placement Coordinator.

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1 Model Schools Conference 2007 Washington, DC

2 Dr. Mimi Dyer Academy of Math, Science & Technology Staff Development Coordinator Advanced Placement Coordinator

3 Cobb County Schools Just north of Atlanta, GA 2nd largest school district in state 30th largest in nation 106,000 students (+2,500/yr) 16 high schools 23 middle schools 68 elementary schools

4 KMHS Profile Opened in 2000 with 1250 students population – 3, ,000 sq. ft. instructional space on 79 acres 118 core and 165 elective courses on 4x4 block schedule 23 AP courses – 367 students/577 tests

5 90% of students involved 22 athletic teams Drama – 225 students Marching Band – 280 students 51 clubs RoboticsInternational RecreationJazz Band PhilosophyYugiyo Men of Distinction Equestrian Extracurricular Activities

6 The Journey Begins KMHS is born Dr. Daggett speaks to fledgling faculty : Rigor & Relevance handbook for all faculty – begin discussions : Helen Branigan conducts R&R workshop with faculty : KMHS creates first D quadrant lessons and is selected as Model School

7 Model Schools Conference 2004 Washington, DC Lessons in the D Quadrant

8 Understanding the framework and creating stars Featured career tech courses (most easily transportable) Challenge

9 Lessons in the D Quadrant, Part II Rigor, Relevance & Relationships Model Schools Conference 2005 Nashville, TN

10 Linking student achievement and critical thinking Importance of relationships in learning process Featured examples of community building in D Quadrant lessons Discovery

11 Model Schools Conference 2006 Orlando, FL The Road to D

12 Implementation Deep understanding of the framework Linking theory and practice Application to all curricular areas Not just thinking outside the box but building a new one from the ground up

13 Destination 2007 GG 2









22 Susan Gunderman Principal



25 January 2006 Dr. Daggett meets with students and teachers Responses surprising I feel a little sorry for my teacher trying to get to D Teachers 4; students 2.5 Clearly not there yet The challenge

26 Staff development task: Create a D quadrant lesson Share with colleagues Answering the Challenge

27 In the beginning... Find your comfort zone Snack n Shares to learn tools Work in collaborative groups 1.5 hours per month Workdays Develop a D Quadrant lesson to deliver and share

28 The Plan Each collaborative group would share the lesson Do the math: 55 groups in 3 months Please dont make us sit through that!

29 Back to the drawing board…. Input from leadership teams They get it; dont overwhelm them. Lets Celebrate!! Instead, Lets Celebrate!!

30 KM iDOL Survivors of the Academy Awards IDOL Committee New plan February workday: Department meetings to select best in show Application Rigor and Relevance Framework Reviewed by committee Four finalists and six cameos March workday: Final presentations

31 The Incentives Collaboration Creativity Support Money!! $2500 first prize $1000 second $850 third $500 fourth

32 Esteemed Judges Mr. Fred Sanderson, Superintendent Dr. Judy Gilliam, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction Mr. Jim Carter, Area Assistant Superintendent, Area 5


34 The Rubric The Rubric

35 Kennesaw Mountain Model Lessons Presentation

36 Students use higher order thinking skills to engage in learning that demonstrates a deep understanding of the material. The students learning can be assessed by his ability to apply that material to future learning across disciplines and to use that learning to solve real world problems. D Quadrant

37 Finalist Physical Education The Pit: Seasonal Sand Training Coaches

38 Cameo Forensic Science Mystery Theater Doug Michalke

39 Cameo Guidance Fun with D Counselors


41 Finalist Biology II Human Anatomy Project Dr. Joanne Jezequel

42 Cameo Educational Support Mountaintop Cafe Kelly Bramblett & Stephanie Barber


44 Cameo AP Music Theory Alma Mater Project David Roth & Jeff Harper

45 Finalist Advanced Composition 9 th Applied Literature Drama Conventions in Shakespeare Drama Conventions in Shakespeare Skyler Curtis & Niki Jaquish

46 Cameo Honors Earth Science Montage of Tornado Stories Montage of Tornado Stories John Schafer (originally judged by Weather Channel)

47 Cameo Career Tech We Do D!

48 Finalist Algebra II Money Management Graduation D-cisions Graduation D-cisions Jimmy Whittemore & Dana Rogers

49 Awards Best Way to Start Your Day Most Suspenseful Give me a break... Everything we do is D-Quadrant! Most Likely to be Misunderstood True Tales from the Weather Channel Most Likely to be Delivered Standing Up

50 After the Party Teachers like to share their successes Theyll do anything for instructional money Some still equated dazzle with D It was about good teaching: slackers were uncomfortable theorypractice culture Next steps: From theory to practice to culture

51 Contact Information PowerPoint uploaded to Model Schools Conference website: Susan Gunderman Mimi Dyer

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