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בלשנות טכנולוגית באמצעות מאגרי מידע ואינטרנט נטליה גולצ'ר מאי 30, 2005.

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Presentation on theme: "בלשנות טכנולוגית באמצעות מאגרי מידע ואינטרנט נטליה גולצ'ר מאי 30, 2005."— Presentation transcript:

1 בלשנות טכנולוגית באמצעות מאגרי מידע ואינטרנט נטליה גולצ'ר מאי 30, 2005

2 בשורה טובה Israels among worldwide leaders in new inventions/patents activity: Based on a model of leading indicators, Ireland and Israel appear to be headed toward prominence as technology developers and exporters in the global market. Science & Technology Indicators, EEC 2004

3 Table of Contents Information & Advisory Services for Israeli Exporters Case Studies for Technology Assessment Information Resources Prices Q&A

4 Information & Advisory Services for Israeli Exporters

5 Information & Advisory Svcs Competitive Company Profiles Market Analysis: Market Penetration, Early Technology Adopters Patent Research Industry Surveys Market Size Estimation Distributors, Agents

6 פילוח דרישות מידע (%) 2004 כ- 50% כרוך בהערכה טכנולוגית works 590Total

7 We assess New Technologies, when: A large company launches a new SW-HW solution with plan for significant market expansion An SMB/Startup has plans to surprise the market with a fantastic application/device A private inventor has got a $1M-idea

8 A Common Denominator A Real Business perspective

9 Different Knowledge Levels Assessment of a competitive technology In-depth comprehension Basic understanding

10 Case Studies

11 Case 1: Remote Health Monitoring Find the market potential & state-of-the- art technology of Remote Health Monitoring

12 Healthcare Monitoring System WP 04047630, June 2004 Inventor: Lye, Jason, GA USA A wireless healthcare monitoring system & method, using ultra wideband transmitter to detect a health condition of a user. Infections, temperature, blood, sugar, etc.

13 Mobile Health and Life Signs Detector WP 04110267, Dec. 2004 Inventor: Schenker Eran, Tel Aviv, IL Diagnosing of health condition of a victim at hazard site or disaster event, to ascertain the victims general degree of well being.

14 Medical & Healthcare Marketplace G www. (ID protected)

15 Fuel Cell Bicycles Find out: Technology Evaluation Alternative energy resources assessment : Will the Fuel-Cell cars (and other renewable energy) change the U.S. energy situation ?

16 Will the Fuel-Cell Motorbike change the US energy situation? Hydrogen Cell: max. speed 50 miles/hr, 100 miles without refueling

17 ThomasNet Industrial News Room

18 US Oil & Gas Economy Since1994 the U.S. has imported more oil than has produced Oil consumption: current 22 M barrels/day vs 27-32 M barrels/day in 2025 The dependence on import (58% today) is expected to increase to 65-70% in 2005 vs. In Automotive industry Alternative Energy sources will experience modest growth

19 US Oil & Gas Economy Most alternative sources such as solar or wind will be 9% by 2025 In Automotive industry Alternative Energy sources (hybrids, fuel cells alcohol) will experience modest growth: - in 2001, 12% of new cars were fueled by altern. Sources - by 2005 it will increase to 20% Exxon & Shell make large investments for finding new reserves: $18 B till 2010 In alternative energy they invest ~ $800 M in 5 years. For now, oil & gas rule, and may continue to do so for decades to come.

20 Case 3: Broadband Markets Find out: - Broadband Telecmmunications: Major players and market size - VoIP prediction of deployment and ROI

21 Resources of Information Analysts: primary research – Yankee Group, Gartner Group, IDC, DellOro Group Very good but nonetheless expensive Market Assessment Companies –Global Insigth (WMRC), Analysys Very useful, less expensive Free resources & Internet need to be used carefully

22 KnowledgeReports Analysts reviews (citations) Professional Magazines reviews Description of killing (critical) applications Metrics, such as VOIP av. Time to ROI is 26 months Links, etc

23 Knowledge Reports (free site)

24 Broadband Markets Analysis, WMRC:

25 WMRC Country Report: Israel

26 Gartner: EN Preparing for VoIP

27 Gartner Hype Cycle Emerging Technologies, Nov. 2004

28 Sample Prices Company Competitive Analysis 400-600 / 800-1,200 NIS Patent Search: 600 / 1,200 NIS WMRC Report: 200 / 400 NIS Gartner for Start-ups only: $2,400 / year Prices for IEI members / non-members

29 Thank you for your attention

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