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4th Grade – CRCT Practice English/Language Arts  Research Process.

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1 4th Grade – CRCT Practice English/Language Arts  Research Process

2 1. Pat, a truck driver, is transporting furniture from Atlanta to Dallas. What would help her find the BEST route to take? A. a thesaurus B. an encyclopedia C. a dictionary D. an atlas

3 2. Hector wants to write a research paper on the history of the automobile. Where should he look? A. a dictionary B. an atlas C. an almanac D. an encyclopedia

4 3. Heather found a book titled Animals in Motion. Where should she look to find out if the book discusses fast animals? A. the title page B. the index C. the bibliography D. the glossary

5 4. Virginia is writing an essay on the rewards of exercise. She is using a book to help her. Which of the chapters in her book is probably NOT going to help her write her essay? A. Chapter 1: Strengthening Your Heart Muscle B. Chapter 2: Losing Weight Through Exercise C. Chapter 3: Increasing Health and Fitness D. Chapter 4: Purchasing Exercise Equipment

6 5. The guide words on a dictionary page are swap and tame. Which word would be found on this page? A. supply B. swallow C. talent D. tamper

7 6. One of the books Jamie's teacher recommended was a novel called The Red Pony by John Steinbeck. If Jamie wanted to find out more about it, what would be the BEST way for him to do so? A. look in the library catalog under horses B. type in the key word pony in an Internet search C. look under famous American plays in the Subject Index and then look for The Red Pony D. type in John Steinbeck in an Internet search and then look for a subcategory of novels

8 7. Use the index below to answer this question. Index Crocodiles - See Reptiles Natural environment, 10-12 Feeding habits, 18-24 Reproduction, 30-50 Other related species, 52-60 Andrea found a book on crocodiles. Using the book's index above, where would she most likely look to find information about alligators? A.Natural environment B.Feeding habits C.Reproduction D.Other related species

9 8. Leonard wants to find out what books the library has about electric guitars. What category should he look under when using the library database? A. author B. title C. subject D. call number

10 9. Nick has chosen scuba diving as his topic for a research report. What is the next thing he should do? A. write an outline B. take notes C. gather information D. write a first draft

11 10. Use the dictionary entry below to answer this question. watch (w ŏ ch) v. 1. to observe, regard, look at, pay attention to. v. 2. look after, care for, protect, supervise. n. 3. clock, timepiece, pocket watch, wristwatch. n. 4. sentry, security guard, lookout, caretaker. Which meaning of watch is used in the sentence below? Anita looked at the watch she wore on a chain around her neck. A. meaning 1 B. meaning 2 C. meaning 3 D. meaning 4

12 11. Meagan wants to know what pages of her English book tell about how to write limericks. Where in the book should she look? A. the title page B. the copyright page C. the glossary D. the index

13 12. Amanda is writing a paper on the violin for her music class. She wants to find all of the pages where the subject of violins appears in her music book. Where would she find that information? A. the index B. the glossary C. the title page D. the table of contents car.

14 13. To find out which pages in your science book tell how plants grow, you should look up plants in the A. index. B. glossary. C. title page. D. front cover.

15 14. The guide words on a page of the dictionary are hand and hurt. Which word would you find on this page? A. halt B. hour C. habit D. husband

16 15. Which book would be BEST for finding information about the Creek tribe? A. atlas B. thesaurus C. dictionary D. encyclopedia

17 Answer Key 1. D 2. D 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. D 7. D 8. C 9. C 10.C11. D12. A 13. A14. B15. D

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