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Tag/keyword, Taxonomy/Indexing.. דר' מרים פרבר אונ' בר אילן

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1 Tag/keyword, Taxonomy/Indexing.. דר' מרים פרבר אונ' בר אילן

2 השפה שאנחנו כותבים ומדברים 1.האם יש הבדל בין מיפתוח לטקסונומיה, בין תיזאורוס לאנטולוגיה 2.האם צרכן המידע, הוא משתמש קצה או הקורא (ה-end-user או ה-patron) 3. מה אומרת השפה על מצבו של המקצוע? 4. איך מתבונה מלאכותית, דרך מערכות מומחה למנוע איחזור....

3 A tag is a (relevant) keyword or term associated with or assigned to a piece of information (a picture, a geographic map, a blog entry, a video clip etc.), thus describing the item and enabling keyword- based classification and search of information…….keyword or term Tags are usually chosen informally and personally by item author/creator or by its consumer/viewers/community (Wikipedia…)

4 An index term or descriptor in Information Retrieval is a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document.Information Retrieval It is used as keyword to retrieve documents in an information system, for instance a catalog or a search engine מאגרי מידע סתם כבר לא דוגמה (Wikipedia….)

5 בין טאג למילת מפתח ללא ספק קיים הבדל! הבעיתיות של המיפתוח "להכנס לראשו של הממפתח" המטרה של הטאג "להכנס לראשו של הממפתח"

6 Indexing: Citation indexing Similar articles Clustering




10 Department of Information Science, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel Abstract The article deals with the major changes the cycle of reading-writing-publishing is experiencing with the computerization of every one of its phases and the domination of electronic publishing and the web. ………….. Keywords: electronic publishing, reading-writing- publishing cycle, annotations, digital repositories, citations

11 Saltman, A. 1975, Quaestiones on the book of Samuel / Pseudo-Jerome, Leiden 1975 edited with an introduction by Avrom Saltman (Studia Post-Biblica, 26). Steenbakkers, J.F. 2005, Digital Archiving in the Twenty-First Century: Practice at the National Library of the Netherlands. Library Trends, vol.54, no.1, pp. 33- 56. Swan, A.,2007, Open Access and the Progress of Science. American Scientist Online, vol.95, no.3. pp.197-200. Tenopir, C. and King, D.W. 2002, Reading Behaviour and Electronic Journals. Learned Publishing, vol.15, no.4. pp.259-265

12 (,

13 Tagging is manual indexing instead of automatic indexing. Ironically a focus of research is again on automatic systems that do data mining in tagging data

14 Controlled vocabularies are subsumed as knowledge organization systems (KOS) ]]These systems have been studied and developed in library and information science for more then 100 years. Popular examples are the Dewey Decimal Classification, Ranganathans faceted classification, and the first thesauri in the 1960s.

15 Beginning with the 1950s library and information science has lost its leading role in the development of information retrieval systems and a rich variety of KOS has come into existence. However it is one of the constant activities of this profession to summarize and evaluate the complexity of attempts to organize the worlds knowledge




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