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Noe Middle School A “NOE-ticeable” Difference in Education

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1 Noe Middle School A “NOE-ticeable” Difference in Education

2 Instructional Leadership: Impacting the Classroom
Kathleen A. Sayre, Ed.D., Principal Jennifer Cave, Assistant Principal

3 Outline Demographics and Organization of School
Comprehensive School Improvement Planning Administrators as Instructional Leaders Walk thrus Classroom Instructional Framework Question and answers

4 About our School Noe Middle School is an urban school located in Louisville, Kentucky Population of approximately 1,350 students 51% of our students are on free or reduced lunch Approximately 40% of our student population lives in the school’s surrounding neighborhood, which is one of the community’s highest poverty areas

5 About our School Noe offers two of the district’s magnet programs – the Gifted and Talented Magnet and the Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Approximately 8% of our students are part of our English as a Second Language program for, representing 20 different languages and cultures Noe’s racial profile includes 54% Caucasian students, 38% African-American, and 8% from other races

6 Comprehensive School Improvement Planning
In Kentucky the CSIP is used to determine how schools will ensure that their students will reach proficiency and above Focus is on student needs All stakeholders are brought together for improvement

7 CSIP We attribute much of our success to the development and implementation of the CSIP The ILT, other interested staff, and members of the SBDM Council meet an average of times of a 2 month period to review data, determine needs, revise and add strategies/activities Parents and staff have an opportunity to provide input at Open Forums before the CSIP is presented to the SBDM

8 CSIP Process Our CSIP is a dynamic document
Our plan is organized to include each content area, parent and community involvement, safety and academic support Every activity/strategy is implemented and evidence is collected Implementation and impact checks are completed 3 times a year and shared with the SBDM Council

9 Administrators as Instructional Leaders
Lesson Plan Reviews Teacher Evaluations Walk thru observations Instructional Leadership Team Department Meetings Book Study among district administrators

10 Walk thrus Members of the Administrative Team regularly visit classrooms ( Walk- thru schedule) These quick walk thrus are a glimpse of what is going on in the classroom Teachers receive feedback on the activity of both the teacher and the students Tablet PCs are used to collect data Administrator discuss and analyze their findings

11 Walk Thru Components Teacher Behavior (Active/Passive/Not Engaged)
Activity Observed (Large group/teacher directed/independent work) Learning Activity (Paper-pencil/Discussion/Technology/Hands-on) Objectives, Visuals, and Work Posted/ Procedures in Use/ Core Content Connection Number of students engaged

12 Classroom Instructional Framework
As part of a district initiative to improve instruction, principal received training on the development and use of the Classroom Instructional Framework Video segments of teachers implementing these instructional practices were shared with teachers through Professional Development Teachers then were to apply these practices in their classrooms

13 CIF Components The CIF is a basic reminder of what good instruction is and includes Entering Activities, the Anticipatory Set, Interactive Teaching and Learning, Guided Practice, Independent Practice, and Closure

14 CIF Activity During viewing, use the Guided Practice chart to make your notations in preparation for discussion.

15 Contact Information Noe Middle School 121 W. Lee Street Louisville, KY (502) Dr. Kathleen Sayre – Principal Jennifer Cave - Assistant Principal

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