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1 WRAP and Recovery Books provides: Training Manuals, books, articles and other resources Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery for: Speakers, and all levels of Training & Facilitation Essential Learning Complete selection of on-line learning options

2 Mindfreedom is an important organization, one that shares our values and mission: The mission of Mary Ellen Copeland's Mental Health Recovery and WRAP is to promote personal, organizational, and community wellness and empowerment.

3 March 3, 2011 2pm EST Taking Charge of Your Mind and Making Your Life Go Well Janet FonerAl Galves Presented by: Mindfreedom International

4 MindFreedom International celebrates its 25th year as an independent coalition for human rights and humane alternatives in the mental health system. MFI President is Celia Brown.

5 MFI has a vision of a peaceful revolution in mental health care. You are encouraged to sign up for MFI's free human rights e-mail alert system. alert/ alert/

6 MFI Choice Campaign has a searchable Directory of Alternatives for mental and emotional support. Those listed have agreed to MFI Principles.

7 While most MFI members identify as psychiatric survivors, MFI welcomes all who support human rights including professionals, advocates, family members, and the public. Judy Chamberlain

8 A program for Taking Charge of your Mind and Making Your Life Go Well An exercise in reacting and controlling your attitude towards your thoughts What is Mindfreedom and how to learn more about us What well be talking about today…

9 Natural Healing Human beings are born with a natural emotional healing process. When babies are born, they cry and rage when they are upset,10 or 15 minutes later theyre all smiles wanting to snuggle. Later they get socialized away from this natural healing process, but if you watch a young baby closely you will see what people do to heal.

10 Our healing process gets damaged and eventually buried because of the number of times we get hurt, try to use it for healing, and are not able to continue to do so. We can reclaim that process for ourselves. Natural Healing

11 The Healing Process How do we reclaim that process for ourselves? Mainly by taking turns to listen to each other tell our stories about what happened to us.

12 You eventually get to talk, cry, tremble, rage, laugh, and yawn your way through how you got hurt-releasing the effect of the hurts. Reclaiming the Natural Healing Process What happens during the process? Your mind will be able to sort through the hurts and figure out new ways to respond instead of repeating old ways of behaving that always got you in trouble.

13 Confidentiality Fully listening Reclaiming the Natural Healing Process

14 Our society is focused on production, not on taking care of peoples needs, emotional or otherwise. This means that we have to set up time and space for ourselves, both to reclaim our healing process and to make our lives go well. Reclaiming the Natural Healing Process

15 Personal Story Having a hard time growing up A family in crisis Hospital experience Creating a better life

16 A New Way of Doing Things A mutual peer support/leadership project In order to be able to heal the feelings and not get sunk, that is, not be sad all the time, I gradually figured out a system of focusing attention on the good things in life that allowed me to get my life back in shape.

17 5 Major Things… 5 major things that work in combination All have to be done all at once to work well Each point I will talk about is a different way to work on feeling better When you feel bad, you may need to do one or more of these five types of things. If one thing doesn't help, try another

18 When youre feeling bad Sometimes when you feel really bad, trying to get out of that feeling by doing something fun doesn't help. It's at that point that you really need someone to listen to you talk, cry and laugh your way through the bad feelings.

19 Point 1- Support System Having lots of time every week to heal from past hurts and having lots of time with friends and family that are supportive

20 Point 1- Support System How much listening support do you need? Its up to each person More than our society expects us to have (which is 0) Ask yourself how much listening time do I need in order to handle what I am trying to accomplish?

21 Point 1- Support System We need a lot of people in our network because if two people are out of town, a third person is sick, and two others are very busy, we can still call on the sixth or seventh person when we need them How many people do we need in a support system?

22 Point 1- Support System Use your creativity to figure out how to setup your support system…

23 Point 1- Support System Agreements Lets not interrupt each other I wont give you advice Lets listen attentively & lovingly I wont bring up what you say with you or anyone else later

24 Point 1- Support System The more you listen to each other, the more safety will be built between the two of you so you can feel more comfortable with your emotions. At the end of the listening time it is also important to bring your thoughts away from the old hurts and on to the present situation With experience doing this, it will become easier and easier to feel what you need to feel, release the emotion and heal from your old hurts.

25 Point 1- Support System You are in charge of your mind You can figure out how to make things work well in your life If you have difficulty finding friends that means you need to do healing work in that area. It doesnt mean that there is something wrong with you because you dont have friends. Even finding just one friend will be a big benefit, and eventually you will have more

26 Point 2- Making the Repeated Decision to Refocus Onto Rewarding Things Spend at least some of your listening time repeatedly making the decision to keep your mind on the good things in your life. Make the decision to set aside some time(s) daily or weekly to deal with how you got hurt and healing from that, and the rest of the time to just be able to enjoy your life. " I now decide to stop putting my attention on upsetting things and instead to focus my attention on enjoying my life, and that means...."

27 …and that means….. Point 2- Making the Repeated Decision to Refocus Onto Rewarding Things

28 "I dont have time to focus my attention on my distress, there are so many other things I would rather be doing (sometimes I name some of those things). So I now decide to focus my attention off distress and on to wonderful, rewarding things, and that means..." Point 2- Making the Repeated Decision to Refocus Onto Rewarding Things

29 Point 3- Make Time for Fun Every Day Another aspect of your life to address is how much fun do you have every day?

30 Ways to find fun Use listening exchange time to: …strategize on how to bring fun into your job …list things youd like to do Whats fun for some, isnt for others. Point 3- Make Time for Fun Every Day

31 Point 4- The Art of Telling Your Story Without Believing the Old Messages When you are having time with your listening partner or partners, try to always notice the good things in life while you are talking about hard things.

32 It is an art to develop your own process of being able to talk to somebody about what happened to you without believing all the old messages that came to you from that event. Try to figure out what will keep you "afloat," and keep you remembering the good things in life. Point 4- The Art of Telling Your Story Without Believing the Old Messages

33 Point 5- Setting Goals to Make Your Life The Way You Want It Oftentimes our parents, or other adults who were around us when we were younger, had ideas of how our lives should be. Sometimes we ended up doing things to make them happy. Sometimes there are real difficulties in changing our lives around, but.. If you can wake up in the morning and take a look at what you have to do today and be excited about what you are going to do, that is the life you want.

34 While youre being listened to, think aloud and release emotions about deciding what you really want Set goals and have listening times around achieving those goals Set long range goals AND short range goals Point 5- Setting Goals to Make Your Life The Way You Want It

35 Heres How I Changed My Life to Be the Way I Wanted

36 Making a habit of the 5 points Making a habit of using these five points on an ongoing basis is a workable way to make one's life go well. I hope you will try it and see how you can apply it to your life.

37 An exercise on breathing and noticing What is the purpose of this? What can I expect from this exercise?

38 The Focusing on the Breath Exercise You are more than your thoughts. You can learn to control your attitude towards your thoughts and your reaction to them.

39 Setting Comfortable Relaxed Solid Calm

40 Even More Relaxed and Calm

41 The Breath Bring your attention to the steady in and out of your breathing.

42 Breathing in a warm, pink, cleansing air

43 Breathing Breathing out all the tension and tightness in your body



46 How do you feel? Notice any feeling associated with the thought. What is the feeling telling you?

47 Try it!! Two 10-minute sessions each day in a calm, quiet place.

48 MindFreedom International is one of very few totally independent activist groups in mental health, with no funding from the mental health system. The United Nations accredits MFI as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO).

49 MFI Shield sends out alerts to thousands of people concerned about human rights violations. Elizabeth Ellis is a member who has been court ordered to receive involuntary outpatient electroshock.

50 MFI has campaigns to celebrate "Mad Pride," to build affiliates internationally, and to question the undue influence of the drug industry in mental health care. To be notified, sign up for MFI's free alerts. public-email-alert/

51 MindFreedom International is open to membership of all who support human rights and alternatives. You are invited to join today!

52 Questions?

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