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1 Otis Fulton Senior Vice President MetaMetrics, Inc. The Lexile Framework for Reading & Quantile Framework for Math

2 Topics Lexile Development Lexiles Today Lexile Overview and Theory Communicating with Parents Matching Readers and Text Quantile Framework for Mathematics

3 Lexile Development

4 State of the Union - Yesterday MetaMetrics founded in 1984 R&D firm focused on integrating assessment and instruction Research funded by five grants from National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Commercialized The Lexile Framework for Reading in 1997

5 MetaMetrics SBIR Grants Awarding Agency: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

6 The Lexile Framework for Reading An educational tool that links text and readers under a common metric, Lexiles Characterizes reader with a measure and text with a measure Allows educators to forecast the level of comprehension a reader is expected to experience with a particular text

7 Lexiles Today

8 All major norm referenced tests are linked Over 20-million students will get a Lexile measure off a linked test in Over 450 book publishers have titles with Lexile measures Nearly 115,000 books to search at Over 70 million Lexiled articles through database services partners State of the Union - Today

9 Test Publishers Harcourt: SAT-10, SAT-9, MAT-8, SDRT-4 Riverside: The Iowa Tests (ITBS, ITED), GMRT-4 CTB/McGraw-Hill: TerraNova Assessment Series Pearson: Pearson Assessment System (PAS) Reading NWEA: Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Scholastic: SRI, SRI-Interactive, Reading Counts!, Read180, iRead State of the Union - Today

10 State of the Union - Today 3 NCES studies "Lexiles provide a more accurate measure of grade appropriateness" (Binkley, 13) "Assessing the Lexile Framework: Results of a Panel Meeting," White, S. April 2001, "A Content Comparison of the NAEP and PIRLS Fourth-Grade Reading Assessments," Binkley, M. April 2003, International Comparisons in Fourth-Grade Reading Literacy: Findings from the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) of 2001, Ogle L. April 2003,

11 States Using The Lexile Framework Currently Using Lexiles In Active Discussion -

12 Database Services Allow educators to supplement textbook instruction and reading with periodicals, newspapers, reference books & transcripts EBSCO: 8M Lexiled at Proquest: 60M Lexiled at Follett Library Services: Library MARC records can be updated with Lexile measures, info at State of the Union - Today

13 The Unification of Reading Reading Motivation EBSCO Online Reader Hooked on Phonics HOSTS Scholastic Read180 Scholastic Reading Counts! Success for All Periodical Databases Bigchalk/ProQuest EBSCO NoveList Pearson Scholastic Rand McNally Rigby Rosen SRA/McGraw-Hill Book Distributors & Databases Baker & Taylor The Book Source Follett Library Services Follett Software Co. Ingram RRBowker Sundance Test Publishers School/Public Libraries Follett Software Company Follett Library Services Mackin Library Media Prebinders The Booksource DEMCO Econoclad Permabound Bound-to-Stay Bound Textbook Publishers Addison-Wesley Britannica Globe-Fearon Holt Rinehart & Winston Houghton Mifflin Prentice Hall Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Hampton-Brown Harcourt School Publishers SRA/McGraw-Hill Scott Foresman Steck-Vaughn The Wright Group Trade Book Publishers Modern Curriculum Scott Foresman Crabtree Dominee DK Publishing Lee & Low Globe-Fearon Hampton Brown Harcourt Holt Leapfrog Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Educational Testing Services (ETS) Harcourt Educational Measurement North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Northwest Evaluation Association Riverside Publishing Texas Education Agency Utah State Office of Education CTB/McGraw-Hill

14 A non-proprietary standard Many ways (assessments) to place a student on the scale Many publishers have adopted the standard Connects the year-to-year with the day-to-day.

15 Lexile Overview and Theory

16 Three Key Concepts Reading Ability the cognitive set students use to construct meaning from text as measured on tests Readability the difficulty of reading materials based on dimensions or characteristics of the text Reading Comprehension the construction of meaning from local text

17 Lexile Framework Components The Lexile MapThe Lexile Analyzer Linking Technology Test of Reading Development

18 Determining text difficulty Syntactic Complexity the number of words per sentence longer sentences are more complex and require more short-term memory to process Semantic Difficulty the frequency of the words in a corpus of written text corpus has over one billion words

19 Placing texts on the map

20 Lexile Map for Oregon Department of Education

21 John Grisham titles The Pelican Brief The Firm The Client The Testament A Time to Kill A Painted House The Partner The Street Lawyer The Brethren The Chamber The Rainmaker The Runaway Jury

22 John Grisham titles The Pelican Brief660 The Firm680 The Client730 The Testament770 A Time to Kill770 A Painted House780 The Partner790 The Street Lawyer790 The Brethren810 The Chamber810 The Rainmaker830 The Runaway Jury930

23 Michael Crichton titles Rising Sun Disclosure Sphere Timeline Airframe A Case of Need The Lost World The Terminal Man Jurassic Park The Andromeda Strain Congo The Great Train Robbery Eaters of the Dead

24 Michael Crichton titles Rising Sun540 Disclosure590 Sphere610 Timeline620 Airframe640 A Case of Need650 The Lost World670 The Terminal Man690 Jurassic Park710 The Andromeda Strain840 Congo940 The Great Train Robbery1060 Eaters of the Dead1090

25 Lexiles and Newspapers Reuters NY Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal Chicago Tribune Associated Press USA Today

26 Lexiles and Newspapers Reuters (1440L) NY Times (1380L) Washington Post (1350L) Wall Street Journal (1320L) Chicago Tribune (1310L) Associated Press (1310L) USA Today (1200L)

27 Lexile Calculator

28 Lexile Calculator Forecasted comprehension rates: Reader measure – text calibration = O Lexiles, 75% comprehension Reader measure – text calibration = -250 Lexiles, 50% comprehension Reader measure – text calibration = +250 Lexiles, 90% comprehension

29 Lexile Calculator Can help you better deliver instruction by knowing in advance which students: are likely to need extra help with a lesson will understand the material on their own

30 Communicating with Parents

31 Communicating with Parents Dont get too focused on numbers – ranges are important. Give examples of books and other text materials. Talk about where the student is now, but also where they are going!

32 Communicating with Parents Emphasize that the Lexile Framework does not address: interest, age appropriateness, text support, or text quality. It looks only at text difficulty – books should always be previewed.

33 Matching Readers and Text




37 Life Demands for Literacy Continuing Education Workplace Citizenship

38 Adult text demands 1100L to 1400L

39 The Questia Frequency Lexile measure < 1000L1100L1200L1300L1400L> 1500L Data: Lexile measures provided by Questia (2004) 1500L

40 Last Grade Completed Data: National Adult Literacy Study (1992) Reader measure (in Lexiles)

41 Current Job Data: National Adult Literacy Study (1992) Job Level labor service construction craftsman clerk foreman secretary sales supervisor nurse executive teacher accountant scientist Reader measure (in Lexiles)

42 Data: National Adult Literacy Study (1992) Reader measure (in Lexiles)

43 Lexiles and Lifelong Reading Aetna Health Care Discount Form (1360L) Medical Insurance Benefit Pkg (1280L) Application for Student Loan (1270L) Federal Tax Form W-4 (1260L) Installing Your Child Safety Seat (1170L) Microsoft Windows User Manual (1150L) G.M. Protection Plan (1150L) CD-DVD Player Instructions (1080L)

44 The Quantile Framework for Mathematics Developmental scale that locates an individuals ability to think mathematically in a taxonomy of mathematical skills, concepts and applications. Tool that links skill development and concept acquisition in mathematics to student achievement with a common scaleQuantile Characterizes the problem solver with a measure and the skill/concept with a measure under a common scale Allows educators to: link skills and concepts together across strands to see the big picture in the development of curriculum determine the readiness of students to be successful

45 Three Components of The Quantile Framework Quantile Titles Database Linking Technology Test of Mathematical Achievement Quantile Map

46 Picturing Mathematics with the Quantile Map

47 QTaxons What is a QTaxon? Where did list of QTaxons come from? Strands Relationship to NCTM Content Strands Process Strands

48 Quantile Map Putting QTaxons on the Quantile Map Identify items that meet psychometric criteria Identify items that are representative of the QTaxon and match what is typically taught during the first lesson Relationship with supporting QTaxons

49 Quantile Website QTaxon Database Knowledge Cluster Sample/exemplar items Related terms and Concepts State Curricular Frameworks Mississippi Texas North Carolina

50 How to contact us LEXILES ( ) Otis Fulton

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